Basswood Cemetery.rtf by zhaonedx


									                        Basswood Cemetery
                            Richland County

ADAMS, Allen Carlton            1856---1931

       Andrew J.               1864---1953
       Dorothea F. MURRAY        07-27-1904---01-03-1982
       George A., Rev.          1876---1939
       Howard C. Sr.          09-26-1895---10-15-1980;

                        Son of Andrew J. & P.G. Ellen
       Howard C., Jr.         1921---1940,

                      Son of Howard C. Sr. & Dorothea F.
       Ida Viola PETERS      1862---1939 ;wife of Allen Carlton
       James "Jimmy"     12-03-1936---03-19-1997 ;

                                               Son of Herbert Sr.& Mary
       Mary E. DIETER      1880---1951;wife of George A.
       P.G. Ellen CRYE      1870---1942;Wife of Andrew J.
       Paul Z.        1911---1932

AINSWORTH, Francis E.   1872---1907

ALLEMANG, Cynthia BLICKENSTAFF     1841---1878;Wife of Washington W.
          Washington W.     10-02-1824---10-31-1899

ANDERSON, Alfred M.     1871---1961
          Anton H.      1868---1892
          Arthur B.     1884---1939
          Barnhart      1844---1933
          Carrie S.     04-12-1859---07-26-1897;Wife of Henry E.
          D. Lucille STANDISH      1906---12-05-1986;Married Lee E.
          Dallas D.      10-29-1918---08-15-1991;

                                            Son of Alfred M. & Jennie
          Edward Paul         02-28-1918---03-13-1986;

                                      Son of Peter & Nettie (Hardy)
          Eva      1912---1968
          Gertrude ELDER      1878---1954;wife of Martin
          Glen D.      08-29-1897---03-03-1984;

                                       Son of Albert M. & Jennie
          Guy           1896---1897;Son of Alfred M. & Jennie
          Helen FLOATEN            1849---1927;Wife of Barnhart
          Helen L.         1907---1907;Daughter of Arthur B. & Laura J.
          Henry E.          04-08-1867 12-19-1890;Aged 23Ys 8Ms 11Ds,

                                                 Son of Herman & Permelia
          Herman         12-03-1826---01-14-1916;Co I 15th Wis Vol Reg't
          Ivan B.             08-22-1907---07-21-1988;
                                                Son of Alfred M.& Jennie
          Jennie FRY         1875---1965;wife of Alfred M.
          Kenneth A.          1931---1931
          Laura J. ELLIOTT       1887---1972;Wife of Arthur B.
          Lee E. "Pat"         03-08-1905---11-15-1991;

                                            Son of Martin & Gertrude
          Leland G. "Sweeney"      01-19-1939---05-30-2001;

                                                     Son of Lee E & D.
          Leona Myrtle BURKHAMER     07-23-1902---08-24-1989;

                                                    wife of Lester Glen
          Lester Glen           01-18-1897---12-10-1971;

                                   Son of Martin & Gertrude/World War I
          Levi            08-22-1929---08-22-1929;

                                             Son of Lee E. &      D.Lucile
          Lloyd L.   07-13-1902---04-10-1958;Son of Martin &      Gertrude
          Martin       1871---1954
          Mary           1816---1890;Wife of Andrew H.
          Mary L.         1873---1941
          Nellie Hazel LEWIS    09-09-1901---08-02-1929;wife      of Loyd L.
          Nellie M. MEAD        09-28-1898---09-18-1987;wife      of Glen D.
          Nina Grace           08-17-1899---10-29-1900;

                                               Dau.of Alfred M. & Jennie
          Orval            1924---1924;Son of Lester G. & Leona M.
          Permelia JOHNNERSON       1833---07-30-1878;wife of Herman
          Ruth P. CALLAWAY       1892---1929 ;Wife of Willie
          Theodore              1886---1887;Son of Barnhart & Helen
          Theron H.      1914---1917;Son of Arthur B. & Laura J.
          Torval        1888---1889;Son of Barnhart & Helen
          Vesta Jean EDGERLY      10-26-1932---11-20-1984;Wife of James

ANDRETTI,Dominic D.     12-10-1954---07-21-1990;Son of Lorraine

ANNEAR,Dora May HAMMOND   1881---????;wife of James Insco Annear
       Elizabeth PENNEL   01-13-1908---07-19-1995;wife of Warren
       Elizabeth C. ALAMANG    05-20-1850---07-26-1925;wife of Samuel
       James Insco   1881---1949
       John F.   1883---1890;     Son of Samuel B. & Elizabeth C.

        Oletha    1880---1880;Child of John & Sarah Annear
       Oscar    1883---1883;Child of John & Sarah Annear
       Samuel B. 10-15-1850---11-17-1931;Son of Joseph & Jane
       Sarah Etta    09-08-1887---10-06-1903;Dau.of Sam.B.& Elizabeth C.
       Velma A.    1879---1880;Daughter of Samuel B. & Elizabeth C.
       Warren L."Dutch"    08-15-1907---11-24-1978;Son of James & Dora
ANTHONY, Alice Louise      03-22-1951---08-25-1953;

                                  Dau.of Beauford Jr.& Geneva
         Beauford Jr.     05-31-1920---04-14-1993;World War II/

                                        Son of Frederick W. & Ethel
         Ethel E. PERSINGER       09-18-1900---03-03-1988;

                                                 Wife of Frederick W.
         Frederick W.     02-28-1898---1930;World War I /

                                             Son of Abraham & Elizabeth
         Kenneth E.      01-27-1922---12-02-1985;WWII

                                 Son of Frederick W. & Ethel E.

ATWOOD, Christina HOTTMAN-COOPER    06-28-1827---03-02-1887
        Joseph   04-31-1867---09-24-1868;Son of William H. & Christina
        William H.      02-08-1814---10-20-1884;Son of Jacob

BAILEY, Albert       04-20-1835---10-18-1892;Civil War.

                                             Son of Willis & Mary
        Ellen   1871---1872;Daughter of Albert & Jane
        Isaac   1874---1888;Son of Albert & Jane
        Jane ANNEAR   1843---1925;wife of Albert
        Robert R.    12-26-1908---06-30-1979;WWII/

                                         Son of Howard & Grace

BAMBROUGH, Rebecca      1916---1958

BARBER, Marvin Eugene      08-12-1920---01-02-1975;WWII;

                                        Son of Lawrence & Freda

BARNES, Alan         12-05-1953---02-02-1958;Son of Roger & Doris
BARRETT, Alex    01-22-1836---12-15-1915
         Bradley A.   1892---1963
         Jennett Ruby MANCHESTER    07-03-1840---01-12-1901;

                                              Wife of Alex
         Lucy Mariah MCKY      1861---03-11-1928;wife of Niran Alanson
         Niran Alanson Lant     1858---02-23-1929;Son of Alex & Jennette

BATTERSON, Dorothy A. HANSON    03-09-1908---05-04-1987;wife of Josh C.
           Josh C.   06-22-1900---02-16-1975;Son of Selie & Sara

BAUMANN, Juliaette NILES      12-25-1855---02-10-1887,wife of Franz

BAXTER, Etta    08-05-1887---08-25-1887;Daughter of Lucinda
        Lucinda      02-25-1857---08-05-1887

BENNETT, Norman Eugene      06-14-1892---09-07-1894;

                                  Son of Norman W. & Amelia T.
         Theo V.   1887---1888;Child of N.W. & A.T.

