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									 The Christian Community of                                             

           Presenta tion
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                     October 21, 2012

          Come to our Fair Trade Sale!
                    November 3-4 after all Masses
                          Cash & all major credit cards accepted
                             Every purchase makes a difference!

   We are thrilled to have Ten Thousand Villages ( host our
      Fair Trade Sale again this year! Ten Thousand Villages is an exceptional source for
   unique handmade gifts, jewelry, home decor, art and sculpture, textiles, serveware and
    personal accessories representing the diverse cultures of artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin
    America and the Middle East. One of the world's largest fair trade organizations and a
   founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the company strives to
    improve the livelihood of tens of thousands of disadvantaged artisans in 38 countries.
                Fair Trade coffee & chocolate will be available for purchase too!

                               Volunteers are needed for only an hour or two.
                        Please call Joan Favre at 201-930-0614 for more information.

             Guest Speaker Paula D’Arcy November 11-13, 7:30pm
                                      Sunday: “Being Here So Briefly”
                                      Monday: “Embracing the Further Journeys”
                                      Tuesday: “When the Heart is Open”
                          Paula D’Arcy is a writer, playwright, retreat leader and conference and
                          seminar speaker. In 2001, she established Red Bird Foundation, which
                          supports the growth and spiritual development of those in need
                          throughout the world, including men and women in prison. The
                          foundation has sponsored two international gatherings of women
known as WOMENSPEAK, conferences which honor the woman’s voice as a force of peace and
healing for the world. A former psychotherapist, Paula survived the loss of her husband and
young daughter in an accident in 1975. She was three months’ pregnant at the time. Among her
best-selling books are Gift of the Red Bird, Waking Up to This Day, and When People Grieve.
    It would be helpful for us to have a head count for Paula D’Arcy’s series, which will be a free will offering.
                  If you plan to attend, please RSVP to

