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Requirements for Owning a Restaurant

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If you intend to own your own restaurant in the near future, this is something you might want to read. There are things you might want to remember and consider if you want to own a restaurant. Do you have the money and expenses to not only open one, but the construction or reconstruction of one, employers, and can you keep one running? What kind of restaurant do you want to open and how do you intend to model it? There is also the advertising as well. How do you intend to get your restaurant known to the public? How will you hire your employees? How will you pay them? What will be the rate for your employees? What is going to be on the menu? Are you going to make the menu yourself or have it professionally made? You might want to consider all deliveries, calls, food, drinks, utilities, and other expenses. These are the things you yourself must ask yourself. This document can be your checklist to make sure you are getting things down and things are progressing for your restaurant. This document also includes other factors that could happen, such as home deliveries.

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1. You have $500 000 to buy and furnish your restaurant. Search through Real Estate
sections of papers and online to find a suitable house/building/shop for sale.

Work out how much money you have left to buy furniture and accessories eg. tablecloths,
cutlery etc. Remember you will also need to stock your kitchen with food.
List what you buy and the cost.

Total up all you have spent to set up your restaurant.
How much change do you have from $500 000?

Construct a model of your restaurant.

2. Design a Business Card for your new restaurant. You have 5000 printed. Take the price off
the money you have left. How can you find out how much this would cost?

3. Make a menu. As this is going to be an ongoing cost you decide to print these yourself. To
do this you need to buy a computer and printer. Deduct the cost from your balance.

4. The floor of the restaurant is tiled. Decide on a pattern and draw what it looks like. Make
sure it is done carefully and accurately.

5. Place an advertisement in the newspaper for a chef, waiter or waitress. Find out how much
this costs and deduct from your balance.

6. Write out dockets for your customers. After totalling up the amount owed work out their
change from the money they give you.

8. Your restaurant is going well so you decide to do home deliveries. You need to buy a car.
Look through advertisements to find a suitable vehicle. If you borrowed the money to pay for
the vehicle how much would it cost you each month if you repaid the loan over thirty six
months? Take six months repayments off your balance.

9. Fill out a time sheet for your employees (at least 3) over one week. Sometimes they work
overtime. Fill out the time sheet and calculate how much you owe them.
The normal hours per day = 7.
For the first two hours they are paid 1 ½ times the normal rate.
After two hours they are paid double the rate.
Total up how much it cost you in wages for your employees over the week period.

7. Work out your expenses for one week. Take into account things such as food, drink, wages,
electricity, flowers, dry cleaning, entertainment, telephone, advertising etc. How much do you
need to make in one week to cover all your costs and make at least a 10% profit? Add six
months of income to your balance.

8. After six months what is your total balance? Have you managed to budget well during that

9. Anything else? eg creating an ideal/computerised robot waiter, waitress or chef.

                                                                                      Jane Leaker

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