Evil Yogas by House lordship by nandchopra


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									Evil Yogas by House lordship

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

If the lord of a house (other than a Trika house) is in an evil place or the house tenants or is aspected
by malefics, nine evil yogas, one for each house is raised as under

i) First house: The Yoga is called Avayoga, which in Sanskrit means a bad Yoga. The native has an
uneventful life of poverty. He will suffer many humiliations; his company will be of low and wicked
people. This Yoga impairs health and longevity is curtailed.

ii) Second house: The Yoga constituted is known as Niswa, which in Sanskrit means without wealth.
The native has bad teeth, poor eye-sight or the eyes may have some defects; his power of speech is
not good; his enemies appropriate his wealth; he is neither intelligent nor learned.

The native has 2nd lord Venus in 12th house combust with 12th lord Sun and aspected exalted but
retrograde 8th lord Mars associated with Rahu from 5th house. During Mars & Rahu sub-periods of
Venus dasha, he had break in education during 1985-86 and again in 1989. He finally did diploma in
handloom technology and joined service in Jan 1992 during Venus-Saturn dasha. His financial position
is just moderate. However connection among Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu gave him spiritual leanings.

iii) Third house: The Yoga formed is Mriti. The native is without brothers or there is no happiness
from them. His wealth and strength are undermined; he is not even tempered; his efforts are
misdirected and end in failure and frustration. The native lacks in courage and there is a latent feeling
of timidity or an inferiority complex.

iv) Fourth house: The Yoga is known as Kuhoo. The native suffers in respect of his mother,
conveyances, friends, relations, apparel and happiness. The fourth house is the house of ease,
comfort, mental tranquility and happiness and all these are curtailed. He suffers in respect of his
position and property also. He is attached to an unworthy woman who may be his own wife or some
other woman.

v) Fifth house: The Yoga so formed is called Pamara. The native tells lies; he lacks in the finer
sense of discrimination, cheats others, does not believe in God or religion; has evil company. He may
have no sons or there may be premature death of sons or no happiness from them.

vi) Seventh house: The Yoga has been named Dushkrit (which literally means evil actions). The
result is separation, inclination for liaisons with others’, wives, wandering aimlessly, venereal or
urinary diseases such as spermatorrhoea, diabetes; trouble from government. The native is despised
by his relations and suffers.
vii) Ninth house: The Yoga is called Nirbhagya which means luckless. He brings about ruin of
immovable ancestral property by neglect, or by mortgaging or selling it away under financial pressure;
is irreligious, talks ill of and does not respect his religious preceptors and ascetics; is poorly dressed,
and suffers much distress.

viii) Tenth house: The Yoga is known as Duryoga. Whatever the native undertakes, despite his
strenuous efforts, ends in frustration and disappointment. He suffers humiliation in society, lives at
place other than his homeland and leads an unhappy life. The native is antagonistic to others and
suffers distress.

The native belong to a middle class family. He had to accept the post of a postman (low paid Govt
Job). He has Saturn (R) in 10th house with 10th lord Sun in 6th house with 1-6th lord Mars, combust 7th
lord Venus in Rahu-Ketu axis. Thus forming a Dur-Yoga. In Navamsha, 10th house is occupied by 8th
lord Mars with 10th lord Mercury in 6th house. His 9th lord Moon is in exaltation in 7th house but is
associated with 8th lord Mercury and aspected by 2-5th lord debilitated Jupiter and by Saturn (R). His
11th house is hemmed between malefics. Hence he leads a unhappy life of fluctuating fortunes & fickle

ix) Eleventh house: This Yoga is known as Nir-dhan, which means poor. The native incurs heavy
debts and is poor. He is not good tempered; has no good brothers; may suffer from diseases of the
ear. He runs errands for others, i.e., occupy a subordinate position. His speech is not good and his
actions are not commendable.


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