BERKLEY, Elizabeth WIRTZ      04-04-1958---05-18-1978;

                                        Wife of William L. Jr.

BERRY, Catharine CORNWALL     1850---1932;Wife of Andy

BOAK, Beatrice A. 1935---1937;Daughter of Frank & Gertie
      Clifford W.   1929---1929;Son of Frank & Gertie (Turnmire)
      Frank     04-11-1896---01-21-1975;Son of William L.& Sarah Ann
      Gertie TURNMIRE    08-29-1896---07-24-1990;wife of Frank
      Norman G.    08-10-1958---06-16-1992;Son of Marie Boak Draves
      William Harold     10-19-1908---02-28-1976;Son of Henry & Anna
BOGGS, Edgar P.    08-23-1891---04-16-1976;WWI; Son of John & Barbara E.
       Eva L. MALY      08-07-1917---04-12-1997;wife of Edgar P.

BOMKAMP, Albert John    09-30-1906---09-16-1969;Son of John & Mary
         Margaret Emily WILCOX-HAFENBRA   11-20-1918---05-18-1997,

                                                     wife of Albert J.

BORTON, Lydia    1858---1936;Wife of Ule G.
        Ule G.   1869---1954

BOYCE, Dorothy HATCHER-CARLSON     03-02-1915---09-22-1992

BRENNUM, Mavis I. BOAK-JACKSON       03-21-1940---01-04-1990;

                                          wife of Ralph Jackson

BREWER, Bernard A.   1900---03-28-1963
        Ethan D.     05-05-1927---06-21-1995;WWII;

                                        Son of Bernard & Violet
        Eugene"Gene"K. 04-26-1926---04-15-1999;WWII;

                                          Son of Harry J.& Bertha K.
        Lillie   1852---1931;Daughter of Ranssealaer & Phebe H.
        Phebe H.   1823---1914;Wife of Ranssealaer
        Ranssealaer 11-05-1820---11-06-1897;Pvt.Co:I 12th Wis Vol Inf;

                                                        Son of Peter
        Violet BRADLEY   08-26-1907---11-05-1980;wife of Bernard A.

BRIDGEMAN, Marilyn Ann STORMS     11-03-1942---09-22-1995;

                                           wife of Richard
           Reginald J. "Reggie"   04-04-1906---02-24-1973;

                                          Son of John & Julia
BRIGGS, Agnes OLESON      03-10-1898---01-05-1948;Wife of Roy
        Beauford    08-24-1887---11-30-1968;Son of Willis T. & Mary Jane
        Daniel E. 09-11-1825---01-14-1905;Son of William & Kasiah
        Donald     01-15-1897---03-04-1974;Son of Willis T. & Mary Jane
        Kasiah       03-16-1793---06-27-1870;Wife of William Briggs.
        Mary Jane BURRINGTON     09-15-1824---05-17-1912;wife of William
        Mary Jane ANDREWS    03-21-1842---06-02-1916;wife of Daniel E.
        Mary Jane HARDY     04-19-1859---05-26-1921;wife of Willis T.
        Roy      12-25-1891---02-04-1955;Son of Willis T. & Mary Jane
        Vernal      07-30-1892---06-26-1966;Son of Willis T. & Mary Jane
        William       01-28-1790---09-16-1879;Son of Owen & Margery

                                                      Vet.-War of 1812

        Gladys     Hazel   Maybee   Dec;20,1901---Sep;19,2003,

                                                  wife of Beauford

          William T.        04-24-1823---04-01-1901;Son of William & Kasiah
         Willis T.           06-04-1860---11-11-1946;

                                                Son of William T. & Mary

BROCK, Agnes R. ROBINSON    01-09-1914---10-20-1981;wife of Paul John
       Leslie Elizabeth ROBINSON    11-22-1897---02-20-1933;

                                                    1st wife of Paul John
       Paul John      09-05-1895---06-17-1969,WWI;Son of Frank L. & Almeda

BROWN, Clifford C.    07-26-1906---
       Joyce DIETER-LEMOINE   09-07-1906---03-01-1970;wife of Clifford

BRUCKNER, Karla Ann        08-16-1964---01-09-1965;

                                       Daughter of Carl & Virginia

BURKE, Clara B.   1932---        ;Wife of Robert M.
       Lela Leora ANDERSON     03-24-1910---12-24-1968;wife of Rolland
       Madilene C. ANDERSON    04-10-1912---09-02-1994;wife of Mathew B.
       Mary Alice NEEFE     08-25-1934---05-13-1990;wife of Robert
       Mathew B.      09-20-1906---12-01-1987;Son of Patrick & Eliz.
       Robert M.   1932---1962;Son of Mathew B. & Madilene C. Burke
       Robert Rolland    08-24-1928---10-03-1971;WWII;

                                         Son of Rolland & Lela Leora
       Rolland       01-22-1907---09-08-1971;

                                 Son of Michael Francis & Rose Elizabeth

BURKHAMER, Frank Iceland     08-21-1874---02-27-1962
           Freda Mae MILLER    12-18-1904---09-14-1977;wife of Leonard
           Hardin Marion    02-24-1907---01-29-1952;

                                        Son of Frank I.& Martha F.
           Leonard Lester     07-27-1900---06-13-1968;

                         Son of Frank I.& Martha F.
           Mack H.   1903---1946;Son of Frank I.& Martha F.
           Martha Frances HARDY   09-15-1879---04-03-1967;

                                Wife of Frank I.

BURRINGTON, Delia   1861---1881;Daughter of Calvin H. & Rosetta M.
            Rosetta M. JOHNSON   1844---1926;Wife of Calvin H.

