The Dangers of a Rented House by abhinandanets


									The Dangers of a Rented House

As a buy to let landlord, you're probably already familiar with certain risks and liabilities. You
know, for example, that it's sensible to take out a comprehensive insurance policy for a buy to let
property. This would cover for the loss of white goods, curtains, carpets blinds and any other
furniture for use by the tenant in the Let property and also against fire or loss of earnings. Insurance
is also your Legal Liability Cover in the event of a tenant having an accident whilst within the Let
property which could be deemed to be the fault of the Property Owner. However, there are other
risks and dangers that you might not be so familiar with.

Electrical items in the home need to have regular checks. It's the law now that each electrical device
that is left in a rental property has to be tested against certain safety standards. Any good letting
agent or manager should be doing this for you on an annual basis and providing you with a safety
certificate. If you are renting your property furnished or with any electrical items inside, it's a
compulsory certificate and will help to protect you from any damages claims that might come about
in the future.

Carbon Monoxide is a major danger in rented homes and has been responsible for several tragic
deaths over the last few years. Any appliance that is connected to a mains gas supply needs to be
regularly checked and serviced. This means gas boilers and central heating systems but also gas
fires and ovens. A thorough inspection by a registered "Gas safe" engineer is needed every year to
check for leaks, damage and problems with ventilation and air obstruction. Again, there is a cost
here but it is a legal requirement and will provide you with the peace of mind from knowing you are
properly covered.

The furnishings in the home also need to come up to specified standards for fire resistance. Older
furniture was stuffed with highly flammable, poisonous foam materials. If you want to rent your
house out today you need to ensure that all of the furniture inside is made of modern, fire resistant

There is a lot to think about when renting out a home. The first step is to find a competitive buy to
let insurance policy. Once you have done this you need to make sure your house is safe, free from
risk and up to the required standards. is one of the Leading company who Deals in             Refused Home
Insurance and Private Hire Insurance at affordable prices.

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