October 21, 2012                                                               1
    Church of the Presentation                                      All Souls’ Mass RSVPs are due by Friday.
    271 West Saddle River Rd., Upper Saddle River NJ 07458          See page 3.
    Phone: 201-327-1313 Fax: 201-760-2570
                                                                    Blood Pressure Screening: Sunday, October 28
    Website:                           after 11:30am Mass in Margie & Michele’s office.
    Parish Office Summer Hours: M-F 9:30am-4pm
    Faith Formation Office: Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm                       Prostate Cancer Support: Tuesday, October 23
    Mass Schedule: See page 6                                       LifeLines, a supportive and informative resource for
    Reconciliation: After 9am daily Mass, or by appt.               prostate cancer patients and their partners, meets on the
                                                                    fourth Tuesday of the month from 7:30-9:00pm in Meeting
    Our parish is a co-sponsor of St. Paul Interparochial School,
    Ramsey NJ (201) 327-1108,                    Rm. 4. For more information, please visit
                                                           or email
    Email Addresses: Except as otherwise noted, all of our
    email addresses end with:
                                                                    Caring Stitches: Tuesday, October 23
    Rev. Bob Stagg, Pastor ext. 820 bstagg@                         We knit, crochet & quilt for the benefit of the sick and
        Fr. Bob’s asst.: Melanie Cheplic ext. 827 mcheplic@         bereaved. Patterns and yarns are available. Join us from
    Rev. Lope Lesigues, ext. 830 llesigues@                         6:30-8:30pm in the Gathering Room. Feel free to contact
    Rev. A. Benny Prado, ext. 821 frbenny@                          Kathy Hanzer 201-327-2140 or with
    Rev. Msgr. Ed Ciuba, in residence, x.841     any questions.
    Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. Ivory, Pastor Emeritus
    Pastoral/Ministry Associates:                                   Career Management: Monday, October 29
                                                                    We provide one-on-one mentoring opportunities upon
    Fr. Benny (Worship) ext. 821 frbenny@                           request for sharing ideas regarding resumes, cover letters,
    Cara Annese (Jr. High, Confirmation) ext. 819 cannese@          networking, interview techniques, etc. in an encouraging,
    Catzel Bumpus (Youth Ministry) ext. 828 cbumpus@                confidential setting. We meet on the last non-holiday
    Denny Foley (Parish Initiatives) ext. 831 dfoley@               Monday of the month at 8:00pm in the parish library.
    Ed Ginter (Music) ext. 813
    Liz Cosentino (Bulletin, Website, Scheduling) ext. 811 LizC@    Blood Drive: Sunday, November 4, 9am-1:30pm
    Fr. Lope (Family Faith) ext. 830 llesigues@                     Please contact Margie at ext, 840 to schedule an appt..
    Margie Rightmyer (Volunteering & Outreach)                      Picture ID required. Complimentary cholesterol screening
      ext. 840 mrightmyer@                                          for all donors.
    Jona Winkelman (Adult Faith Formation & Spirituality)
      ext. 812 jwinkelman@
    Accounting/Finances: Bob Rooney, ext. 818 brooney@
                                                                        Register NOW for Trunk or Treat
    Baptism: Nancy Mierswa, ext. 839 nmierswa@                            This Friday, October 26, 4:30-6:00pm
    Bulletin: Liz Cosentino, Editor, ext. 811 bulletin@                  In the case if bad weather, we will have a
    Bulletin Advertising: Bon Venture Svcs 800-364-0684                message on the phone system by noon on Friday
    Catholic Faith Inquiry: Jona Winkelman (see above)                           if this event is cancelled.
    Celiac Communion: Carol Canariato 201-391-5772                        Join us for an exciting afternoon of
    Confirmation: Cara Annese (see above)                               “trunk” or treating in the parish parking
    Emergencies (hospital/funeral) ext. 899                            lot. Children should wear their Halloween
    Envelopes (Parish) Michele Baron ext. 847 mbaron@                    costumes. Decorate your trunk in your
    Family Faith Formation (grades 1-6): Therese ext. 832                      favorite Halloween style &
                                                                                      don’t forget the candy!
       tgagliardotto@ Eileen ext. 814 ewarbrick@
       Christopher ext. 843 Christopher@                                We will be collecting non-perishable food items for the
    First Eucharist: Lori Birdsall ext. 817 lbirdsall@                     Community Food Bank. We’ll have a food bin
    Funerals: Melanie Cheplic ext. 827 mcheplic@                               available at check-in for your donations.
    Jr. High (grades 7-8): Cara Annese (see above)                         Please note: For the safety of our children,
    Knights of Columbus: ext. 886, visit                 pre-registration is required (no exceptions).
    Outreach: Margie Rightmyer (see above)                               Plan to arrive between 4:30pm & 5:00pm only.
    Parish Council: parishcouncil@                                        Once the trunk or treating begins, vehicles will
                                                                          be prohibited from moving around the parking
    Parish Pay: Bob Rooney (see above)                                   lot for the children’s protection. Parked cars will
    Parish Registration: Michele Baron ext. 847 mbaron@                          not be able to leave before 6:00pm.
    Volunteering: Michele Baron ext. 847 mbaron@                                   To pre-register, email
    Weddings: Nancy Mierswa ext. 839 nmierswa@                  
    Worship Office: Nancy Mierswa ext.839 nmierswa@                    with the family name(s) & # of those attending.
    Youth Ministry: Maureen Murphy ext. 844 mmurphy@
2                                                                          October 21, 2012
     From the Pastor’s Desk                                       Presentation Café Returns This Week!
                                                                 We are launching the celebration of the “Year of
We had a great Friday evening at A Night of Broadway             Faith” with a new Presentation Café series hosted by Jona,
Stars, with great talent, food & company! Thanks for your
                                                                 which will explore more deeply “What We Believe & Why
support of our fundraiser, which helps our budget for so
many of the other good things which happen around here.          We Believe It,” providing an interesting and informative
                                                                 look at The Creed. We are offering three opportunities each
This weekend, you’ll hear Jona Winkelman, our new                week to participate.
Pastoral Associate for Adult Faith Formation &                   (1) “Defining Our Beliefs - A History of the Creed”
Spirituality, offer a “tease” for the Fall series of                  Thursday, October 25, in the Community Room,
Presentation Café beginning this week on “What We                     9:30am, repeated 7:30pm & also on Sunday,
Believe & Why We Believe It.” We all struggle with how                October 28 in the Gathering Rooms at 12:45pm.
to get our arms around our faith. I promise you this will
not be a dry graduate level theology course. Jona’s a            (2) “Accepting Our Beliefs -What is Faith?”
compelling speaker and will be able to draw all of us into            Thursday, November 1, 9:30am, repeated 7:30pm &
this important subject in an interesting and stimulating              also on Sunday, November 4 at 12:45pm.
way. Plan on joining us either on Thursday morning or            (3) “Living Our Beliefs - What is Revelation?”
evening, or Sunday after 11:30am Mass.                                Thursday, November 15, 9:30am, repeated 7:30pm &
                                                                      also on Sunday, November 18 at 12:45pm.
Trunk or Treat, our very popular Halloween parking lot
extravaganza, is this Friday at 4:30pm. Please remember to       (4) “Understanding Our Beliefs - The Trinity”
register ahead of time. See page 2 for more information.              Thursday, November 29, 9:30am, repeated 7:30pm &
                                                                      also on Sunday, December 2 at 12:45pm.
Our semi-annual Wedding Preparation is next weekend,
and we pray for all those couples entering this phase of
their lives.
                                                 Fr. Bob
                                                                 Women’s Spirituality First Friday
 We Remember Our Deceased                  
                                                                 Communion Breakfast - November 2
                                                                 All women are welcome to join us following the
 All Souls’ Envelopes are located around                         9:00am Mass in Gathering Room South. We
 the parish and baskets will be placed on                        will enjoy a light breakfast, and some sharing
 the altar for them and kept there through                       questions about the readings in the Liturgy.
 the Novena, the first week of November. 

