DIY Home Make over and Tips for Re doing Your-House and Saving Money

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					DIY Cost Cutting Home Makeover
 Tips for re-doing your home and saving money

 1. Starting off
 2. Furniture
 3. Painting
 4. Lighting
 5. Accessories
 6. Source List
Starting off
 Here are some great ideas quoted from Fresh Home on how to save money while
 planning to decorate your home. Save money by not hiring an interior designer
 and use these thrifty tips to start planning your DIY home makeover:

 1) Use free sources around you: From magazines, the internet, to satellite home &
 garden programs the world is at your fingertips for décor ideas. Peruse through
 magazines, and home décor books to get a sense of what your taste is. Visit home
 improvement stores and collect paint and material samples to start making an
 “idea” folder of what inspires you. Determine what your personal style is. Is it:
 Vintage, Modern, Bohemian, French Country, choose your style and start
 2) Search online classifieds and garage sales for cheap finds: Online classifieds
 [like Gumtree] can be a great treasure chest for some. Also check college
 newspapers and apartment bulletin boards. Areas where there’s a high turnover
 of people moving in and out are great finds for furniture, décor, and small
 3) Maximize your existing furniture: Consider re-upholstering furniture with
 updated coloured and styled materials. Slip covers offer a quick and easy solution
 for changing out furniture for different seasons and or occasions. Re-finish wood
 furniture or use a fresh coat of paint on headboards and mirror frames. Try using
 online planning tools to play around with different colours and options before you
 take the plunge!
 There are lots of ways to save
 money while re-considering your
 old furniture as part of your DIY
 home make-over. Here are two:
 1.    Re-cover old chairs: you can
       do this with material you
       have left over from curtains
       or that you buy from material
       sales. You can do this yourself
                                             Image by: garann
       with a staple gun and some
       needles, thread and buttons.
 2.    Paint dated wood furniture:
       paint your old furniture
       before you consider tossing it
       away. You can try a shabby
       chic look or paint it in thick
       block colours to turn your old
       furniture into functional art

                                         Image by: AndyRobertsPhotos
 You can save a lot of money by simply re-painting rooms with a fresh colour or
 painting feature walls in dreary rooms, but paint is still quite pricey so you have to
 make it last longer to save money. Here are some ways to save money by making
 your paint last longer as quoted from ehow:
 1.     Use a roller or paintbrush as your application methods. The coverage of
        these tools is higher than that of a paint sprayer. Sprayers are more likely
        to overspray, due to either mechanical or user error; applying the paint by
        hand may be more easily controlled when you have limited amounts of
        paint with which to work.
 2.     Paint on a smooth surface to extend the coverage of your paint. Excess
        paint can gather in the grooves and nooks of a rough or porous surface,
        but will spread more evenly on a flat surface. If your walls are textured,
        you may not be able to avoid this problem. Ensure that surfaces that are
        supposed to be smooth really are so before you paint by sanding them.
 3.     Dilute your paint as a last resort. Thinning your paint with water or paint
        thinner is generally not recommended because the colour, coverage and
        drying time will be affected. In the end, you may need more paint because
        a first coat that has been diluted may not cover the primer well enough. In
        times of desperation, add a few tablespoons of water to your paint before
        you begin the project, so that the entire area to be painted will end up the
        same colour.
 Don’t over look lighting when planning a
 home make over as it’s really easy to do
 yourself as well as save money by:
 1.     Painting or covering old lampshades
        for a fresh look
 2.     Using the opportunity to save money
        in the long term by reconsidering
        your energy plan as well as switching
        to energy efficient bulbs that match
        your new look
 3.     Using old bulbs to create great
        feature pieces like hanging             Image by: alexliivet

 4.     Creating light features by playing
        with cut outs and the way the light
        falls to create intricate shadow
        patterns when you switch your lights
 5.     Using low voltage fairy lights to
        frame pictures, vases of branches or
        door ways

                                                  Image by: TMAB2003
 Saving money in your DIY home makeover only gets easier towards
 the end of the process when you’re looking at picking accessories as
 final touches to you newly re-done home. Here are a few ideas:
 1. Travel mementos: choose your favourite travel mementos and
     divide them into groups that have something in common e.g. a
     group of collectables that have the colour yellow in common like
     sea shells and pottery and another that has a similar shapes like
     boxes and tins. You can then place them in collections in framed
     areas like shelves to bring them together and other positions to
     decorate your home with travel mementos.
 2. Functional objects: recover or refurbish old objects in left over
     paint or wallpaper to match which ever room you can use them
     in. You can paint a chair the same colour as a feature wall and
     place it in the room to balance the colour or wall paper some old
     boxes for your books with some glue to match the wall paper in
     your newly decorated room
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