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									         Adventurous Skiing - Plan Your Ski Holidays with a Touch of Luxury

Time never stops by and says “Hello”

Why not live on this snow while we are young!

Snow can be fascination of someone and for other they stimulate a rush of adventure. Travel to some
of the best winter places to explore the Nature and you nature. It will not surprise you if you find your
real self on a one of them and even more on luxury adventure holidays for ski minded individuals. The
less you know about the better it serves the purpose to amaze you and the happier you feel taking a
break to add a new name to your old and short list of toured places.

Like many people, you also possess a passion. Vacations are the time you look for them and nurture
as you go. Activities like these act as the needed push in a time when every other thing around you
looks bleak. It could be adventures like, skiing, paragliding, bungee jumping, kayaking, diving and

If Snow is Your Delight

Snow and winter become synonymous to one another when winter seasons sports are being talked
about. Though, most of the attraction is stolen by skiing primarily, there are other sports as well. That
will include names like:

    1.    Snow boarding
    2.    Ice skating
    3.    Sledding
    4.    Snowmobiling
    5.    Skiing
    6.    Tobogganing
    7.    Ice Swimming
    8.    Iceboating and sailing
    9.    Group sports like Ice Hokey, Ringette, Snow Rugby, etc

For Ski Lovers

Skiing is a religion for many adventure enthusiasts and even more for them who do not live near a ski
resort. World is bestowed with many resorts where winters comes loaded with snow for best of the
luxury ski holidays. Here, fans and follower of this discipline can enjoy various kinds of ski related fun.
To a new comer in the field, all of them may sound more or less similar with the different levels of
danger they could be associated with but nuances have the entertainment.

The Alpine and Nordic types of Skiing typically contain some of the following:

    1.    Heli Skiing
    2.    Free Style Skiing
    3.    Ski Jumping
    4.    Sky Flying
    5.    Free Heel Skiing (Telemark)
    6.    Skijoring
    7.    Monoskiing
    8.    Snowkiting
    9.    Speed riding
    10.   Skibob
As always the list is not exhaustive, and can never be for a winter sport enthusiast who love to
experiment with equipments and style used traditionally to add to his adventure.

Some of the best Ski Resorts Around the world

If your Christmas holidays coincide with your vacations focused on Ski adventure in rich surroundings,
you have many snow resorts to make a selection from. Basically they can be categorised according to
the regions in which they are located. The five regions could understandably include North and South
America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Have a look on some of them:

    1.    Aspen, Colorado
    2.    Mont Tremblant, Quebec
    3.    Lake Louise, Alberta
    4.    Vail, Colorado
    5.    Zermatt, Switzerland
    6.    St Anton, Austria
    7.    Cervinia, Italy
    8.    Les Deux Alps, France
    9.    Whistler, North America
    10.   Annaberg, Austria

The list here is again not exhaustive. Add as you go on testing them on your luxury ski adventure

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