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The Pateti Function will be held on August 21_ 2003 at the ... - ZAGNY


									                              ISSUE 18


                              JULY/AUGUST2004 NEWSLETTER

                                                              MUKTAD PRAYERS
                                                            August 15 – August 19, 2004

 ARTICLES:                    Our Zoroastrian community is invited to participate in the Muktad Prayers for all
                              five days from August 15th through August 19th, 2004. In order to accommodate
 CALENDAR &                   workday schedules, ZAGNY is offering the community prayer services in several
                              locations around the tri-state area with the generous help from some of our
 INFORMATION            3     members. Our thanks go out to the host families who have graciously volunteered

 MUKTAD REGISTRATION          their homes and to the Priests who have kindly agreed to perform the prayers.
 FORM                   4

 FEZANA NEWS            6     Our Mobeds will recite submitted names on all five days of the Muktad prayers at
 PATETI REGISTRATION          all locations. ZAGNY will serve lunch following the prayers on August 15th.
 FORM                   7

                              Date      Sunday        Monday        Tuesday            Wednesday       Thursday
                                        August 15     August 16     August 17          August 18       August 19
                              Place     Pomona,       Queens,       Princeton Jct,     Closter,        Baldwin,
                                        New York      New York      New Jersey         New Jersey      New York
                              Time      11:00AM       6:30 PM       6:30 PM            6:30 PM         6:30 PM
                              Hosted    ZAGNY         Teshtar &     Jasmin &           Sheroo &        Yasmin &
                              By        (Pomona       Noshir        Maneck             Vispi           Jamshed
                                        Darbe         Irani         Kotwal             Kanga           Ghadiali

ZAGNY _SECRETARY @LYCOS.COM   Please complete the form on page 4 of this newsletter. Should you have any other
                              questions, please contact Vispi and Sheroo Kanga at (201) 227-1890.
                                                              PATETI FUNCTION
VICE PRESIDENT                                                    – August 21, 2004

                              ZAGNY will hold its Pateti function on August 21s t, 2004 at the Pomona Darbe
TREASURER                     Mehr. We have a fun filled program and all are encouraged to attend.

                              Registration will start at 5:00 PM. The program will begin with a "Atash Niayesh"
        ARNAVAZ PATEL         prayer at 5:30 PM, followed by cocktails, between 6 and 7 PM ONLY. Once the
                              cocktail hour has closed, at 7 PM, the evenings programs will begin with several
        GOOLU BARIA           dances, some performed by our own children and some by professional groups
                              from dance schools, followed by dinner. After dinner you will sit back and relax to
        TONI GHADIALLY        enjoy a hilarious Parsi Comedy Natak - "TEHMULJEE IN TURMOIL" performed
                              by our own talented members, young and old.             So folks, go to the registration
                              form on page 7, fill it out and mail it to reach us by August 7th, 2004.
                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS

         MARK YOUR CALENDARS                                                 ZAGNY’S SUMMER PICNIC
                                                                                    AUGUST 8th, 2004
                      JULY 2004                                 IT IS PICNIC TIME !!! Come join us with kids and
    21-25 IVY F. GANDHI YOUTH CAMP (details on pg 5)
                                                                families for our annual ZAGNY picnic at the
                    AUGUST 2004                                 Shepherd Lake Recreation Area located in
    8     ZAGNY ANNUAL PICNIC                                   Ringwood State Park (Ringwood, NJ)
    21    ZAGNY PATETI FUNCTION                                 The spring-fed waters of the 74-acre Shepherd
                                                                Lake offer swimming, boating, canoeing fishing,
                      SEPTEMBER 2004                            hiking trails etc.
    12    ZAGNY Religious Classes ****                          The park is open from 8:00am to 8:00PM daily.
         (1 PM START)
                                                                THERE IS NO RESERVED SPACE SO PLEASE ARRIVE
                                                                EARLY AROUND 9:00 AM. Some of us will try and
 Please provide any contact changes or personal                 get there early to save a few tables for our ZAGNY
 announcements to                    group. Since the park does not allow signs, we will
                                                                have someone meet you in the parking area to
    CONGRATULATIONS                                             direct you to the picnic location. There is no per
 Farah and Friya Randelia, daughters of Rohinton and            person admission charge, however the park charges
 Daisy Randelia of Parsippany, New Jersey, on the               a parking fee of $10.00 per car.
 occasion of their Navjote, at Albless Baug in Mumbai           Bring your favorite potluck picnic dish (enough to
 on February 17th, 2004.                                        share with 8-10 people), and come prepared to
                                                                have a great time! Grills are available for cook-out.
    CONDOLENCES TO                                              ZAGNY will provide watermelon, iced tea, hot tea
 Ruby Malva and family on the passing of Ruby’s                 and charcoal for the cook out.
 mother Jerbanu Rustomji Malva. Jerbanu passed
 away in Los Angeles CA at the age of 98.                       Once you are in the park, Toni and Viraf and Vispi-
                                                                Sheroo will have their cell phones switched on in
 Farida, Freddie and Nicole Davar on the passing of             case you need directions to the picnic area.
 Rohinton Daver. Sadly Rohinton passed away, after a            Contact Vispi & Sheroo Kanga at (201) 227-1890
 long illness on July 3, 2004.                                  or Toni & Viraf Ghadially at (732) 972-6527, if
                                                                you plan to attend. (Cell numbers for day of picnic
 May their souls rest in Peace.                                 908-410-5536 or 732-208-4703 or 201-248-7208)
                                                                Additional details are on the Park’s website
             ZAGNY SCHOLARSHIPS                       
 ZAGNY invites applications for financial assistance
 (Scholarship/Loan) for the academic year 2004-2005
 from its members who are studying at institutions in             WZCC HEALTH/WELLNESS SEMINAR
 the United States. Applicants should be full-time              World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce- NY
 students. The last date for filing an application is           Chapter sponsored a well attended seminar on
 September 1s t, 2004.                                          Sunday, May 23rd. Guest speakers Pro f. Khursheed
                                                                Navder,   spoke     on   Nutrition   and    Weight
 Application forms and information can be obtained              Management, Dr. Satish Modi, discussed Lasik
 from Cyrus F. Hirjibehedin, 135 Executive Drive,               surgery and Crystalens implants, and Mr. Vispi
 Manhasset Hills, NY 11040 or                Kanga talked about Skin Care and Cosmetic

                                                                WZCC sincerely thanks all the distinguished speakers
                                                                and volunteers who helped make this informative
                                                                event happen. Lunch catered by Sheroo Kanga was
                                                                delicious. Voluntary contributions made by WZCC
                                                                members and seminar attendees were donated to
                                                                ZAGNY. For information on WZCC: Rusi Gandhi,
                                                      , Noshir Dutia,
                                                                or Arnaz Maneckshana      .