BURRIS, Asbury       10-03-1839---02-04-1887;Co H 3rd Wis Cav.Civil War

BURTON, Beverly Leona   04-10-1929---06-17-1972;Dau.of Clarence & Leona
        Clifford   03-12-1899---02-22-1981;Son of Ulyses & Lydia
        Grace ANDERSON   07-18-1902---02-17-2001;wife of Clifford
        Nora SLANE-OSTRANDER   02-22-1876---05-21-1966;wife of Ulysses

        Stephen P.    08-27-1949----11-26-1996;

                                     Son of Clarence D. & Shirley

CALDWELL, Francis Henry     10-03-1903---11-18-1969;WWII;

                                               Son of Louis & Lula
CARLEY, Julia PECK       1813---11-26-1901;wife of Gilbert

CARLSON, Alfred B.   12-10-1895---06-24-1974;Son of John & Matilda
         Alvin T.    05-28-1886---05-12-1986;Son of John & Matilda
         Loretta POOLE   12-22-1904---10-18-1997;wife of Alfred B.
         Victor     04-09-1892---09-07-1969;Son of John & Matilda

CARTER, Catherine J. VINE    05-14-1849---07-24-1918;Wife of Thomas C.
        Dora B.    02-23-1875---09-17-1875;Dau.of Thomas & Catherine
        Earl      04-11-1922---08-02-1976; WWII;Son of Irvin & Lena
        Irvin Thomas    10-08-1881---03-10-1956;

                                   Son of Thomas & Katherine Jane
        Kevin G.    08-24-1948---06-10-1980;Son of Earl & Margie E.
        Lena KOCH      03-08-1888---02-23-1974;wife of Irvin Thomas
        Oliver T.    03-02-1873---09-16-1874;Son of Thom C.& Catherine
        Sheryl Lynn    08-01-1956---01-15-1957;Dau.of Clifford & Bessie
        Thomas C.    01-01-1845---12-08-1885;Co E 35th Wis Inf.CW

CHENOWETH, Anna      1802---08-26-1877;Age 75 years

CHITWOOD, Dorothy Z. MILLER     01-27-1914---09-13-1986;wife of Leland
          Herman George    1882---1963
          Leland Paul    01-31-1913---03-19-1972;Son of Herman & Myrtle
          Myrtle DOBBS    1883---1963;wife of Herman George
          Theron E.    1943---1949

COAT, Samuel W.       05-19-1859---06-17-1882;Aged 23Ys 29Ds

COLLINS, Cassius M.      1848---1925;Co A 37th Wis Vol Inf-Civil War;

                                                Son of John & Rosenna
         Cordelia OENS     1866---1947;wife of Jessup Ellis

         Francis    05-27-1870---11-28-1873;Son of George W.& Julia A.
         George W.    01-11-1851---05-03-1876;Co I 21st Wis Inf.CW
         Jessup Ellis   1856---1936
         Julia A. PECK-ALLAMANG 1852---1893;wife of George W.
         Rosanna JORDON    03-15-1813---08-14-1898;Wife of John
         Sarah E. ROTH     05-10-1848---04-27-1919;wife of Cassius M.
         Scott M.      08-30-1969---12-16-1973;

                                           Son of Thomas M. & Stephanie

CONKLE, Ella H. CORNWALL  1867---1951;wife of Walter J. Conkle
        John Johnson 10-31-1840---09-11-1911;Co D 11th Wis Inf.CW   ;
                                                                        Son of
Joseph & Elizabeth
       Mary A.   1896---1908;Daughter of Walter J. & Ella H. (Cornwall)
       Mary Jane MCKY      02-21-1843---12-21-1920;Wife of John Johnson
       Michael     1844---12-25-1909;Age 65 years;Son of Michael & Mary
       Myrte       07-05-1870---05-16-1892;Daughter of Michael & Srepta
       Srepta SHIVELY        09-16-1845---05-02-1914;wife of Michael
       Walter J.     12-10-1860---1935;Son of John Johnson & Mary Jane

COOK, Arthur C.     1885---12-15-1890;Son of J. Thomas & Nancy (Conkle)
      Eli     1889---09-28-1910;Son of J. Thomas & Nancy (Conkle)
      J. Thomas    1854---1937
      Lena L.    1881---1890;Daughter of J. Thomas & Nancy (Conkle)
      Martha E.    1891---1954;Daughter of J. Thomas & Nancy (Conkle)
      Nancy CONKLE    1852---1932;wife of J. Thomas

COOPER, Ada M. OLESON    1900---1969;wife of Levon
        Edna F. ADAMS    07-18-1887---10-16-1966;wife of William R.
        Florence E. SPARLING    08-01-1901---07-21-1980;wife of George
        George W.       09-24-1861---08-11-1943;Son of Richard
        Kenneth O.    02-26-1913---03-23-1991;WWII;Son of Walter & Emma
        Levon     1898---1973
        Malinda Jane WRIGHT-AUSTIN     04-12-1848---12-01-1893;

                                                  wife of George W.
        Thomas W.    08-18-1862---03-22-1914;Son of William H.& Amy
        Wencil W.      08-03-1911---04-21-1988;Son of Walter & Emma
        William R.        05-23-1888---03-15-1956;Son of William & Lucy

COPENHEFER, Harold    1935---01-14-1965

CORE, Ellen MILLER        03-18-1839---08-15-1896
      John    1835---1903
CORNWALL, (Baby) 03-08-1883---03-09-1883;Dau.of Horace J. & Catharine
          (Baby) 06-15-1889---08-31-1889;Dau.of Horace J. & Catharine
           Albert    11-28-1852----      ;
           Arthur B.     09-22-1879---10-28-1887;Son of David W.& Mary
           David William   1848---1923
           Diantha BURRINGTON    04-21-1818---01-08-1895;Wife of Horace
           Elizabeth J. EVANS   11-06-1869---10-14-1889;wife of Charles
           Elizabeth Zerelda HOWARD   06-30-1891---04-03-1959;

                                                     Wife of Leon A.
           Enos    1865---1866;Son of Horatio & Sophronie (Johnson)
           Frances    11-28-1874---10-19-1875;

                                Daughter of Horace J. & Catharine

           Horace      04-21-1813---12-06-1883
           Horace J.     1848---05-26-1915
           Horatio     03-06-1838---10-27-1891;Co H 44th Wis Inf;CW;

                                        Son of Horace & Diantha
           Howard L.    12-19-1913---09-01-1969;

                                 Son of Leon A. & Elizabeth Zerelda
           Inez CORNWALL    11-29-1856---08-10-1912;wife of Albert
           Laura Kathryn MORGAN    1880---1940;Wife of Orta
           Leon A.       03-02-1886---09-18-1967;

                                          Son of Horace & Catherine
           M.H.        12-02-1877---01-02-1878;

                                        Son of Horace J. & Catharine
           Mary J.     1855---1936;wife of David William
           Orma V.    1916---1921;Daughter of Orta & Laura Kathryn
           Orta    1881---1958
           Sophronie JOHNSON   1847---1935;Wife of Horatio
           Vera M.    1918---1958;Daughter of Orta & Laura Kathryn
           William C. "Willie"    04-23-1869---07-26-1870;