 Our All Souls’ Liturgy is a special Mass on Friday, 
 November 2, at 7:30pm offered in memory of our 
 parishioners who have died since last year’s All Souls’ 
 Liturgy. If you are planning to attend and would like           “Our Hearts Burn Within Us” - Tuesday, Oct. 30
 the name of a family member who died since last                 If you missed the continuing formation morning for liturgical
 November 2 read at the Mass, please RSVP to ext. 880            ministers, you have a another opportunity to hear this
 no later than October 26.  Anyone wishing to                    wonderful presentation by Jona beginning at 7:30pm. In
 remember a deceased loved one who passed away                   fact, it was so well received, we are opening up this
 prior to last year’s All Souls’ Liturgy is also invited even    encore session to the entire parish!
 though the deceased’s name will not be read aloud. 

              Light refreshments will follow.                    Lector Training Workshop - Saturday, October 27
                                                                 at the Archdiocese Office of Divine Worship in Newark, NJ,
                                                                 from 8:45am-12:30pm. Please contact Nancy Mierswa at
                                                                 ext. 839 for more information and to register.

                               Saturday, November 3
                                                                 Eucharistic Minister Training Workshop -
                               at the 5:00pm Mass.               Saturday, November 3 at the Archdiocese Office of
                               All are invited who               Divine Worship in Newark, NJ, from 8:45am-12:30pm.
are suffering physically, mentally &/or emotionally.             Please contact Nancy Mierswa at ext. 839 for more
Please RSVP to Nancy Mierswa at ext. 839 with                    information and to register.
your name and how many will be attending.