This newsletter will be made public on the ZAGNY web-site. If you do not want your personal information to appear on the
       website, please do not submit it to the newsletter for publication.                                  Page 2
                                       DONATIONS AND INFORMATION
   DONATIONS                                                            IVY F. GANDHI YOUNG
                CRITICAL ASSISTANCE FUND                                ZOROASTRIANS’ CAMP
    004 TOTAL                                $2,698.00
                                                             The annual Young Zoroastrians’ Camp this year
     Ferozshaw Ogra                             25.00        will be from 7:00 pm on Wednesday, July 21st
                      GENERAL FUND                           to noon on Sunday July 25th at the Darbe Mehr.
    2004 TOTAL                               $7161.05        The camp is great fun and a wonderful
     Ashodad                                   414.00        opportunity to strengthen old friendships and build
     Rusi Gandhi (from a real estate sale)     401.00        new ones. There are many great activities such
     Donations from WZCC Seminar               177.00        as hiking and picnicking in Bear Mountain, sports
     Jehan and Beroz Kasad                     100.00        (soccer, volleyball, badminton, baseball, etc.),
     Hormuzd and Freny Dalal                   100.00        board games, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts,
                                                             water fights, and the highlight of the camp, the
     United Way – Tinaz Hakim                  156.16
                                                             really fun skits put up by our talented children.
     United Way – Tinaz Hakim                   78.08
     United Way – Unknown Donor                 55.35
                                                             The camp is open to all children between the ages
     United Way– Virasp Davar                   25.98        of 6 and 18. Younger children are welcome if
     United Way - Virasp Davar                  20.87        accomp anied by a parent. Parent volunteers are
                   NEW BUILDING FUND
                                                             needed, and if you would like to spend even part
    2004 TOTAL                               $3,074.00       of the camp time with us please let me know.
     Farzad Dutia                              100.00
     Rohinton Kapadia                           60.00        For additional information and registration forms,
                   SCHLOARSHIP FUND                          please contact Homi Byramji, home : (973)
    2004 TOTAL                               $1,335.00       316-8636 or cell (973) 489-3252.
                      LIBRARY FUND
    2004 TOTAL                               $ 130.00
                                                                     BOLLYWOOD HEADLINER…
           WANTED – CATERERS                                 USA is certainly a land of opportunity and it is
                                                             proved again! Farokh Daruwala came to USA
In an effort to provide the best and most varied
options to the community, ZAGNY would like to                about 3 years ago and look at the Irony - he is
collect a list of caterers who can provide food with         born and brought up in Mumbai the "Bollywood",
a predominance of Parsi flavors at functions of              where he as an HR professional also worked with
                                                             large film production companies like Shogun films,
various sizes, ranging from less than 100 people
to more than 200 people. Please contact Cyrus                met actors frequently like Amitabh Bachchan,
Hirjibehedin, by phone at 212-663-5768 or by                 Shahrukh Khan, Jackie Shroff and the likes...!
email to, with information on
your menu selections and catering capacity.                  His work brought Farokh to the US and while here
                                                             Farokh began starring in movie made here in the
                                                             USA called "Bandhak" the lead role...due to
      NEW BOOKS FOR THE ZAGNY                                release in the start of September 2004. He has
             LIBRARY                                         already started working in another film "Junoon"
Parsiana Publications has sent two books on the
World Encyclopedia with the compliments of                   Along with his Bandhak production team, Farokh
Philanthropist, NarYman Kaikhosrow, who has also             is starting a Theatre group called "Platform" in
authored them. The books are “Theory of Waves”                                        n
                                                             Edison, NJ which will be i running from July end
and “Khorshid Nigirshn”. These books will be kept            onwards.
in the ZAGNY library for reference purposes.                         CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS –
Anyone interested in purchasing his or her                      IAAC Film Festival: The Indian Diaspora 2004
personal copies may write to Parsiana Book Club,             Filmmakers are invited to submit their films The books are very reasonably             (Feature/ Short/ Doc) for the fourth annual IAAC
priced at Rs. 1,225 and Rs. 2,150 respectively,              FILM    FESTIVAL:     THE    INDIAN     DIASPORA,
plus handling charges of Rs. 100 per book.                   November 4-7, 2004. IAAC Film Festival: The
                                                             Indian Diaspora includes films made by people of
                                                             Indian origin living outside India. Films made by
                                                             non-Indians with Indian content (plot, theme,
                                                             actors, location, and protagonist) will also be
                                                             considered. For additional information, go to
If you would like to announce an event that will occur within the next 3 months or to make an general announcement
    in the ZAGNY newsletter, please email                                     Page 3

                                         MUKTAD PRAYERS 2004

Please complete this form in BLOCK letters with the correct status circled for each name and return this
form by AUGUST 7, 2004, to:
             MAIL FORM TO:                              CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
             Sheroo Kanga                               ZAGNY
             Attn: Muktad Prayers
             147 12th street
             Cresskill, NJ 07626

Kindly include the following names in the daily prayers during the forthcoming Muktad ceremonies.
        § I am enclosing herewith my contribution of $ _______ (@ $5 per name, maximum of 6 names)
           to defray costs for this event.
        § I am enclosing my contribution of $_____ (@$5 per person), I/We ____ (# of people) will be
           attending the lunch, after the prayers, on August 15th, 2004. These monies will be used to defer
           the cost of the caterer, the paper products, for this event.