                                          Son of Horace J. & Catharine

CORPORA, Santo "Sam"    01-31-1913---10-18-1985;WWII;

                                         Son of Joseph & Lillain

CROUCH, Ayliffe DALY    1902---1957
CRYE, Aaron     1878---1948
      David M. 1857---1924
      Edward J.      01-23-1883---01-26-1962;Son of Joseph W. & Amanda
      Ida Bele SHORT     02-18-1880---05-25-1959;Wife of Aaron

DALBERG, Francis Harper     09-20-1912---01-28-1993;

                                  Son of Oscar S. & Bertha L.
         Judith Lynn      03-21-1944---07-16-1996;

                                Daughter of Francis Harper & Vera M.
         Vera M. ANDERSON      09-30-1917---12-29-1988;

                                      wife of Francis Harper
         Verna Lou        06-22-1949---01-16-1962;

                                   Daughter of Francis Harper & Verna M.
         William August "Bill"      08-22-1910---12-15-1976;

                                              Son of Oscar S. & Bertha L.

DALY, Donald M.      1930---1974
      James J.       1904---1946

DAUGHENBAUGH, Absalom J. 1841---02-28-1916;Co;B,18th Wis Vol Inf
              Edward   1906---1964;Son of Joseph J.
              James Walter 01-13-1884---10-18-1948;

                                Son of Absalom James & Louise
              Joseph J.   1874---1965
              Louisa Elizabeth HESS 1854---1933;Wife of Absalom J.

DAUGHHETEE, Thomas H.     01-09-1803---      ;Veteran - Civil War Death

DAVID, Donald M.   1888---1953
       Ella    1883---1963;Wife of Donald M.

DAVIS, Bessie L. STETTLER   1894---1947;Wife of Marion L.
       Henrietta M. BETHKE    08-25-1918---05-04-1987;wife of Melvin H.
       Marion L.   1892---1966
       Melvin H.     09-17-1912---09-15-1980;Son of Marion L. & Bessie L.

DEWEY, Martha J. SULLIVAN-POWELL      02-08-1842---03-16-1915;

                                                      wife of David

DICKSON, Nancy PARISH       05-15-1818---10-14-1898;Wife of David

DIETER, Cora Glennie HUGHBANKS     01-05-1876---12-31-1956;

                                               wife of Theodore
        David Charles    10-20-1951---10-28-1951;Son of Everett & Carol
        Gertrude ELLIOTT       06-01-1906---07-05-1981;wife of Leonard
        Leonard L.    02-17-1902---05-19-1973;Son of Theodore & Cora
        Theodore    10-06-1873---12-21-1957;Son of Charles & Mary

DILL, Edward   1919---1921;Son of Joseph Truman & Lelia
      Joseph Truman       01-24-1897---05-15-1937,WWI;Son of Edward A.
      Lelia RICHARDSON   1898---1958;Wife of Joseph Truman Dill
      Mary M.   1924---1925;Daughter of Joseph Truman & Lelia
      Robert     04-19-1929---01-02-1940;Son of Joseph Truman & Lelia

DILLON, A. Vernon "Verne"      02-28-1888---02-03-1959;

                                   Son of John Jasper& Mary E.
        Estelle M.    10-07-1883---12-09-1956;Dau.of John Jasper & Mary
        John Jasper    07-03-1856---12-04-1898;Son of Abraham & Susan
        Mary E. STANDISH   1861---1938;wife of John Jasper

DIXON, David        03-03-1868---08-03-1873;Son of James & Nancy
       James       11-04-1831---03-05-1919;Veteran - Civil War
       Nancy        05-15-1808---10-14-1888;Wife of James

DOBBS, Barbara M. WILSON    05-24-1924---03-22-1994;wife of Verlin L.
       Charity Anne    10-16-1996---10-20-1996;Daughter of Carla R.
       Ernest R.    05-30-1910---05-01-1995;Son of Elmer George & Mary
       Verlin L.       08-08-1927---08-30-1991WWII,;Son of Aca J. & Leona

DOWELL, Camilla E. STETLER      08-27-1901---01-13-1990;wife of Walter

                                              (He died on Sept. 17, 1947)
        Margaret    1926---1933
        Myron    1934---1944
        Ralph     1924---1943,WWII

DRAVES, Marie BOAK     1939---1968;wife of Robert J.

DUHR, Alma A. WENZEL      09-28-1897---08-18-1975;wife of William A.
      Bea L. HARDY       02-15-1925---12-15-1990;wife of Donald James
      Donald James       05-10-1918---01-21-1997;WWII,

                                             Son of Herman & Alice
      Robert W.        02-23-1920---12-24-1997;Son of William A. & Alma
      William A.       12-20-1893---08-28-1973;Son of Fred & Sophia

DVOREK, Paul J.        07-05-1917---04-20-1990;WWII,

                                     Son of Joseph & Josphine
        Veda E. WILSON       10-04-1923---10-20-2000,wife of Paul J.

EDGERLY, Buford Delbert              11-28-1903---06-18-1993;

                                             Son of Fredrick & Minnie
         Mary Anna MILLER       1903---01-15-1957;wife of Buford Delbert

EDWARDS, Edw. E.     02-23-1864---03-15-1864,Aged 21Ds

EKLEBERRY, Berneda I. BURKHAMER-MINETT      10-27-1911---03-28-1978;

                                                         wife of Dale
ELDER, Earl L.   1886---1959;Son of Lawson Henry & Alice Teressa
       Frank Murry      07-08-1897---1970;WWI-

                                  Son of Lawson Henry & Alice Teressa
       Gyneth E. LEWIS     1900---07-03-1939;wife of Frank Murry Elder

ELLIOTT, Avery   1892---1973

         Caroline L. HARTWICK   1861---1930;wife of George H.
         Clair H.    04-20-1908---02-04-1975;

                                  Son of W. Sylvester & Ollie
         Elma CORNWALL 1902---      ;wife of Avery Elliott
         George H.   1864---1947
         Isaac   07-17-1817---07-04-1862
         Madlyn DIETER       07-28-1904---09-05-1967;wife of Clair H.
         Wilmer 'Bill'   06-08-1936---01-18-1999;

                                                  Son of Clair H. & Madlyn

ENDICOTT, Anne Eliza HARSHA   1853---1935;wife of Benjamin F.
          Annie Elizabeth WILLEY   11-02-1859---10-27-1883;

                                                  wife of Thomas H.
          Benjamin F.      01-02-1854---1937;

                                   Son of William Alexander & Sarah Jane
          Nancy M.        02-04-1874---09-18-1968;

                                   Daughter of Benjamin F. & Anne Eliza
          Sarah Jane SPAIN      06-10-1829---09-13-1908;Wife of William
          William Alexander      08-21-1828---04-02-1865;Co H 37th Wis

                 Inf Killed At Petersburg, Va. Lot 44 - Civil War
          William H., Rev.    12-01-1858---05-12-1886;

                                          Son of William A. & Sarah Jane

EVANS, Alexander S.      02-07-1856---10-07-1885;Son of David & Sarah C.

