Behavioral Health Services Association of South Carolina

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					      Behavioral Health Services
     Association of South Carolina

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Behavioral Health Services
Association of South Carolina
Our Mission

The mission of BHSA, an
association of the local substance
abuse authorities, is to represent
and support member agencies in
the provision of quality behavioral
health services in South Carolina.
    Our Purpose
   To serve as a catalyst for collaboration, cooperation
    and information-sharing vital to the enhancement of
    the quality and efficiency of behavioral health service
    delivery by member organizations.
   To advocate for issues, resources, and public policy
    that reduce the negative impact of alcohol and other
    drug abuse in South Carolina.
   To provide technical assistance, training, and other
    member services in order to improve the total
    operation of member organizations and consistency
    of service delivery.
   To assess programming needs and develop strategic
    plans for responding to needs identified.
   To educate and inform key decision makers on
    alcohol and other drug issues that effect our
The Structure of BHSA

   Board of Directors
   Executive Director
   Membership
   Committees –
       Finance
       Public Policy
       Services
       SC Substance Abuse Training
   Board of Directors
President           At-Large Members          Committee Chairs
Charles Young       James Foster              Accountability
Florence County     Union County              Ron Rickenbaker
                                              Colleton County
Vice President      Cheryl Azouri Long
Ron Rickenbaker     Barnwell County           Public Policy
Colleton County                               Debbie Francis
                    Paul Napper               Lexington / Richland Counties
Secretary           Chesterfield, Kershaw &
Janet Martini          Lee Counties           Services
York County                                   Mark Cowell
                    Dave Seward               Charleston County
Treasurer           Chester County
Mark Cowell                                   SC Substance Abuse
Charleston County   Immediate Past                Training Consortium
                       President              Herb Mattocks
                    Sammy Miller              Aiken County
                    Dorchester County
           BHSA Services

Detox Facilities

Residential Treatment
Drug Courts
Methadone Programs
Family Services
Halfway Houses
The Bridge Program
Admissions/Treatment Data

Total Admissions in 2005 = 29,841

Alcohol = 13,659
Marijuana/Hashish = 5,212
Cocaine / Crack = 4,127
Other Drugs = 2,360
Non-AOD Admissions = 4,483
Services upon Admission

Early Intervention = 5,145
Outpatient = 10,899
Intensive Outpatient = 4,085
Social Detox = 1,556
Medical Detox = 2,951
2006 Prevention Outcomes

Single Contact = 244,815

Recurring Programs = 8,414

83 Model Programs Used

# of Materials Disseminated = 327,353
2006 Accomplishments
   Additional $1.6 million allocated to
    the DAODAS budget for Medicaid
   Creation of the SC Substance Abuse
    Training Consortium
   Held the first Retreat of BHSA
    leadership and DAODAS
   Joined State Associations of
    Addiction Services to have presence
    on federal level
    2007 Priorities
   Develop statewide training initiatives
   Support passage of :
       Prevention of Underage Drinking & Access to
        Alcohol Act of 2007
       Rewrite of the DUI bill
   Mandate ADSAP for Controlled Substance
   Seek additional funding to expand prevention
    and treatment programs for adolescents
   Statewide presence of Alcohol Enforcement
    Teams (AETs)
   Expedite FY04 funding levels for alcohol
    excise tax revenue
   Completion of computerized Management
    Information & Client Records System

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