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					     Ultimate Employer Professional

                                                                     This comprehensive suite of products includes:

                                                                     OrgPlus 9 Professional
                                                                     New to Ultimate Employer Professional
                                                                     	 •	Visualize	your	staff	and	reporting	structures,	highlight	key		 	
                                                                         information, access metrics and analytics.
                                                                     	 •	Create	dynamic,	boardroom-quality	org	charts	in	minutes.	
                                                                     	 •	Import	data,	format	charts	and	publish	to	Web	or	print	for		 	
                                                                         instant report generation to stakeholders.

                                                                     Performance Now: Improve employee performance
                                                                     through objective, concise reviews.

                                                                     Descriptions Now:	Craft	effective,	appropriate	job	
                                                                     descriptions in minutes.

                                                                     Policies Now: Create	customized	employment	policies	
                                                                     and handbooks tailored to your business.

     Whether you are a human resources professional working          People Manager: The best way to organize and manage
     for a medium-sized company or the owner or office manager       details about your employees.
     of a small business, Insperity Ultimate Employer Professional
     has everything you need to quickly and easily manage            Effective	employee	management	increases	motivation,	
     your workforce.                                                 productivity and company loyalty and significantly lowers
                                                                     the possibility of an employee disagreement or lawsuit.
     Ultimate Employer Professional bundles Insperity OrgPlus,       The best time to prepare, perform and profit is now.
     the world’s leading organizational charting and planning
     software, with Ultimate Employer, Insperity’s best-selling      Ultimate Employer Professional enables your personnel
     suite of small business software.                               management to become more organized, efficient and
Descriptors                                                          performance driven.
     Ultimate Employer Professional streamlines all HR-related
     tasks and responsibilities, equipping you with the knowledge
     necessary to address employee situations confidently and
     accurately as they arise.
                          Workforce                                                                     Time and
                          Optimization     TM

     You can count on Ultimate Employer Professional to help                                            A endance
     reduce your risk, assisting with compliance while remaining
     flexible enough to meet your company’s specific HR needs.

                          MidMarket                                                                     Organizational
                          Solutions   TM

                          Performance                                                                   Recruiting
                          Management                                                                    Services
 Discover PerformSmart’s Suite of Powerful Employer Resources

                               OrgPlus 9        TM
                               World Class Organizational Planning                                    •	Board-room	quality	organizational	charts
                                                                                                      •	Automatic	data	importing
         Faster Org Charts
         Instant Insight
                               OrgPlus is the industry leader in organizational                       •	Hierarchy-driven	HR	analytics
                               charting and planning software. With OrgPlus, you                      •	Drag-and-drop	scenario	planning
         Smarter Decisions

                               can chart your organization, manage workforce                          •	Flexible	and	dynamic	reports
                               change and communicate your organizational                             •	Workforce	change	management	tracking
                               structure more easily than ever before.

                               Performance Now®                                                       Features
                               Quickly and Easily Write Effective Performance                         •	Create	objective,	concise	performance	review	text			
                               Reviews                                                                  automatically by pointing and clicking
                                                                                                      •	Spot	legally	sensitive	wording	with	Language	Checker
                               Performance Now enables you to write employee                          •	Assign	weights	to	individual	goals	and	elements
                               reviews that maximize the potential of your team. You                  •	Choose	from	review	form	templates,	or	use	simple				
                               can	log	events,	track	goals	and	provide	effective	feed-                  design features to create your own
                               back. It practically writes performance reviews for you.

                               Descriptions Now®                                                      Features
                               The Fastest Way to Define Jobs and Hire Effectively                    •	Easy	wizard	process	helps	to	write	and	maintain		
                                                                                                         job descriptions in a consistent manner
                               Descriptions Now helps you create job                                  •	Includes	more	than	3,700	pre-written	and
                                                                                                         customizable job descriptions
                               descriptions that attract better candidates,
                                                                                                      •	Automatically	creates	behavioral-based
                               establish consistent performance competencies,                            interview questions
                               improve employee focus and protect your
                                                                                                      •	Easy-to-use	Q&A	process	assures	compliance
                               organization in a discrimination lawsuit.                              			with	the	Americans	with	Disabilities	Act

                               Policies Now®                                                          Features
                               Write, Publish and Maintain Customized                                 •	Easy	wizard	and	Q&A	process	customizes	your
                               Employment Policies                                                      policies and handbook
                                                                                                      •	Track	policy	revisions	with	easy-to-use	editing	tools
                               Policies Now enables you to create appropriate                         •	Choose	formal,	informal	or	standard	English		
                                                                                                        language styles
                               policies in a couple of hours. Should an employee
                               dispute result in litigation, your personnel policies                  •	Publish	your	policies	online	or	in	print
                               will be among the first documents subpoenaed.                          •	Choose	from	11	attractive	graphic	styles	or
                                                                                                        create your own

                               People Manager®                                                        Features
                               Manage All Your Crucial Personnel Tasks                                •	View	daily	lists	of	employee-related	tasks
                                                                                                      •	Centralize	employee	personnel	data
                               People Manager transforms you into an HR                               •	Track	attendance	with	accuracy	and	flexibility
                               professional who is prepared and organized. Protect                    •	Choose	from	50	commonly	used	reports
                               your company from litigation and build employee                        •	Expedite	data	preparation	for	EEO,	FLSA,	IRCA	
                               confidence by keeping accurate records.                                  and federal employment law organizations

Satisfaction guaranteed. When	you	purchase	products	directly	from	PerformSmart,	you	have	60	days	to	try	them	risk-free.	If	you	aren’t	completely	satisfied,	simply	return	
the software, and you will be refunded the full purchase price. System requirements: Windows®	7,	Vista,	XP	and	2000;	Internet	Explorer	7	or	higher;	Firefox	3.5	or	higher.

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Description: Ultimate Employer from PerformSmart is an All-in-One Policies, Job Descriptions, manage employee tasks and Employee Reviews Software Package. Visit to view more about Ultimate Employer Professional.