       David Denman   03-14-1821---02-05-1896;Son of Jeremiah & Mary
       Howard T. 04-15-1880---1922;Son of William Thompson & Kezziah
       John H. 1865 1925 11-00-1925
       Kezziah Idora "Dora" BOOHER    08-11-1854---11-17-1934,
                                            wife of William Thompson
       Mary J. ANNEAR    07-01-1874---04-26-1972,wife of John H.
       Robert W.   1882---1884,Son of William Thompson & Kezziah Idora
       Sarah C. SHANNON    01-31-1832---11-05-1881,wife of David Denman

       William Thompson     11-06-1853---02-19-1913;Son of David & Sarah

EWERS, Insco   1875---1945
       Julia MCKY-COLLINS   1854---1937;wife of Orlando
       Nellie   1878---1944;Wife of Insco Ewers
       Orlando     1847---12-25-1919;Co F 41st Wis Inf - Civil War

EWING, Gordon E.      07-18-1925---08-15-1994;WWII;

                                    Son of Floyd Lee & Freda Opal
       Steven F.    09-20-1956---04-23-1977;Son of Gorden E. & Val L.
       Val L. HARDY     02-13-1926---09-07-1969;wife of Gorden E.

FAZEL, Barbara    1899---     ;Wife of Earl B.
       Earl B.      01-31-1891---04-18-1956;Son of Peter & Lydia
       George A.     08-11-1854---08-16-1855;Son of Richard & Mary
       Mary PIPPENGER     01-07-1818---01-17-1862,wife of Richard
       Susan     09-19-1860---08-12-1863;Daughter of Richard & Mary

FEREBEE, Don C.    10-30-1886---03-06-1969;Son of Matthia S. & Edith M.
         Ella O. ANDERSON     06-04-1891---11-10-1965;Wife of Don C.
         James Bernard      07-18-1913---07-30-1999;

                                            Son of Don C. & Ella O.
         Kathryn CHEZIK     1915---04-22-2000,wife of James Bernard

FRANCIS, A.E.      03-27-1872---05-25-1907;Married May Smith

FRYE, Alma Vera HENRY-ELDER        09-01-1901---04-16-1988;

                                                wife of Gaylord
      Huldah Annabella RICHARDS-HALSEY       02-11-1836---06-24-1919;

                                                      wife of Isaiah M.
      Isaiah M.   1846---1936;Co A. 12th Wis Vol Inf - Civil War;

                                                   Son of Charles & Sarah

GARNER, Clinton E.   1874---1954
        Ethel MCCLARY 1877---1931;wife of Clinton E. Garner
        Shirley A.   01-09-1932---01-11-1932;Daughter of Joseph & Mable

GAULT, Edward Wright       01-12-1847---05-19-1902;

                                        Son of Samuel B. & Mary B.
       Gaylord    1886---1942
       Katie ROTH     10-20-1887---10-19-1952;Wife of Gaylord
       Mary B. WILSON     08-30-1889;Wife of Samuel B. Gault
       Rosalie S.     11-02-1911---09-15-1986;Dau.of Gaylord & Katie
       Rupert D.     11-02-1907---12-10-1986;Son of Gaylord & Katie
       Russell    1909---1943;WWII; Son of Gaylord & Katie
       Samuel B.    07-10-1806---04-10-1870;Aged 63Ys 9Ms
       Susie COOK    1848---1932;wife of Edward Wright
       William     03-17-1861---03-17-1905;Son of Ridgon

GLASS, (Baby)   10-03-1900;Son of James "Albert" & Eliza (Jones)
       Ada Violet STETTLER   12-30-1894---01-24-1981;wife of Frank A.
       Clifford E.       03-22-1919---04-13-1975,

                                       Son of George A. & Nettie E.
       Craig    1884---1962
       David Allen     06-10-1953---09-13-1983;Son of Jay Sr. & Viola
       Edwin     11-14-1857---09-11-1895
       Frank A.     03-23-1889---05-17-1963;Son of James & Matilda
       George A.     08-03-1884---12-09-1962;Son of James & Matilda
       George E.    1872---1935
       Georgia Leone    08-28-1900---09-27-1901;

                                  Daughter of George E. & Lena Bell
       James    04-15-1826---11-25-1903;Son of Robert & Sussana
       James "Albert"     10-07-1860---10-03-1941;Son of James & Sarah
       Jay    11-10-1916---01-29-2000;WWII;Son of Frank A. & Ada Violet
       Lena Bell STETTLER    1875---1960;wife of George E. Glass
       Louis E. "Ole"     12-13-1916---08-01-1992;

                                        Son of George A. & Nettie
       Raymond L.G. "Shorty"      08-08-1920---01-18-1994;

                                        Son of Frank A. & Ada Violet
       Ted M.          09-23-1902---08-04-1967;Son of George E. & Lena

       Lillian A. Cramer       May 14,1929---March 2,2003
GLASSBRENNER, Virginia J.        1947---1947;Daughter of D. & G.

GODAGER, Roger E.          02-21-1933---03-30-1995;Son of Roy & Elmyra

GOFF, Andrew          1866---08-24-1881;Son of Thomas J. & Sarah (Wood)

GOPLIN, Gladys M. MILLER         07-20-1911---02-22-1988;wife of Loyd C.

GORDON, Jonathan; Private Co H 36th Wis Inf - Civil War. (No dates)

GREEN, May       02-10-1884---05-10-1892;Daughter of Sylvester & Laura

GRENIE, Albert P.       1913---1955;Son of Adolph & Anna Marie (Gilbertson)

GRIBBLE, Dwight E. "Hooley"         08-08-1915---12-17-1989;

                                            Son of Willard G.& Edna M.

GROH, Rupert J.     05-05-1895---01-20-1984;Son of Henry F. & Annie
      Sadie L. MATHEWS    01-17-1896---08-17-1980;wife of Rupert J.

