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									                         Federal Register / Vol. 61, No. 77 / Friday, April 19, 1996 / Notices                              17297

   Summary: EPA had no objection to          EIS No. 960168, FINAL SUPPLEMENT,          EIS No. 960175, FINAL EIS, FRC,
the final EIS.                                 OSM, NM, AZ, Fence Lake Federal            Promoting Wholesale Competition
   ERP No. F–AF–L11025–AK Alaska               Coal Project, Mining Plan, Permit          through Open Access Non-
Military Operations Areas (MOAs)               Application and Federal Permit             Discriminatory Transmission Service
Temporary MOAs Conversion to                   Approval or Disapproval, Updated           by Public Utilities (RM95–8–000) and
Permanent MOAs; New MOAs Creation;             Information concerning the Salt River      Recovery of Strandred Costs by Public
MOAs Modification; Supersonic                  Project Improvement and Power              Utilities and Transmitting Utilities
Aircraft Operations and Routine Flying         District’s (SRP) Proposed Fence Lake       (Docket No. RM–94–7–001, Proposed
Training, Joint/Combined Flying                Mine, Apache County, AZ and Catron         Rulemaking, Due: May 20, 1996,
Training and Major Flying Exercises            and Cibola Counties, NM, Due: May          Contact: William A. Meroney (202)
Activities, Elmendorf Air Force Base,          20, 1996, Contact: Richard J. Seibel       208–1069.
AK.                                            (303) 672–5610.                          EIS No. 960176, DRAFT EIS, GSA, CA,
   Summary: Due to the Federal               EIS No. 960169, DRAFT EIS, FHW, IN,          New San Francisco Federal Building
Furlough of December 18, 1995, through         IN–145 New Road Construction,              Office Building Construction,
January 5, 1996, the Environmental             Funding, IN–37 and the existing I–64       Implementation, City and County of
Protection Agency did not complete its         Interchange near St. Croix in Perry        San Francisco, CA, Due: June 05,
review of the final EIS. No comment            County to the east junction of IN–64       1996, Contact: Joan Byrens (415) 522–
letter was sent to the preparing agency.       and IN–145 in Crawford County, IN,         3495.
   Dated: April 16, 1996.                      Due: June 15, 1996, Contact: Arthur A.      Dated: April 16, 1996.
William D. Dickerson,                          Fendrick (317) 226–7475.                 William D. Dickerson,
Director, NEPA Compliance Division Office    EIS No. 960170, FINAL EIS, AFS, CA,        Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office
of Federal Activities.                         Pilot Creek Watershed Land               of Federal Activities.
[FR Doc. 96–9728 Filed 4–18–96; 8:45 am]       Management Plan, Implementation,         [FR Doc. 96–9729 Filed 4–18–96; 8:45 am]
                                               Hayfork Adaptive Management Area,
                                                                                        BILLING CODE 6560–50–U
                                               Six Rivers National Forest, Mad River
                                               Ranger District, Humboldt and Trinty
[ER–FRL–5415–6]                                Counties, CA, Due: May 20, 1996,         [FRL–5460–5]
                                               Contact: Janice Stevenson (707) 574–
Environmental Impact Statements;               6233.                                    Common Sense Initiative Council
Notice of Availability                       EIS No. 960171, DRAFT EIS, FHW, ID,        (CSIC)
  Responsible Agency: Office of Federal        Southwest Indiana Highway Corridor,      AGENCY: Environmental Protection
Activities, General Information (202)          Evansville to Bloomington, I–29 of I–    Agency (EPA).
564–7167 OR (202) 564–7153.                    64 with I–164/ID–57, Improvements,
                                                                                        ACTION: Notification of Public Advisory
  Weekly receipt of Environmental              Gibson, Pike, Warrick, Monroe,
                                                                                        CSIC Printing, Automobile
Impact Statements Filed April 08, 1996         Greene and Daviess Counties, ID, Due:
                                                                                        Manufacturing, Iron and Steel, and
Through April 12, 1996 Pursuant to 40          August 01, 1996, Contact: Arthur A.
                                                                                        Computers and Electronics Sectors
CFR 1506.9.                                    Fendrick (317) 226–7475.