Yours truly,

_____________________________                       _____________________________
PRINT FULL NAME                               TELEPHONE NUMBER

                      Name of the Deceased                              Names of His/Her Father/Husband
1    E O Oi B K                                         EOB

2    E O Oi B K                                         EOB

3    E O Oi B K                                         EOB

4    E O Oi B K                                         EOB

5    E O Oi B K                                         EOB

6                                                       EOB

The names of the deceased are always recited together with their father/husband’s name along with their
status, i.e. Ervad, Osta, Osti, Behdin or Khurd, as per Zoroastrian custom. No surnames are recited in the

E    =   Ervad (male who is/was a Navar)
O    =   Osta (male from Athornan or priestly family but not a Navar)
Oi   =   Osti (female from Arhornan family)
B    =   Behdin (male/female from Behdin or non-priestly family)
K    =   Khurd (whose Navjote has not been performed)

This newsletter will be made public on the ZAGNY web-site. If you do not want your personal information to appear on
     the website, please do not submit it to the newsletter for publication.                             Page 4
                               PROJECT MAINSTREAM – THE RUMMY GAME

On Saturday May 15th 2004, ZAGNY hosted a play, The Rummy Game. It was a bitter sweet tale of 2 aging
Parsis living in a charitable senior citizen home in Mumbai. The performance of the 2 actors Sabira Merchant
and Hosi Vasunia was poignant and laughable. One was reminded of the shenanigans of rummy players and
the colorful language that only a Parsi bawaji can render. The important part of hosting this show was that
ZAGNY truly stepped out of the box. This play was to raise funds for Project Mainstream. This charity
supports the street children of Mumbai. This was not a Parsi helping a Parsi, but rather the Zarthosty
community reaching out to the underprivileged street children of Mumbai.

Project Mainstream is a unique organization based on business management principles. It teaches the
children to be street smart, trains them for a trade so that they can earn an honest living, sets them up in a
business and offers them temporary housing and makes loans for housing. Its aim is to make the children
self sufficient and contributing members of society. It seems that 80%-90% of the 30,000 children helped
so far have repaid the money for their training and loans.

Thank you to those who attended and showed their support and to those who could not attend, but sent in
donations towards this cause. Thanks also to the sponsors: Air India, Palace of Asia, Hot Breads of
Lawrenceville, Sukhadia of Edison, Kamal Davar an Anonymous donor and Sam Bhada of Raddisson
Hotels. The organizing committee for this show consisted of: Mahrukh Cama, Mehru Cama, Usheen
Davar, Behroz Dutia, and Jasmin Kotwal. This show would not have been possible without the volunteer
spirit of so many ZAGNY members: Lovji Cama, Rohi Cama, Minu Dutia, Jamshed Ghadiali, Toni
Ghadially, Sheroo and Vispi Kanga, Fali Shroff, Aban Chavda and most importantly our youth: Tanaz
Dutia (Reid), Aysha Ghadiali, Cyrus Hirjibehedin. To all of you, our heartfelt thanks and appreciation
for a job well done.

ZAGNY is proud to announce that a check in the amount of $3000 was given to Project Mainstream. More
donations are still being received which in turn will be sent to this charity. FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO

The feedback from the audience was very positive and here are some of their comments:

       “Not only was the play hilarious, bringing back memories of 'Parsa' mannerisms and idiosyncrasies, but also had a very
       poignant message. The concept of bringing cultural activities and programmes such as this, for wider audiences
       including other Indian ethnic groups and even local neighborhood residents, is indeed unique and something we should
       consider doing more frequently! Edul Daver

       "The Rummy Game" was a delightful comedy that dealt with some painfully real issues for the elderly, such as
       loneliness and survival on charity. The actors superbly portrayed their characters, and had us rolling in the aisles, and
       at times sharing in their grief. We commend ZAGNY for bringing this wonderfully entertaining play for our amusement,
       especially one that supports a worthy cause like Project Mainstream. Danny and Goher Mobed