GUSTAFSON, Dortha MCCLARY    1906---07-00-1955;1st wife of Toivo F.
           Toivo F.    03-15-1908---06-17-1988;

             Son of   Alexander & Maria (Hoppa) Letho ;
        Adopted son of Jacob & Anna (Pokela)Gustafson

HAGENSTONE, Edwin H.       01-31-1901---12-06-1975;Son of Henry & Ida

HAMILTON, Cozette "Cozy" WISER   03-21-1959---10-09-1992;wife of Larry

HANES, Ellen ENDICOTT   1892---1914;Daughter of Ben & Ann   ;age 22 years

HANNAWELL, Mary C. LEANGLAND     09-04-1830---01-29-1907;wife of Martin

HANSON, Clarence Slyvester "Vester"    03-01-1891---10-03-1969;

                                           Son of Magnus & Mary Inga
        Myrtle C. TROXEL      09-26-1885---02-16-1963;Wife of Clarence
        Richard G.   1917---1917;Son of Clarence Slyvester & Myrtle C.

HARDY, (Baby)    01-24-1877---02-25-1877;Infant son of Harriett Hardy
       (Baby)    10-25-1887---10-27-1887;Son of Hardin Marion & Irena
       (Baby)    04-12-1890---04-13-1890;

                                     Child of Albert Jackson & Melissa
       (Baby)    05-09-1918---05-10-1918;Son of Robert Thomas & Phyllis
        Albert E. 1873---1873;Child of J.D. & N. Hardy
        Albert Jackson     09-14-1854---05-19-1924;

                                  Son of Thomas & Sarah
        Alford       08-31-1854---02-19-1861;Son of Thomas & Sarah
        Bessie Isabel GLASS   10-28-1913---11-12-1950;wife of John

        Bryan     1896---04-12-1972;Son of Albert Jackson & Malissa
        Burton    01-10-1871---10-26-1875;Son of Hardin M. & Irena
        Clarence Alfred    05-16-1906---04-25-1931;

                                    Son of Isaac Alfred & Florence A.
        Eddie L.     01-25-1918---06-06-1992;Son of Edgar & Leo Pearl
        Edgar "Edd"    10-20-1879---06-25-1950;Son of Albert & Melissa
        Etta Sarah BURTON    1879---03-20-1906;1st wife of Joseph
        Florence I. PRIVETT     08-31-1910---01-03-1989;wife of James
        Floyd Ernest     11-13-1901---09-18-1904;

                                      Son of Joseph Franklin & Etta Sarah
Frances      10-05-1876---05-09-1877;Daughter of J. & M.
Gertrude Barbara TROXEL    06-26-1888---03-28-1972;

      wife of Wilbur Marion Hardy and later Married Bryan Hardy

Guy      08-09-1881---08-04-1882,Son of Hardin M.& Irena D.
Hardin Delos     08-02-1906---08-24-1959;

                       Son of Wilbur Marion & Gertrude Barbara
Hardin Marion    12-14-1846---08-23-1934;Son of Thomas & Sarah
Henry   1869---1871;Child of J.D. & N.
Irena Diantha CORNWALL    08-10-1850---10-23-1931;

                               wife of Hardin Marion Hardy
Jacob A.   01-11-1838---10-08-1877;Son of Thomas & Sarah
James Franklin     03-15-1908---10-02-1974;

                   Son of Joseph Franklin & Susie Lillian
Jessie Thomas     10-28-1847---03-14-1895;Son of Thomas & Sarah
John Clinton    01-22-1900---08-09-1900;

                             Son of Isaac Alfred & Florance A.
John LaVerne      06-06-1935---02-13-1966;Son of John & Bessie
John Oscar      06-16-1910---08-02-1958;WWII;

                 Son of Joesph Franklin & Susie Lillian
Joseph     03-31-1851---04-29-1859;Son of Thomas & Sarah Hardy.
Joseph Franklin    09-16-1873---12-11-1957;Son of Jesse & Nancy
Leo Pearl BARNES      09-16-1884---02-12-1945;wife of Edgar
Leslie "Levon"      05-07-1926---05-15-2001;

                          Son of Bryan & Gertrude Barbara
Lester   03-21-1892---08-10-1894;Son of Albert J.& Melissa
Lora Odessa KITE   1892---1965;wife of Oscar Verlin
Nancy J.   1857---1858;Daughter of Thomas & Sarah (Carson)

Oscar Verlin   1882---1937;Son of Jesse Thomas & Nancy Ann
Phyllis A. SHAFER    12-09-1899---01-04-1988;wife of Robert
Ray Delos    07-14-1890---02-16-1962;Son of Hardin & Irene
Robert Keith    03-11-1917---06-29-1999;

                        Son of Wilbur Marion & Gertrude Barbara
Robert Thomas     08-11-1895---02-08-1965;

                               Son of Hardin Marion & Irene
Roger Keith     07-07-1952---07-18-1952;

                    Son of Keith Robert & Mildred Ellen Hardy
Sarah CARSON    07-24-1815---09-24-1877;wife of Thomas
Susie Lillian FLYNN     05-21-1876---08-10-1958;

                           3rd wife of Joseph Franklin Hardy

Theresa M. ELDER   1894---05-28-1973;wife of Ray Delos
Thomas   1812---08-06-1866;Father of Hardin Hardy,

                          1st settler.Married Sarah Carson

Wanetta Jean      04-25-1934---04-26-1934;
                              Daughter of John Oscar & Bessie Isabel
        Wayne F.    07-28-1936---05-22-1985;Son of James F. & Florence
        Wilbur Marion    09-28-1877---11-28-1918;Son of Hardin & Irene
        HARDY-BRIGGS, Grace MARSHALL-DOXTATER 09-20-1902---01-19-2001;

                                                        wife of Bryan

HARNESS, Arthur Jacob    1854---1928
         Christina BERAN    1861---1933
         Elsie E. WASHBURN    1880---1964;wife of Marvin C.
         Frances Adell "Della" AMEY    1860---1930;wife of Arthur Jacob
         Harold J.     02-08-1910---10-02-1980;Son of Marvin C. & Elsie
         Ivan J.    1886---1965
         Jennie S.    1884---1953;Wife of Ivan J. Harness
         Marvin C.    1880---1954
         Roger Harold     09-27-1939---01-29-2000;

                                          Son of Harold & Carolyn J.

