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					4. Other Specialized Services
  In the volatile world of potential school governance
  changes, VEPS is prepared to assist districts in modify-      This policy service is brought to you by the Vermont School
                                                                Boards Association and the Vermont School Boards Insur-
  ing policy structure as needed. Examples of the types of
                                                                ance Trust.
  situations that may prompt a need for policy assistance
   • The districts of a supervisory union decide to create a
      single, consistent policy manual
   • Districts are merging to create a Regional Education
      District and new policies need to be adopted with a
                                                                              Vermont School Boards Association
      single manual
                                                                              2 Prospect Street, Suite 4
   • Services are being centralized, requiring additional
                                                                              Montpelier, VT 05602
      policy work at the supervisory union level
Cost: Some of these may fall under a Policy Audit in #2.
This work would be treated as a customized service with a
specially negotiated price.

5. Five-Year Review
  School Districts must make sure that policy is regularly
  reviewed and updated and that it is being implemented
  through procedures or in practice. VEPS can provide a
  policy review (recommended to be reviewed every five
  years) to provide general feedback to the district or S.U.
  on the state of policy in the district or S.U. services are
  similar to those outlined in #2.                               Vermont School Boards In
                                                                 Ve mon School oards          d
                                                                 Vermont School Boards Insurance Trust
                                                                 79 River Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 301
Cost: The 5-year review would be billed as a policy audit.       Montpelier, VT 05602

AT 802-223-3580 OR SEND E-MAIL TO

                                                                                                           August 2012
                                                                                                                             2. District-Specific Policy Audit

                                                               4. Policies are an essential component of a
        he Policy Mandate                                         risk management program; they ensure                         If a member district is concerned about the state of its
                                                                  compliance with various federal and state                    policies, VEPS can work with the district to review its
          n Vermont, th most important func-
             ermont the most mportant un
         In Vermont the most important func                       mandated policy requirements when                            policy manual and recommend revisions as needed.
         tion of school boards is policymaking.                   failure to comply can expose the district to                 • Review district or S.U. policy manual:
It is the first responsibility assigned to school                  legal liability.
boards by the statute listing 32 fundamental                                                                                      * ensure thatandrequired policies are included, and
                                                                                                                                    are current
responsibilities of school boards.
                                                               The Importance of Policy                                        • Provide audit report indicating:
  The school board … shall determine the educational
  policies of the school district. Board policies shall
                                                                                                                                  * Revisions or additionsinto legal compliance;
                                                                                                                                    S.U. required policies
                                                                                                                                                           necessary to bring district/
                                                               Adopt on policie
                                                               Adoption of policies is the first step How
                                                                  opti                 th    s step. o
                                                               Adoption of policies is the rst step However, to
  be of general application to the district, shall be in
  writing, codified, and made available to the public.
                                                               assure smooth operation of a school district as
                                                               well as to manage risk, policies must be imple-
                                                                                                                                  * Any recommended additions or revisions to other
                                                                                                                                    district/S.U. policies;
  Board policies shall be adopted at regular or special        mented. In many instances policy needs to be
  school board meetings. A school board shall give             translated into operational procedures.                       Cost: The cost of this service is $1,000 for the review and
  public notice of its intent to adopt a board policy, stat-                                                                 report recommending changes or additions needed in the
  ing the substance of the proposed policy, at least                                                                         manual.
  ten days prior to its adoption. A school board may           Key Components of the Vermont
  also approve or disapprove rules and regulations             Education Policy Service
  proposed by the principal or superintendent for the          The Vermont Education Policy Service (VEPS) provides
                                                               The Vermont Education Policy Serviice (VEPS) provides
                                                                h Vermon Educatio P licy ervic
                                                                          ont      c to       cy rv  vice EPS rovidesid
  conduct and management of public schools in the              five distinct levels of assistance to Vermont school boards
                                                                                                                             3. Customized District or S.U. Policy
  district.                                                    and administrators.                                           Development Service
  16 V.S.A. § 563(1).                                                                                                        Following a policy audit, a district/S.U. may desire to have
                                                                                                                             extensive policy development work coordinated or com-
A school district with current, legally compliant              1. Model Policies and Basic Policy                            pleted by VEPS, up to and including presentation of a draft
written policies and administrative procedures                 Consultation                                                  manual for board approval. Services could include:
enjoys several advantages:                                       This service is available to all types of school boards
                                                                 as part of basic VSBA membership. The VEPS makes            • On-site meetings (2-3 hours each) with the board or
1. Policies and procedures provide direction                     available regularly updated “Model Policies” which dis-       board policy subcommittee and administrators to dis-
   to administrators and boards when deal-                       tricts can use for guidance in revising policy manuals.       cuss specific district/S.U. priorities in policy areas re-
   ing with daily occurrences and ensure that                    VEPS assures that model policies are kept current with        quested by the district or recommended by VEPS.
   boards and administrators are performing                      changes in federal and state law and regulation and noti-   • Develop draft policies and, in consultation with ad-
   their respective policy and management                        fies member districts of major changes that are needed.        ministrators, administrative procedures that reflect
   functions;                                                    Districts can ask for guidance on policy interpretation       district/S.U. priorities and district assignment of board
                                                                 questions and general policy manual development. In-          and administrator responsibilities.
2. Policies allow the board to articulate school                 quiries can be generated by either school superinten-       • On-site meetings with the board or board policy sub-
   district goals and establish long-term con-                   dents or school board members. Level I services can be        committee and administrators to review draft policies
   tinuity;                                                      accessed through the main VSBA phone number 800-              and discuss desired modifications.
                                                                 244-8722 or through                       • Make requested modifications and prepare final anno-
3. Policies describe the board’s expectations                                                                                  tated policy manual for adoption by school district.
   and provide a means for it to delegate the                  Cost: Included as part of the VSBA annual membership.
   responsibility for meeting those expecta-                                                                                 Cost: Costs will be negotiated at the outset based on the
   tions to administrators;                                                                                                  extent of the work to be done and the number of meetings
                                                                                                                             and reviews anticipated.

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