       “An excellent show -- entertaining and thought provoking. Congratulations to Sabira Merchant and Hosi Vasunia on
       their performance and Project Mainstream -- and ZAGNY for presenting it to the community.” Dinci & Nausheer

       “Not only did you do a fabulous job with the details of the events, but the show itself was nothing less than
       spectacular. The acting of Hosi Vasunia and Sabira Merchant was very authentic in their Parsi ways which made
       watching the play even more humorous and enjoyable. The play touched my heart and I found it to be particularly
       relevant in our modern society with our new and growing generation. But more importantly, the cause that you
       espouse, Project Mainstream, is one that I felt honored to support. You and all those in attendance have helped to
       make this world a better place.” Rahul Bansal.

       “We were very pleased to have attended the staging of the Play -The Rummy Game. We were happy to notice a sizable
       number of non-Parsees attending the event. We feel this is a good sign on behalf of ZAGNY to involve non-zoroastrians
       too in some of our functions as all can only benefit by such an interaction. It was good to note the enthusiastic
       applause and appreciation shown by the audience during and after the completion of the Play. This kind of support and
       encouragement do go a long way for the persons involved in the venture. Please continue the good job.” Firdaus and
       Mahrukh Mehta.
       “And one of the actors wrote: Many, many thanks for your wonderful support and organisation for the show, and what
       a wonderful audience you got for us, it was a pleasure to perform for such a crowd. I send my thanks to the wonderful
       team and look forward to meeting you all again.” Hosi Vasunia.
 If you would like to announce an event that will occur within the next 3 months in the ZAGNY newsletter, or provide
     feedback or suggestions about this newsletter, please email               Page 5
    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE                                          FEZANA WELFARE COMMITTEE
The Fezana Welfare committee has come across                              BENEFIT FUND RAISER
cases of domestic violence within the Zarathushti
community in North America. Our community is
by no means immune to any social issues. To                  A GALA MUSICAL NIGHT
address this issue the committee has sought the
                                                                       SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2004
advice of numerous professionals in the field.
Fortunately in our country we have resources on
                                                                                    6.30 PM,
hand that we can tap into for help and guidance.              AT THE ARBAB RUSTAM GUIV ZOROASTRIAN
But, due to lack of awareness the individuals in                  CENTER METROPOLITAN CHICAGO
need are not taking the crucial initial steps                    8615 Meadowbrook Drive, Burr Ridge, IL
required. This may be due to social and/or cultural
differences or the stigma attached.
                                                                     A GRAND EVENING OF
To assist people in these situations the committee            ENTERTAINMENT, FINE DINING & LOTS OF
has established a confidential toll free phone                           SURPRISES!!!
line; 1-877- 265-7273, FEZANA Critical
Assistance Hotline. The message will be sent to              FEATURING
the coordinator. We have set up a network of
contacts in Canada and USA to whom the call will                LIVE ORCHESTRA GROUP "MALHAR”
be forwarded. The contact can be a friend that
provides emotional support during the crisis.
Also, this contact will guide the individual to a              A TALENTED ARTIST FROM BOLLYWOOD
proper professional agency that handles such                    & HIS GROUP OF VERSATILE SINGERS
situations. There will be expenses to cover costs
for any medical, temporary housing, counseling
                                                                   COME & ENJOY A FUN EVENING OF
individuals, legal, etc. needed to assist. Therefore,
we need professionals as well as monetary
                                                                    SUGAM SANGEET, HINDI SONGS,
angels/farishtas to help support this cause.                           GUJARATI RAAS-GARBA
                                                                     ESPECIALLY OLD ZARTHUSHTI SONGS
We cannot just keep taking and not giving. To
start work on giving, we have organized our 1st                              PLATINUM SPONS OR
Welfare Committee Benefit Fund Raiser. This                    $1000 DONATION        (12 FREE TICKETS TO THE GALA)
event will be held at the Arbab Rustam Guiv
Zoroastrian Center of Metropolitan Chicago on                                  GOLD SPONSOR
Saturday, September 4, 2004.         FEZANA has                 $ 500 DONATION        (5 FREE TICKETS TO THE GALA)
contributed towards this project and will
appreciate    your    support.  An   evening   of                             SILVER SPONSOR
togetherness with entertainment, food, along with            $200 DONATION         (2 FREE TICKETS TO THE GALA)
a silent and/or live auction is being planned to
raise funds for this cause.                                     ALL FUNDS COLLECTED ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE

We are requesting your help to donate funds                     All sponsors will be recognized in the program
for this worthwhile cause. Please remember,                         FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT
all   contributions  to  FEZANA     are tax
deductible.                                                                      Hosi Mehta (630) 833-6923
                                                                                 Zarin Press (847) 619-6690
Please send donations to:                                                    Dinsoo Rivetna (630) 852-8515
FEZANA Welfare Committee,                                             Hutoxi Minocherhomji (630) 887-1545
Houtoxi Contractor                                                             Dinaz Weber (630) 830-3430
2301 Colony Court                                                           Anahita Tamboli 813-251-0101
Pittsburgh, PA 15237                                                    Houtoxi Contractor (412) 367-2948
                                                                                     Mani Rao 630-427-0495
If you have any questions, please call Houtoxi
Contractor at 412 367-2948 or Hosi Mehta at
630 833-6923

This newsletter will be made public on the ZAGNY web-site. If you do not want your personal information to appear on
     the website, please do not submit it to the newsletter for publication.                             Page 6
                     The Pateti Function will be held on August 21, 2003
                              at the Pomona Darbe Mehr


                                                                     NUMBER                 AMOUNT
      ADULTS                         -               $25.00          _________              _________

      NON-MEMBERS                            -       $35.00          _________              _________

      CHILDREN 5-15 YRS                      -       $15.00          _________              _________

      SENIOR CITIZENS                        -       $15.00          _________              _________

      DONATIONS:                                                     _________              _________

                                                     TOTAL:          _________              _________

      NAME: _____________________________________________________________

      ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

      TEL. NO. HOME: _______________ BUSINESS: __________________________

      E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________

      Kindly mail your form with check made out to ZAGNY to:
                                                     Jasmin Kotwal
                                                  12 Park Hill Terrace
                                         Princeton Junction, NJ 08550-0102

      Reservations must be received by August 7th, 2004. All registrations will be non-
      refundable.      A $15.00 per person / $25.00 per family surcharge will apply to all
      registrations done either at the door or received within 48 hours prior to the function.

 If you would like to announce an event that will occur within the next 3 months in the ZAGNY newsletter, or provide
     feedback or suggestions about this newsletter, please email               Page 7
                                          ZAGNY                          E-Mail                       Phone:
                                    106 Pomona Road              845.362.2104
                                    Suffern, NY 10901

                                                   ZODIAC POWER RINGS
                                   For the first time in the US, a product that can help
                                 enhance the will power, concentration, assertiveness
                                    and confidence of a person, simply by wearing our
                                                    special metal ring.
                                 ZODIAC POWER RINGS help you excel in your business,
                               job, studies, profession, career, personal relations etc. by
                                  improving your personality. They help reduce anger,
                                mental tensions, mood fluctuations and stress felt by the
                                human body, thereby increasing ones productivity on the
                                ZODIAC POWER RINGS are made of a mixture of five base
                                 metals i.e. gold, silver, iron, cooper and zinc, in their
                                   purest form. Hundreds in the US have benefited by
                                                     wearing this ring.

                               CONTACT :
                               Sole Selling Agent –
                               Firdosh Mehta, 973.921.1342,
                               Sub Agents are soon to be appointed.

106 Pomona Rd.
Suffern, NY 10901

   We’re on the Web!
        See us at:                                                                                  Zoroastrian                                                                                  Association of
                                                                                                 Greater New York.

This newsletter will be made public on the ZAGNY web-site. If you do not want your personal information to appear on
     the website, please do not submit it to the newsletter for publication.                             Page 8

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