October 21, 2012                                                                      3
                To All Caregivers Who Are Graduates 
                                                                                                Check out our “Church of the Presentation
                 of the NAMI Family­to­Family Course                            
                                                                                                Youth Ministry” page on Facebook!
                 The Mental Health Ministry invites you to 
                      our monthly Support Group for                                   Youth Ministry News (9-12 graders)
            Caregiver­Graduates this Wednesday, 
          October 24. Join us in Gathering Rm. North at                             * Our next Youth Ministry Sunday Gathering is next
            7:30pm (come at 7:00 to “meet ‘n greet”).                               Sunday, October 28 at 7:30pm. All high school students are
                                                                                    welcome to attend! Bring a friend!!
                                                                                    * The next Freshman/Sophomore Team meeting will be
The Cooperative Admissions Examination (for 8th graders                             today, Sunday, October 21 beginning at 7:30pm. All Junior
interested in attending a Catholic High School in 9/2013) will                      & Senior Team members should attend.
be administered on Friday, November 9, 2012. Visit for more info & to register online.                                * Registration forms for our Nov. 9-11 Freshman/
                                                                                    Sophomore Retreat are available on the parish website &
                                                                                    from the youth ministry office. All 9th & 10th graders are
                                                                                    welcome & encouraged to join us for this amazing retreat
                    Are you in your 30s or 40s?                                     weekend. Register as soon as you’s filling up!
                    Join us for these fun events!
    “Mass on the Moss”: Sunday, Oct. 28, 8:30am - Join                              “Not by Bread Alone” Spiritual Book Discussion Group 
    us for a hike in Harriman Park. Spend the morning                               Do you enjoy a good read? Interested in exploring the 
    hiking, celebrating Mass & sharing lunch. We will                               spiritual themes of novels and other literary works in a 
    return between 1-2pm. (Afterwards, those who want                               relaxed atmosphere?  Come, bring a friend, grab a 
    can also go to the Bear Mountain Oktoberfest!)                                  sandwich, and join us on Sunday, October 28, 5‐6pm, at 
                                                                                    Panera Bread, 1300 State Route 17 No. in Ramsey, to 
    Radio City Christmas Spectacular: Sunday, Nov. 18                               discuss Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  For more 
    (4pm show, departure from Presentation by 2pm).                                 information, please contact Jennifer Edwards, 
    Tickets are $85 per person, which includes the bus                     or 201‐327‐1276. 
    ride from Presentation to NYC, the show & snacks at
    the show.
          For more info, contact Catzel at ext. 828                                               HELP REBUILD NEW ORLEANS!
          or visit “RCX Presentation” on Facebook.                                                     January 5-12, 2013
                                                                                             People ask, “Why are we still going there seven
                                                                                    years after Hurricane Katrina?” Actually, New Orleans’
                                                                                    recovery was stalled by the BP oil spill and Hurricane
                  Yoga for Mind, Body & Spirit                                      Isaac. Thousands of families still remain without a home.
         Mondays at 9:30am in the Community Room                                    Join the more than 500 parishioners who have spent
             Bring a mat, large towel & water.                                      time, talent & treasure in bringing families back home.
                                                                                    Adults 18+ welcome, no experience necessary. Cost
           A wonderful way to begin your week!                                      is $500 per person. Contact Eric Nedelkoff at
                                                                           or 201-264-2225 for more info.

                 Gay and Lesbian Support Group
                                                                                                 “FRANKly” Speaking
    ...gathers monthly in a welcoming, confidential setting at                                  From our St. Francis Ministry
    church to exchange information and encouragement.
    Catholics of all ages who are gay or lesbian, their family and                  Farmer’s Market – The summer bounty is over,
    friends, are welcome to attend. Our next meeting is                             but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy locally-
    Monday, October 29 at 7:30pm in Gathering Room                                  grown goods. The Ramsey Farmer’s Market is open every
    North. For more info, please call Margie at ext. 840.                           Sunday from 9-2 through November 18 at the Main Street
    “Every person has an inherent dignity because he or she is created in God’s     Train Station. But… it reopens indoors at the Eric Smith
    image. A deep respect for the total person leads the Church to hold and teach   School at 73 Monroe Street on December 2 through March.
    that sexuality is a gift of God.” From the USCCB Pastoral Message,              Visit for more info.
    “Always Our Children.” (1997).

