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TRANSNET Gewerkschaft GdED Project eva akademie de


									        „Employee representation in
           restructuring processes
          in the transport sector“*

       „Arbeitnehmervertretung bei
          der Umstrukturierung
           im Transportsektor“

                          Project summary

*Mit finanzieller Unterstützung des
With financial support of


Applicant: TRANSNET Gewerkschaft GdED

Project representative: EVA-Akademie


CSNTR – Romania - National Convention of Romanian Transport Workers, Buchzarest

OSZ - Czech Republic - Union Association of Railway Workers, Prague

SSSLO – Slovenia - Gewerkschaft der Lokführer Sloweniens, Ljubljana

SZH – Croatia- Railwaymen’s Trade Union of Croatia, Zagreb

UTWSB – Bulgaria - Union of Transport Workers’ Syndicates in Bulgaria, Sofia

LDZSA – Latvia - Latvian rail and transport industry trade union, Riga


Total Duration of the project:       24 Months
Beginning of the project:            01.11.2006

•   Significance of a social partnership strategy development during the structural
    modification processes in the railway and transport sector will be communicated and
•   Employee representatives from the partner countries are supported and encouraged to
    represent the interests of employees in structural modification processes
•   Continuation of developing the social dialogue in this process.
•   Analysis of the situation and developmental tendencies of rail-traffic firms in their
    countries and the consequences of these for the employees,
•   Identification of tasks of the labour unions
•   Designing strategies of action aiming towards formulating the preconditions and
    suggestions of the international resource providers in a socially compatible way, and also
    bring in alternatives in the decision-making process.
•   Supporting the participation of employees in these processes


•   Reports on the expected and/or planned development of the railway sector in the partner
    countries by the representatives of the partner countries

•   Appraisal of current models for the development of railway companies

•   A strategy of action of the labour union and employee representatives orientated on
    respective needs in the affected companies

•   Demand of models of structural modification of the railway companies

•   Alternative suggestions to the concepts of the consultants

•   Strengthened negotiating competence of the union and employee representatives

•   Long-term exchange of information between all partners involved

•   Setting-up of a competence network for the support of partners in similar processes

•   Project flyers in German and the other languages of the countries, project documentation

Target group

•   The measures of the project are directed towards the leading representatives and
    multipliers of the labour unions in charge of railway and transport sectors as well as
    towards employee representatives in the railway and transport companies

•   Labour union and employee representatives as well as representatives of the company
    management will be invited to the conferences.

•   The workshops are aimed towards leading employee and union representatives who
    perceive important strategic and political tasks in their organisations and/or in the firms.


•   Information & Transfer of knowledge in professional two-day conferences with 25

•   Deepening and development of concrete action options in three-day workshops with 10
    participants .

•   There will be one conference each in 6 countries, with a workshop taking place in close
    temporal proximity.

•   The basis is the analysis and discussion of the present situation in the countries. The
    results of the training will be applied in the countries through communication with contact
    persons in the institutions.

•   The final conference serves the summarising representation of the project results, the
    results and developments in the railway and transport sector in the respective partner
    countries as well as a discussion of these with an expert audience.


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