HARPER, C. Gillman   1938---1965;Wisconsin PFC Co C 34 QM BN 3 Army

HARRIS, Frederick Thomas    10-16-1886---11-15-1905;

                                         Son of Frank & Elizabeth
        Mussetta HAWKINS    01-21-1879---03-01-1903;1st wife of William

HARSHA, Adella May ROBINSON     01-18-1869---1922;wife of Joseph W.
        Celia    1887---1972;Daughter of John A. & Clara M.
        Clara M.     09-28-1860---12-28-1917;Wife of John A.
        Elizabeth SHANNON    01-21-1828---06-28-1888;Wife of Francis A.
        Evelyn       1906---07-22-1908;Daughter of Joseph W. & Adella
        Francis A.     05-03-1817---12-13-1901;Aged 84Ys 7Ms
        John A.      12-23-1859---09-27-1957
        Joseph W.      06-13-1861---1936;Son of Francis A.& Elizabeth
        Martha M.      01-25-1869---09-05-1883;

                             Daughter of Francis A. & Elizabeth
HARVEY, Clarence J.   04-01-1899---09-23-1900;Son of Thomas E. & Mary
        Leonard       06-03-1881---02-01-1892;Son of Thomas & Mary

        Mary Emaline STETLER   1860---1923;wife of Thomas Edward
        Thomas Edward   1854---1932

HASKINS, Aleta Nora POWERS    1880---1930;Wife of Charles F.
         Charles F.   1871---1938

HATCHER, Alta Mae MORRIS    07-07-1891---11-29-1973;wife of Thurman
         Lee     1927---1927;Son of Thurman & Alta Mae (Morris)
         Maynard Dale     05-28-1931---07-13-1997;Son of Thurman & Alta
         Mervin E.    1917---1933;Son of Thurman & Alta Mae
         Thurman    1888---1965
         Weslie       01-12-1914;Son of Thurman & Alta Mae

HAYES, Annie M.   1876---1902

HELT, Edna M. ANNEAR   1887---1935;Wife of William L.
      William L.   1889---1953;Son of William M.& Eleanor(Schoonover)

HENDERSON, Vicki Lynn KRAUS     08-15-1950---05-04-1998;wife of Scott

HENDRICKS, Diane M.     11-13-1945---05-08-1990;wife of Edward L.

HENRY, Archie    1906---1964;Married Lois Leiber in 1933
       Charles W.    1871---1942
       John M.     1897---08-04-1910;Son of Robert J. & Sarah Matilda
       Lela A. 1873---1958;Wife of Charles W. Henry
       Melva L.     10-28-1887---04-07-1890;Dau.of Robert J. & Sarah
       Orrin     03-11-1820---11-27-1892;Aged 72Ys 8Ms 16Ds
       Rebecca AMEY     1826---09-29-1907;wife of Orrin Henry
       Robert J.    1857---1942
       Sarah Matilda SPARLING    1861---1932;wife of Robert J.
HENTSCHEL, Roger K.     1944---1944

HICKS, Claude     1895---1969;WWI

HINKLE, Charles C.    1891---1891;Son of William Henry & Ella Mary
        Christina G. DIETER      09-21-1916---06-12-1986;wife of Lavon
        Clara N. DIETER      04-26-1894---06-11-1973;Wife of Cleon W.
        Cleon W.     01-15-1890---03-12-1985;Son of William Henry & Ella
        Clifford Henry     11-16-1895---02-18-1983;WWI;Son of Wm & Ella
        Edith BOLINT     1901---1967;wife of Elmer
        Elden E.    1899---1909;Son of William Henry & Ella Mary
        Elias    1855---1931
        Ella Mary ALLISON    1863---1946;Wife of William Henry
        Elmer     02-04-1899---12-28-1972;Son of William Henry & Ella
        Forrest R.    05-10-1887---07-11-1953;Son of William & Truvinia
        Gifford L.    08-21-1917---02-15-1997;Son of Cleon W. & Clara N.
        Harold L.      03-26-1916---09-10-1929;Son of Cleon W. & Clara
        Lavon R.     12-27-1914---10-18-1996;Son of Cleon W. & Clara N.
        Mary BOLINT      06-19-1897---04-29-1974;wife of Clifford
        Mercey "Minnie" Parlee WARREN     1862---1939;wife of Elias
        Truvinia WARREN      06-10-1864---09-28-1887;1st wife of William

        William Henry     1863---1948

HONER, Henry T.       11-20-1919---08-23-2000;Son of Joseph & Helen R

HOTTMAN, Ann   1802---1869;Wife of John David Hottman Sr
         John D., Jr.   1834---1865;Co G 47th Wis Vol Inf - Civil War

HUDSON, Harold    1904---02-11-1931;Married Leola Glass on July 27, 1926

HURLESS, Eliza CRANDELL   1838---1921;Wife of Henry H.
         Henry H.     10-15-1824---07-20-1895
HUSOM, Oscar A.       05-12-1909---05-14-1982;Son of Peter & Bertha

HUSTON, John "Jack" Earl     01-08-1906---08-12-1979;

                                         Son of Walter & Sarah
        Lillian BOWMAN     1910---10-09-1984;Wife of John Earl "Jack"

HYNEK, Joanne E. ANNEAR      06-09-1932---11-05-1988;wife of Ronald M.
       Ronald M.    03-31-1930---01-05-2000;Son of Albin & Martha

JACKSON, David E.     08-05-1960---08-01-1988;Son of Ralph & Mavis I.

JOHNS, Berdetta     1882---1883;Daughter of William & Cynthia C.
       Boyd ; Son of William & Cynthia C.   (Can't read dates)
       Cynthia C. LOGUE     01-07-1866---08-19-1916;2nd wife of William
       David A.    1798---05-23-1875;Aged 77 years
       Joshua P.       03-12-1841---09-17-1862;Co. H 3rd Wis Vol Inf

                          Killed at Antietam,Aged 21Ys 6Ms 5Ds
       Mary LOGUE       05-26-1855---11-16-1876;1st wife of William
       Murray A.        11-08-1883---07-06-1900;Son of William & Cynthia
       Sarah A.       11-31-1814---09-27-1897;Wife of David A. Johns.

JOHNSON, Charles A.        03-13-1907---09-18-1988;Son of Cyrus & Eliza

         Charles B.    1821---    ;Private Co H 44th Wis Inf - Civil War
         Cynthia PURRINGTON    1827---1873;Wife of Charles B.
         Ernest   1900---1901
         Ethel L. 1896---1958
         Jacob    1860---1931
         Ruby I. NORTH       04-09-1912---12-18-1995;wife of Charles A.
         Sarah A.      01-05-1859---07-05-1881;Wife of Frederick

JONES, Harvey R.   11-20-1889---10-20-1967;Son of Frederick H.& Mary
       Rena E. DAVIS-ROBINSON    08-13-1890---12-08-1979;wife of Harvey
JORGENSON, Sandra     1944---1944;Dau.of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R.