           Men’s Day of Prayer - October 27, 8am-5pm                                    We have set aside extra copies of the booklet,
                Most Blessed Sacrament Friary, Newark NJ                            “Why We Should Care About Planet Earth, Our Home,”
                    Keynote Speaker: Jessie Romero                                    for families who did not get a copy when they were
          visit for more information.                       distributed on the weekend of Sept. 29-30. They will
                                                                                       be available in the parish office through October.

4                                                                                         October 21, 2012
      Fostering Stewardship as a Way of Life                                          Our Prayer Tree Ministry is planning a
                                                                                    meeting to encourage personal spiritual growth
Calling All “Techies”!                                                                  on Monday, October 29, at 7:45pm
We’re looking to update our technology (i.e. webpage, apps,                                       in the auditorium
social media) to better reach out to the Gen-Xers. If you’ve
got an IT background & would be willing to be part of a                                Come and meet other members of the prayer
committee to help us develop this area, please contact                 tree ministry! Learn how this creative and spiritual ministry
Fr. Bob at ext. 820.                                                   has moved from A great idea this past Spring to a
                                                                       flourishing community. We now have over 100 volunteers
Do You Have a Washing Machine?                                         who have joined for the purpose of expanding their
We are in need of volunteers to help launder the corporals             spiritual life. Our mission is simply to ask Our Lord to help
and purificators used on our altar. Please call Margie at ext.
                                                                       heal family, friends and members our parish family during
840 for more information.
                                                                       periods of crisis. A brief presentation, video and small
Resume Bank at Presentation                                            group discussion will comprise this meeting format.
In collaboration with our Career Management Ministry, we                                      All are welcome!
have a parishioner-to-parishioner network to help our
unemployed. Unemployed parishioners are welcome to email
to Margie Rightmyer,,
an electronic copy of their resume, which will be kept in
confidence and revealed only to potential employers upon                      Spiritual Direction - Is it for Me?
request. Parishioner-employers, we ask that you consider                Come and see on Tuesday, October 30 at 7:30pm
checking these resumes first when hiring.                                    or Wednesday, October 31 at 9:30am
For any questions regarding outreach or volunteering, please contact   Do any of these thoughts ever occur to you?
Margie Rightmyer at ext.840
  or Michele Baron at ext 847            Where is God, why is this happening to me?
                                                                         What is the best path for my life?
                                                                         I’d like to learn a more meaningful way to pray.

                                                                         I feel like I don’t belong in church.
 Labyrinth Peace Walk ‐ Monday, Oct. 29, 7:00pm 
                                                                         I’m overwhelmed & am having trouble
Our parishioners, inter‐faith friends and families of those                moving on.
with a loved one serving in the military are welcome to                  I need to talk about a spiritual experience

join us and walk for peace. Contact Beth Lawrence for                      with someone who understands.
additional information at 
                                                                       Spiritual Direction can help heighten
          “I’ll Meet You There”                                        your awareness of God’s presence and grace
           by poet Jelalludin Rumi                                     operating in your everyday life. Spiritual Directors
    Out beyond the ideas of wrong‐doing                                & those receiving Spiritual Direction will be
    & right‐doing there is a field. I’ll meet                          present to share why this is such a meaningful
    you there. When the soul lies down in                              experience for them.
     the grass, the world is too full to talk                                  Sponsored by our Spiritual Direction Ministry
    about ideas, language; even the phase                                For more info, feel free to call Ruth Harrison at 551-427-7440.
       “each other” doesn’t make sense. 
  Thursday Morning Labyrinth Walks at 9:45am 
We are offering Labyrinth walks for individuals, families
& groups. Members of our Labyrinth Ministry, Beth                         Christianity & Evolution
Lawrence & Cindy Vasilakos, will be on hand to explain                   Reconciling Faith & Science
the Labyrinth and offer suggestions.                                              Tuesday, October 23, 7:30-9:00pm
            All are welcome...please join us!                                     St. Luke’s Parish Center, Ho-Ho-Kus
                                                                                  Presenter: Jonathan D. Lace, M.T.S.
                                                                       Are Christianity and Evolution compatible? What is the
 Novena to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception                       difference between Theology and Science? How does the
   9-Day Novena to the Patron Saint of our Nation                      theory of Evolution challenge and reform classical theological
                    October 28-November 5                              belief in creation and human origins? What have recent Popes
         You are invited to participate in this daily                  said about Evolution? What are the implications of the theory
         prayer offering to our patroness on behalf of our             of evolution understanding of the creation of humans in the
         nation. Copies of the novena will be placed                   “image of God.” Open to the general public. Free will
                                                                       donation. For further information, contact Deacon Andrew
         around the parish center and in the pews at all
         the Masses next weekend.                                      Saunders at or 201-444-0272.