                                                                                        Subcommittee Meetings; Open
EIS No. 960164, DRAFT EIS, IBR, ND,          EIS No. 960172, DRAFT EIS, UAF, AZ,
  Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge,          Luke Air Force Base, Construction
  Implementation, Water Management             and Operation of 18–Hole Golf            SUMMARY:   Pursuant to the Federal
  Capability to Mitigate for Past, Present     Course, In a Detention Basin to          Advisory Committee Act, Public Law
  and Future Impacts of Jamestown              Prevent Flood Damage, Dysart Drain       92–463, notice is hereby given that,
  Reservoir, Stutsman and Foster               Improvement Project, Maricopa            pending resolution of EPA’s FY 1996
  Counties, ND, Due: June 18, 1996,            County, AZ, Due: June 03, 1996,          appropriation, the Printing, Automobile
  Contact: Greg Hiemenz (701) 250–             Contact: Robert Maxwell (602) 856–       Manufacturing, Iron and Steel, and
  4242.                                        3823.                                    Computers and Electronics Sector
EIS No. 960165, FINAL SUPPLEMENT,            EIS No. 960173, DRAFT SUPPLEMENT,          Subcommittees of the Common Sense
  COE, AK, Chignik Small Boat Harbor           AFS, WA, OR, Pacific Northwest           Initiative Council will meet on the dates
  Development and Construction,                Region National Forests, Nursery Pest    and times described below. All meetings
  Updated Information concerning               Control Management Plan, Additional      are open to the public. Limited time will
  Selected Alternative Site 2,                 Information concerning Changes to a      be provided for public comment. For
  Anchorage Bay, Alaska Peninsula,             List of Chemical Pesticides and          further information concerning specific
  AK, Due: May 20, 1996, Contact: Guy          Streamlining the Process for Future      meetings, please contact the individuals
  R. McConnell (907) 753–2640.                 Changes Approved for Use at J.           listed with the four Sector
EIS No. 960166, DRAFT EIS, EPA, CA,            Herbert Stone, Bend Pine and Wind        Subcommittee announcements below.
  San Francisco Bay Region, Long-Term          River Nurseries and Dorena Tree
  Management Strategy (LTMS) for the           Improvement Center, WA and OR,           (1) Printing Sector Subcommittee—May
  Placement of Dredged Material for            Due: June 03, 1996, Contact: Diane       8, 1996
  Disposal, several counties, CA, Due:         Hildebrand (503) 326–6697.                  Notice is hereby given that the
  July 19, 1996, Contact: Brian Ross         EIS No. 960174, FINAL EIS, FHW, MN,        Environmental Protection Agency,
  (415) 744–1979.                              US 14/52 Transportation Corridor,        pending resolution of it’s FY 1996
EIS No. 960167, FINAL EIS, ICC, MT,            Reconstruction between Olmsted           appropriation, will hold an open
  Tongue River Railroad Additional             CSAH 14 (75th Street NW) and TH–         meeting of the Printing Sector
  Rail Line Construction and Operation,        63 (Broadway) Funding, COE Section       Subcommittee on Wednesday, May 8,
  Ashland to Decker, Approval,                 404 Permit and NPDES Permit, City of     1996, from 8:30 a.m. edt to 12:00 noon
  Rosebud and Big Horn Counties, MT,           Rochester, Olmsted County, MN, Due:      edt. The Printing Sector’s Workgroups
  Due: May 20, 1996, Contact: Elaine K.        May 20, 1996, Contact: Graig Lenz        will meet on Tuesday, May 7, 1996,
  Kurser (202) 927–6213.                       (507) 285–7124.                          from approximately 10:00 a.m. edt until
17298                 Federal Register / Vol. 61, No. 77 / Friday, April 19, 1996 / Notices

about 5:30 p.m., edt. The workgroups        Each individual or group wishing to          pending resolution of its FY 1996
will also meet on May 8, 1996, from         make an oral presentation will be            appropriation, will hold an open
approximately 12:30 p.m. edt until          provided a total of three minutes.           meeting of the Computers and
about 3:00 p.m., edt. All meetings will       For further information concerning         Electronics Sector Subcommittee on
be at the Sheraton Hotel, 11810 Sunrise     this meeting of the Automobile               Thursday, May 23, 1996, from 8:30 a.m.
Valley Drive, Reston,Virginia 22091.        Manufacturing Sector Subcommittee,           edt until 5:00 p.m. edt, and Friday, May
The telephone number is 703–620–            please contact Carol Kemker, DFO, at         24, 1996, from 8:30 a.m., edt to 3:00
9000.                                       the above number; Keith Mason,               p.m., edt, at the Washington Marriott,
   The Compliance Tools Workgroup is        Alternate DFO, at (202) 260–1360; or         1221 22nd Street, Washington, DC.
working on the Multi-Media Flexible         Julie Lynch, Alternate DFO at (202)          Seating will be available on a first come,
Permitting Project, and the New York        260–4000.                                    first serve basis. Opportunity for public
City Education Workgroup is moving                                                       comment on major issues under
                                            (3) Iron and Steel Sector Subcommittee
ahead with plans for pollution                                                           discussion will be provided at intervals
                                            Meeting—May 16, 1996
prevention Education for small printers.                                                 throughout the meeting.
