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									What is Corruption Yoga

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1. The corruption has become synonymous with everyday life. Anywhere one looks, whether it is a
public/private office, politics, social life, business or education system, the corruption is rampant to full
glory. With increase in global competition and struggle for existence against sky-spiraling needs/
desires and limited availability of means, the fuel is constantly added to earn and hoard more and
more. No one hesitate to earn more, and the means to get it has become secondary. Moral values are
fast deteriorating and unbridled prosperity, even through questionable/ violent means, is the ultimate
goal and such natives are becoming idols in the society.

2. The Moon represents mind & thoughts, while Mercury is indicator of intelligence. But when these
planets are afflicted by Saturn, it not only diverts the mind into lower channels, but also forces other
afflicted planets & lords to take part in cruel deeds. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, sanity & moral
values must invariably be afflicted in horoscopes of smugglers, cheats & swindlers. Trika houses &
their lords bring the brute out of a native, when related along with malefics. In all criminals/ corrupt
people 3rd & 6th house & their lords are invariably afflicted, since 3rd house is the seat of lower mind
and the 6th represents unconscious mind that house the six infamous enemies of humanity. The
influence on 11th house indicates the nature of earning of a native.

3. Astrological Yoga that may make one corrupt are:

i) The yogkaraka from lagna/ Moon, when posited in a Trika house, makes one cruel, and of
destructive thinking.

ii) The native with Dainya yoga are engaged in reprehensive deeds.

iii) If Mars, Saturn & Rahu (any two) conjoin in 12th and 12th lord is with Sun, the native is bound for
evil deeds.

iv) 3rd house, 3rd lord and Mars, if afflicted makes one corrupt, liar, rash and of thievish nature.

v) If 4th house & its lord indicates one’s moral character; so if these are afflicted, one has a deceitful
mind and follow corrupt actions.

vi) 11th house if afflicted indicates earning through questionable means.

vii) An afflicted Moon-Mars combination is the sure indicator of earning money unscrupulously.
viii) If 6th lord is ill-placed or is in 30th degree, the native will follow bad habits. Moon-Mars, Sun-Mars,
Mercury-Mars, Mercury-Saturn or Mars-Saturn in 6th will always make the mind of the native corrupt
involving him in unwanted activities.

ix) Moon afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and lord of 6th/ 8th (at least two of these), promotes
tendencies to be scurrilous.

x) Jupiter, the planet of conscience, virtues & wisdom and Mercury the planet of intelligence &
accountancy must invariably be afflicted.

xi) 5th lord is retrograde and occupies 12th or 4th house.

xii) Afflicted Lagnesh if posited in a Trika house, makes a native full of bad tendencies.

4. For illustration, please refer chart No. 63 of Borris Yeltsin of Russia. His lagna is in Paapkartari
between Sun & Rahu, while Lagnesh Saturn had lost in planetary war to 8th lord Mercury in 11th house.
His 3rd house is unaspected but 3rd lord Mars was Retrograde & debilitated in 6th house and aspected
by Rahu. His lagna was aspected by the Saturn & Mars. He was responsible for the breakup of USSR.
He was elected President of Russia during Venus-Moon (in mutual aspect in 5-11 axis). He remained
President during Mars & Rahu sub-period of Venus, but there was wide spread corruption and collapse
of economic & political system and he was forced to resign on 31 Dec 1999. See another case of

The native was notorious Share broker with dubious distinction of implicating the then Premier, Sh. PV
Narsimha Rao. His 3rd house (lower mind) is hemmed between 6th lord Saturn & 8th lord Mars. 3rd lord
Mars is retrograde and is aspected by Saturn and is in Rahu Ketu axis. 3 rd lord from Moon/Sun lagna is
with Badhakesh Jupiter (suffering from Kendaradhi-pati dosh also) and is aspected by 8th lord Mars
and in Rahu-Ketu axis. His 4th house is occupied by Mars & Rahu and aspected by Saturn. 4th lord
Jupiter’s affliction is already covered. Weak Moon with 12th lord Sun is in 11th house aspected by 8th
lord Mars and 6th lord Saturn. 9th lord Venus (ruler of super-intelligence) is posited in 12th house
aspected by Rahu. 5th lord Saturn is 6th lord as well and is aspected by Ketu. Thus his 3 rd, 4rd, 5th, &
11th house and their lords are afflicted indicating misdirected talent. However the native was very
intelligent as 1st-10th lord Mercury was in 10th house in close conjunction with Ketu. Ketu when posited
with its depositor, increases his significations manifold. He earned a lot of money through
manipulations & unfair means as is seen from (i) 5th lord Saturn is in 2nd house causing great Dhan
yoga (ii) Indu lagna is in 8th house aspected by Saturn & Rahu (iii) 11th house is influenced by weak
11th lord and lords of 6th (Saturn), 8th (Mars) and 12th houses (Sun) (iv) 9th lord is posited in 12th
aspected by Rahu.

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