What is Sanyas Pravrajya Yoga

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					What is Sanyas/Pravrajya Yoga

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

This yoga lead to a renunciation or giving up of the material & worldly attachments. The ancient
Indian tradition did not lay so much stress on achievements at the material plane as on dissociating
one from the temptations of the world. Normally one gets different shades of renunciation in the
pursuit of the highest Truth to the lowest ones who indulge in the vilest of deeds in the garb of
saintliness. It is not possible to find all parameters of Sanyas in any single native’s chart. Some of the
common combinations of Sanyas yoga are as under:

i) When four or more planets with none of them debilitated/ combust, possessed of strength occupy a
single benefic houses, a Sanyasi/ Tapaswi is born. Tapaswi is born. Tapaswi is one who undertakes
rigorous/ penance. The nature of Sanyasa depends upon the strongest planet of the group.

ii) When 10th lord gets involved in the four planet combination in a Kendra/ Trikone, native takes to
Sanyas and attains emancipation after death.

iii) When mana related parts-4th house, 4th lord and Moon are afflicted by Saturn and lagna is related
with 9th lord, a true saint is born.

iv) When Jupiter is in 9th house and Saturn aspects Lagna, Moon & Jupiter, and many Rajyoga are
present in the chart, one is like any great saint/ Rishi and well versed in scriptures.

v) When Ketu is Present in 9th/ 12th house aspected by Saturn, Jupiter, 5th & 9th lord (at least two of
these), one attains the final Truth.

vi) When the Moon is posited in Navamsha of Mars or Dreshkon of Saturn in 9 th house and is aspected
by Saturn from 7th house.

vii) When 2nd house/ lord (family ties), 4th house/ lord (home & Mana), and 112th house (enjoyments)
are afflicted by separatist planets Sun, Saturn, Rahu & 12th lord, one embraces Sanyas.

viii) When lords of lagna, 4th, 10th, and Mars are in mutual aspect, one becomes a sage.

ix) When 9th and 10th lord are exalted and Jupiter & Saturn occupies Trikones, a great saint is born.
x) When lagna, 9th & 10th houses or lords are aspected by Saturn, and 10th lord is posited in an evil
house, one attains spiritual goal.

The native had five exalted planets. The 9th lord Venus was exalted in mystique sign of Jupiter
(Pisces). The 10th lord Mars was exalted in 12th house of Moksha. The Lagna- 12th lord Saturn was
exalted in 9th house of Dharma. The 10th house of 10th lord is occupied by Saturn itself aspected by
Jupiter. Both the luminaries are posited in Lagna in Subha Kartari between exalted 9 th and 10th lords.
Karaka for renunciation, Saturn and of Moksha, Ketu are exalted in 9 th & 10th house respectively. In
Navamsha, Moon is in sign of Mars (Aries), aspected by Saturn from Aquarius. All these strong
combinations made him an highly evolved soul, who could awake powers of Kundalini (third eye). He
was a great devotee of “Ma Kaali”.


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