The purpose of the workgroup meetings          Notice is hereby given that the              The first day of the meeting, May 23,
is to discuss the status of and plan        Environmental Protection Agency,             will be devoted partly to breakout
future work for these projects. The         pending resolution of its FY 1996            sessions for the three subcommittee
purpose of the Subcommittee Meeting is      appropriation, will hold an open             workgroups (Reporting and Information
to discuss the status of these projects     meeting of the Iron and Steel Sector         Access; Overcoming Barriers to
undertaken by the Subcommittee.             Subcommittee on Thursday, May 16,            Pollution Prevention, Product
Agendas will be available April 30,         1996. The meeting will begin at 8:00         Stewardship, and Recycling; and
1996. Seating will be on a first come       a.m. edt and will run until 4:00 p.m.        Integrated and Sustainable Alternative
first served basis. Limited time will be    edt. The meeting will be held at the         Strategies for Electronics) and partly to
provided for public comment.                Metcalf Federal Building, Great Lakes        plenary session; the second day, May
   For further information concerning       Conference Center, 12th floor, 77 West       24, will also consist of both workgroup
this meeting of the Printing Sector         Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois         and plenary sessions.
Subcommittee, please contact Ginger         60604. Picture identification will be           For further information regarding this
Gotliffe of EPA’s Office of Enforcement     required for entry into the building.        Computers and Electronics Sector
and Compliance Assurance at 202–564–        Seating will be available on a first come,   Subcommittee Meeting, please contact
7072, or Nancy Cichowicz, EPA, Region       first served basis. Limited time will be     Gina Bushong at (202) 260–1096 or by
III, at 215–597–2030.                       provided for public comment.                 mail at U.S. EPA (MC 7405), 401 M
                                               The Iron and Steel Sector                 Street SW., Washington, DC 20460;
(2) Automobile Manufacturing Sector
                                            Subcommittee has created four work           Mark Mahoney, U.S. EPA Region 1,
Subcommittee Meeting—May 10, 1996
                                            groups which are responsible for             (617) 565–1155; or David Jones, at U.S.
   Notice is hereby given that the          proposing to the full Subcommittee for       EPA Region 9, (415) 744–2266.
Environmental Protection Agency,            its review and approval potential
pending resolution of it’s FY 1996          activities or projects that the Iron and     Inspection of Subcommittee Documents
appropriation, will hold an open            Steel Sector Subcommittee will                 Documents relating to the above
meeting of the Automobile                   undertake, and for carrying out projects     Sector Subcommittee announcements,
Manufacturing Sector Subcommittee on        once approved. The subcommittee has          will be publicly available at the
Friday, May 10, 1996, from                  approved seven projects and their work       meeting. Thereafter, these documents,
approximately 9:00 a.m. edt to 4:00 p.m.    plans.                                       together with the official minutes for the
edt. The meeting will be held at the           The purpose of this meeting is to         meetings, will be available for public
Lake Michigan Conference Room, 12th         discuss the status of projects sponsored     inspection in room 2821M of EPA
Floor, 77 West Jackson Boulevard,           by the workgroups and to review              Headquarters, Common Sense Initiative
Ralph Metcalfe Federal Building,            recommendations that the workgroups          Staff, 401 M Street SW., Washington, DC
Chicago, Illinois. Picture identification   propose, particularly several                20460, telephone number 202–260–
will be required for entry into the         recommendations that have been               7417. Common Sense Initiative
building. The three project teams           presented by the Permits Work Group.         information can be accessed
(Alternative Sector Regulatory System/      Additionally, the American Iron and          electronically through contacting
Community Technical Assistance, Life        Steel Institute will give a brief            Katherine Brown at
Cycle Management/Supplier                   presentation on its role in supporting
Partnership and Regulatory Initiative)      research on innovative technology in
will report on progress, identify short                                                    Dated: April 16, 1996.
                                            the industry. The Subcommittee’s four
and long term deliverables and provide      workgroups will be meeting the               Prudence Goforth,
an assessment of the teams’ resource        preceding day, Wednesday, May 15,            Designated Federal Officer.
needs. The Common Sense Initiative          1996, from approximately 10:00 a.m. cdt      [FR Doc. 96–9710 Filed 4–18–96; 8:45 am]
Council Automobile Manufacturing            to 5:00 p.m. cdt.                            BILLING CODE 6560–50–P
Sector Subcommittee will also discuss          For further information concerning
sector communications and interlinks        this Iron and Steel Sector Subcommittee
between the project team activities. An                                                  [OPP–00431; FRL–5363–4]
                                            Meeting, please call either Ms. Mary
agenda will be available May 3, 1996.       Byrne at 312–353–2315 in Chicago,            State FIFRA Issues Research and
Seating may be limited; therefore,          Illinois or Ms. Judith Hecht at 202–260–     Evaluation Group (SFIREG) Working
advance registration is recommended.        5682 in Washington, DC.                      Committees on Enforcement-
Any person or organization interested in
                                            (4) Computers and Electronics Sector         Certification & Registration-
attending the meeting should contact
                                            Subcommittee—May 23 and 24, 1996             Classification; Open Meeting
Ms. Carol Kemker, Designated Federal
Officer (DFO), no later than May 7,           Notice is hereby given that the            AGENCY: Environmental Protection
1996, at (404) 347–3555 extension 4222.     Environmental Protection Agency,             Agency (EPA).

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