Big News - Adaptive Technology Center by wuzhenguang


									        OSU 2009 Access Technology Updates
• Training (AT Director):
    • Speech-to-text and screen readers.
    • Collaborations with WAC for web-based trainings: D2L with students and staff
      access to online time-sheet.
• Campus interest in online conferencing and e-learning:
    • Possible solution: Serotek Accessible Event.
    • Novel approach: Works as adjunct to another system, not as replacement.
• Campus mapping and GPS Access:
    • Working with Facilities personnel develop accessible campus maps
    • Looking at ways to import current detailed campus maps to provide GPS
    • Trekker Breeze import not robust enough. Reviewing products from Sendero
• Enterprise RFP involvements:
    • Student email/calendaring/collaboration: MS Outlook Web Access (Light) +
      Exchange Labs, disability user testing.
    • Malware/Virus-scanning: McAfee (again), expert testing on Mac and PC with
      keyboard and screen readers .
          OSU 2009 AT Updates (continued, 2)
• Survey of Survey Tools web page and workshops
• Staff changes:
    • Vinnie Young quits, AT Director gets 20 hour-per-week assistant
• D2L Accessibility Interest Group collaboration (3rd year, on-going)
• Ohio STEM Ability Alliance Student Learning Community:
    • Social networking web site and presentations with late high-school/early
      college students encouraging interest in science, technology, engineering, and
      math careers. (Via NSF grant to OSU Nisonger Center)
• CaptionAid: Tool for editing and producing synchronized captions
    • Editor nearly complete. Hardware and software purchases funded through
      TELR grant. Development by WAC. Expected beta: late July, early August.
    • Residual products: JW Player Controls and Accessible Controls for the YouTube
      Embedded Video Player.
            OSU 2009 AT Updates (continued, 3)
•   Big News: Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) /Rehabilitation Services Commission (RSC)
     •   Ad-hoc group began meeting in Fall ’08. Wide participation.
     •   Final agreement required last minute omnibus amendment to state budget, giving the
         University System of Ohio Chancellor authority to request that the Office of Budget and
         Management transfer Student Support Services funds to Ohio Rehabilitation Services
         Commission for the purpose of obtaining federal matching funds to serve students with
     •   Ratio 3.68 to 1 Federal matching funds. Total of $3.2 million from original $700K from OBR.
         Agreement renews for minimum 2 years. Details:
           • To “hold campuses harmless” individual campuses put together itemizations under rubric
               of grants for “services to groups.” This keeps current campus funding and allows for
               expansion of services.
           • 2 FTEs for project/service management from RSC.
           • Rest goes for assistive technology purchases and projects to benefit University System.
           • Oversight and decision making at University System of Ohio-level: eTech Ohio, OhioLINK,
               Rehab. Services Commission, and Ohio Board of Regents.
           • OSU represented on technology selection committee
     •   OSU proposed technologies for University System of Ohio funding: CaptionAid, transcription
         service pilot, video search software, PDF remediation tools and training, Access Technology
         Users Group (ATUG) site creation and promotion: approx. $350K

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