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TreeHouse Interactive Helps TECHT Paintball Launch Cutting Edge Marketing Automation and Drive Better Campaign Efficiency


Global Online Provider of Paintball Parts and Accessories Targets Customers with Cross Hair Accuracy Using TreeHouse Interactive’s Marketing View Marketing Automation Platform

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									TreeHouse Interactive Helps TECHT Paintball Launch Cutting Edge Marketing
Automation and Drive Better Campaign Efficiency

Global Online Provider of Paintball Parts and Accessories Targets
Customers with Cross Hair Accuracy Using TreeHouse Interactive’s
Marketing View Marketing Automation Platform

Salt Lake City, UT, December 05, 2012 -- TreeHouse Interactive™
(, the technology leader in on–demand marketing
automation and partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, today
announced that TECHT Paintball Products, a global online provider of
paintball parts and accessories, now relies on TreeHouse Marketing View
to automate its marketing campaign creation and execution process. As a
result, TECHT has been able to increase its campaign execution by up to
10 times previous levels, all while dramatically improving its customer
targeting, nurturing and engagement results. This has produced rapid
return on investment in less than six months.

Based in Memphis, Tenn., TECHT manufactures a range of paintball-related
products, which it markets online to nearly 1,000 paintball retailers
around the world. In the paintball industry, new products are constantly
being released to market. The challenge is to make customers aware of
them. It can be a never-ending battle for companies like TECHT just to
get the word out and keep customers informed. With a small marketing team
of less than four, TECHT needed to improve processes for more effective
marketing campaigns.

As TECHT worked to achieve its online marketing goals, it struggled to
leverage its current email campaign platform. The functionality was very
limited and email marketing results were suffering as a result. The
paintball company was plagued with emails often being flagged as “spam”
and deliverability became a major barrier to success. TECHT also wasn’t
receiving the tracking and measurement capabilities it needed to properly
manage campaign performance. In addition, the system was time consuming—
limiting the number of campaigns TECHT could execute each week.

In their efforts to counteract these issues, TECHT discovered TreeHouse
Interactive’s Marketing View. Using this marketing automation solution,
TECHT has been able to significantly streamline its marketing activities.
The new solution supports both demand generation and lead management
processes, and mitigates the time and errors inherent in the repetitive
manual tasks TECHT was previously performing. This has dramatically sped
up the marketing process and increased email marketing effectiveness—
dramatically improving delivery rates and response.

“TreeHouse has the ability to put a real cross hair on the customer,”
said Tim Coulter, vice president/sales and marketing director, TECHT
Paintball Products. “We can now be very specific as to who we want to
target with each promotion and offer, so that each one is more effective.
Being able to record buying behavior so that we can more accurately
target and nurture customers with the right campaigns has also been a
real boost to our success. It’s as though we have an extra two or three
people on our staff with TreeHouse.”
With TreeHouse Interactive’s marketing automation solution, TECHT has
seen dramatic results. The company can now perform up to 10 times more
campaigns than it was achieving before with its previous platform. In
addition, with the support of the TreeHouse support staff, TECHT's
marketing team is perfecting its lead nurturing and shopping cart
engagement processes, which have resulted in a remarkable rise in sales.
The solution has paid for itself in less than six months and is now able
to generate more targeted and successful campaigns that have earned TECHT
a reputation as being a “marketing trailblazer” in the industry.

“For fast moving online retailers like TECHT, making the most of their
marketing resources is a top priority,” said Erich Flynn, CEO, TreeHouse
Interactive. “We have developed Marketing View to make it easy for online
retailers to target and nurture customers based on purchasing behavior
and for them to measure the results of those efforts without having to
add additional resources. The result is deeper customer engagement that
increases sales revenue.”

About TreeHouse Marketing View

For companies that need better marketing results, Marketing View™
provides the innovative marketing automation tools necessary to succeed
in today's world of ever-changing online marketing. That innovation is
key to helping companies move faster, create more effective marketing
campaigns and drive the incremental revenue needed for businesses to
grow. Marketing View enables companies to execute typical campaigns with
emails and landing pages much faster than competitors while allowing them
to tap into powerful tools that go far beyond the basics. Marketing View
improves every aspect of a marketing program and ties them together—from
email targeting and form building to content marketing and web analytics.


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