October 21, 2012                                                                                     5
                                                                                 Mass Intentions - Week of October 21
                   Presentation Seniors’ News                                 The Bread & Wine and Sanctuary Light are offered for
     *Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 13 at                                 Mary Cabral, by her family.
     9:45am in the Community Room. Our speaker will be                                     MONDAY, OCTOBER 22
     Fr. Jack Martin, Founder of the Haiti Solidarity Network          9:00am Frank & Jane Heilmann /by the Heilmann Family
     of the Northeast and recipient of the Dorothy Day Peace                               TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23
                                                                       9:00am Owen Mooney /by Bridget Warner
     Award in 1999.                                                                      WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24
     *Join us at on Friday, December 7 for our                         9:00am Virginia MacDonald /by Peggy & Jack Corrigan
                                                                                          THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25
     CHRISTMAS MASS at 11:00am followed by a delicious                 9:00am Ida Pilone /by the DeNigris Family
     LUNCHEON and ENTERTAINMENT by singer and                                               FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26
     guitarist Dan Anthony. We have space limitations (160             9:00am Rose Kuerzi /by Claudine Olsen & Family
     people). Reservations: $12 each. Check to "Presentation                              SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27
     Seniors" in mailbox in parish office.                             9:00am Robert Borough /by Patty Policastro
                                                                       5:00pm Margaret & Broney Jackups /by Marilyn Clifford-Waring
     *Come join us on Thursday, January 31, 2013 as we                      Chiara Discioscia /by her husband, children & grandchildren
     travel to AVERY FISHER HALL at LINCOLN                                    Delmy Escobar /by the Escobar Family
     CENTER to enjoy an Open Rehearsal, a fascinating                          Jean Meshirer /by RoseAnn & Tony DeFrancesco
     opportunity to watch the NY Philharmonic at work. The                     Serafina Berio /by Luis & Cari Perez
     concert will be followed by a luncheon at Madeleine’s                                 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28
                                                                       7:30am People of the Parish
     Petit Paris Restaurant in Northvale, NJ. The cost is $65          8:30am Juan Quintana /by David & Sonia Allen
     and the departure time is 8:00am. Your check is your              10:00am Joseph S. Hillen, Sr. /by the DeNike Family
     reservation. Deadline: November 15. Check is payable              11:30am Peter Kraljevich /by his family
     to "Presentation Seniors"; include phone # on check and                   Nicolina & Salvatore Biondi /by Anne & Tom Mastri
     place in Seniors’ mailbox in the parish office. Contact                   Alexander Jordan Rivera /by Geraldine Kearns
                                                                               Michael & Sarah Hannigan /by Beth & Don Whittam
     Carolyn Seibel (201-573-8350) with questions.                             Theresa Ildbrando /by Rose Lisi
     *The next Movie Club date is Tuesday, November 27.                6:30pm Josephine Ferra /by the Zucaro Family

                                                                       Let us pray for: all victims of war, terrorism, & natural
             St. Paul’s Parish Atlantic City Bus Trip                  disasters, the unemployed
                    Thursday, November 15                              those who have died,
Join us for our first St Paul Atlantic City trip to the Tropicana      those who are ill: Edward Zigmond, Salvatore Cambria,
Casino & Resort on Thursday, November 15. Bus departs St               Steven Summer, Marie Lopez, Nora Stumpp, Nicole Di Pillo,
Paul Church parking lot at 9:30 am, arriving in AC around              Gina Ceva, Bill Lacey, Rose Friedel, Maura Ryan, Karl
12. Bus will depart AC at 6 pm, with arrival back to St Paul at        Dutchmann, Eileen O’Brien, Frank Negron, Stella Zawacki,
approximately 8:30 pm. Cost of trip is $30.00 – including              Kevin Lawler, Lori Zarycki, Austin Gaudreau, Nicole DiPillo,
                                                                       Dottie Capasso, Tony DeFrancesco, Denny Foley, Max Everett,
$25 slot play. To register, please call the Parish Center at           Peter & Rosemary Odo, Evelyn Pavese, Lisa Del Verme, Alfred
201-327-0976. First come, first served!                                Cerne, Joan Statham, Jeanine Reilly, Josephine Primiani, Tony
                                                                       Vianello, John Bosnich, Theresa Stasko, Max Marra, Patti Van
    Raphael’s Life House is a transitional home for homeless           Aller, JoAnn Cucinello, Kevin Westervelt, Mary Hayek, Joan
    mothers & pregnant women of ages 18-23 located in Elizabeth        Dondero, Robert Dondero, Matt Gallagher, Peter McDonald,
    NJ, where they can rebuild their lives and give their children a   Diane Alfano, Patti Schweizer, Ronnie Paul, Victoria Lesigues,
    positive start in life. Volunteers are needed, please visit        Elizabeth Fasciano, Gerry Walsh or call 973-621-8705 x. 3700.            the following active duty soldiers & all those who serve &
                                                                       have served in our military: Justin Welikson, James
                       Eucharistic Adoration                           Kimbrough, Patricia Rose, Kevin O’Malley, Capt. Brian T.
         Join us this Wednesday any time from noon-9pm in              Williams, Johnny Linderman, Matthew Matri, Daniel Rathaus,
        the chapel. Our special intentions will be for the             Frederico Hernandez, Staff Sgt. Patrick Ross, Gunnery Sgt. John
                          Baptism Team.                                Toth, Lt. Patrick Flynn, Lt. Megan Flynn, Michael Tillison,
                                                                       Thomas Tillison, PFC Edward H. Rotert, Tom Haughey, Ryan
                                                                       Fortes, Liz Costello, Todd Boland, Maj. Ron Anzalone, Capt.
                                                                       Dan Fisher, LCPL Jonathan Hernandez, Chief Warrant Officer
          The work of the faithful Christian can                       Doug Dolson, Rob Stuart, Christopher Graham, Cameron
         continue long after we leave this earth.                      Maxwell, Evan McGhee, Brian Flynn, Steven Filardo, Capt. Art
       Please remember Presentation in your Will.                      Cody USN, Sgt. Paul Phelps, Lt. Adam Duchak, Airman Ben
                                                                       Polish, Capt. Ryan E. Colameo USMC, Sgt. Kyle A. Morgan,
                                                                       Cpl. Michael F. Riccardi, Jr., LCPL Michael R. McWilliams, 1Lt.
             The October 14 collection was $21,500.                    Peter Joseph Reiser, LCL John Sattely, Jason Hellman, LCPL
            Would you like to donate electronically?                   William Jordan, Capt. Melanie Mansbach, Capt. James Parrish,
         Click on the “ParishPay” icon on our website.                 Lt. Timothy C. Nevin, Lt. Alexander Saxby, Maj. Michael Kay,
         Next weekend’s offering will include the World                LCPL Connor Hamilton, LCPL Michael Pistono
                   Mission special collection.
                                                                           (Email Margie to have a soldier added to our prayer list)
                 Thank You for Your Support!

6                                                                             October 21, 2012

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