JORGES, Beoford   1910---1924;Son of Henry A. & Mary H.
        Henry A.   1885---1957
        Mary H. ENDICOTT    1891---1968;wife of Henry A.
        Raymond   1918---1918;Son of Henry A. & Mary H. (Endicott)

KALISH, Luther        06-08-1903---08-05-1966;Son of Albert & Letha

KEEHN, August W.   1857---1928
       Caroline Cynthia DIETER   1860---1946;wife of August W.
       Charles L.    06-05-1889---11-19-1988;

                                      Son of August W. & Caroline
       Dorothy A. "Dottie" TONEY   11-12-1907---01-20-1975;

                                             wife of Everett E. Keehn
       Everett E.   07-07-1903---09-25-1990;Son of August W. & Caroline
       Iva L. SHANE    1900---10-26-1961;wife of Charles L. Keehn

KELLER, Daniel   1881---1969
        Florence CORNWALL   09-10-1881---06-26-1967;Wife of Daniel

KEVER, (Baby)   04-28-1903;Child of John D. & Anna (Annear)
       (Baby)   07-20-1907;Daughter of John D. & Anna (Annear)
       Anna ANNEAR    1875---01-03-1945;wife of John D. Kever
       Dora M. GILES     05-22-1899---11-01-1998;wife of Merle C.
       John D.     03-28-1881---08-19-1969:Son of Nicholas D. & Martha
       Merle C.    1900---1959

KIDD, Floyd Burnard   12-14-1896---07-25-1956;WWI;Son of Lewis H.& Cora
      Gertrude Leona STETTLER     01-16-1904---09-27-1979;wife of Floyd

KIMMEL, Carlisle R.   1939---1949;Son of Lisle
       Lisle         06-13-1901---02-19-1992;Son of Lee & Lottie L.

KINYON, Alberta BRAITHWAITE   1856---1936;wife of George A.
        Charles E.    1877---08-11-1924
        George A.   1846---1932
        Victoria Julia HONER   1871---1955;wife of Charles E.

KITE, Amy L. DONALDSON    1874---1937;wife of Winfield
      Andrew M.      03-10-1853---04-27-1900;Son of George & Sarah Ann
      Anna M. VANCE      01-25-1916---11-24-1990;wife of Dale L.
      Buford       09-25-1897---12-25-1967
      Carl L.   1931---1946;Son of Buford & Mae (Mervin)
      Carrie    04-13-1893---02-28-1894;Daughter of George & Effie
      Dale L.   1908---12-15-1971
      David N.   1870---1952
      George, Rev.      04-30-1822---10-19-1882;Son of Michael &

                      Catherine; Private Co B 36th Wis Inf - Civil War
      John     11-27-1856---03-28-1876;Son of George & Sarah Ann
      Mae MERVIN    11-13-1898---05-23-1933;Wife of Buford
      Mariah STANDISH   1868---1939;wife of David N.
      Michael    1864---1864
      Roy M.     1906---1943;Son of Buford & Mae (Mervin)
      Ruth       07-27-1898---11-16-1997;Daughter of George & Effie
      Sarah A.   1870---1940;Daughter of George & Sarah Ann
      Sarah Ann MYERS     01-20-1829---12-25-1912;Wife of George
      Winfield   1861---1945

KOBBERVIG, Daryl W.       1954---1955

KOCH, Ryan Michael      03-16-1989;Infant son of Rick Koch & Lisa Sharp

KOENIG, Lucille M. GEHRKE        03-08-1918---12-15-1986;wife of Francis

KONDOS, Michael J.     1918---1989;World War II
KOVARS, Carl George         10-08-1915---04-17-1998;

                                        Son of Joseph H. & Bertha
        Ellen Amy      09-18-1956;infant daughter of Carl George & Veda
        Veda Vivian LEWIS      08-14-1917---05-02-1990;wife of Carl

KRAUS, Izetta W. CHITWOOD         08-22-1918---01-25-1999;

                                 wife of Richard H. "Dick" Kraus
       Lester R.     1900---1958
       Linda L.     1948---1948;Daughter of Richard H.& Izetta W.
       Richard H. "Dick"     02-17-1919---02-18-1995;

                                          Son of Henry & Mary

KRAUSE, Henry     1892---1974

LARSON, Anna HANVOLD-HAGENSTON     07-27-1904---05-07-1993;wife of Ernest

LAWTON, Carolyn Jeanette MILLER-HARNESS      10-02-1917---05-01-1993;

                                                  wife of Harold

LEFFLER, Alvah C.    1853---07-31-1918
         Arnasa Oren    1884---03-02-1907;Son of Alvah C. & Elizabeth
         Daniel O.     1880---05-04-1945
         Elizabeth OLIVER     1844---02-26-1928;Wife of Alvah C.

LEMOINE, Coleen F.       08-03-1926---05-15-1930;Dau.of William & Joyce
         William Carl   08-24-1928---02-27-1929;Son of William & Joyce

LETTMAN, Leo F.         03-09-1904---03-19-1989;Son of William & Anna (Grimm)
LEWIS, (Baby)   04-10-1906---07-07-1906;Son of James I. & Dora M.
       (Baby)   04-01-1907---04-04-1907;Daughter of James I. & Dora M.
       Algie V.    12-30-1883---09-08-1960
       Archie    1896---11-01-1971
       Carl R.   08-28-1918---02-27-1993;Son of Roland D.& Odessa
       Dora M. MCCLARY     1874---1942;wife of James I.
       Earl E.         08-08-1890---01-22-1973;Son of Edmund & Lilly
       Edmund Storer James       01-15-1863---08-22-1939;

                                                    Son of Isaiah & Ruth

       Eleanore K. "Pat" WEITZEL        03-10-1919---09-28-1972;

                                                   wife of Carl R.
       Emma W. DIETER-COOPER       09-27-1889---10-22-1977;wife of Glen
       Flossie L. PETERS-BARRETT    1879---1961;wife of James I.
       Frank        02-18-1904---01-25-1978;Son of James I. & Dora M.
       Franklin E.     03-01-1876---02-09-1877;Son of James & Grace
       Glen E.      10-06-1887---03-20-1966;Son of Edmund S.J. & Lillie
       Grace Emily WILLEY     1855---1884;wife of James
       Hallie M. CORNWALL        07-10-1893---06-29-1950;

                                                  2nd wife of Algie V.
       Harold C.      1920---10-26-1948;WWII
       Harriet L. CHITWOOD     1912---1962;wife of Lloyd M.
       Isaiah       02-13-1813---05-26-1883;wife of Ruth Pillars
       James     1847---1933
       James I.     1874---1960;Son of James & Grace Emily (Willey)
       Jennie CASEY     09-30-1898---04-11-1984;wife of Raymond Roy
       Kenneth E.     1895---05-24-1926;Son of James I. & Dora M.
       Lillie Matilda HARDY      11-22-1869---12-11-1922;wife of Edmund

       Lloyd M.    1911---   ,
       Lottie L. CORNWALL       08-27-1888---11-03-1915;Wife of Algie V.
       Margaret L. BLOYER     04-06-1891---12-24-1984;wife of Earl E.
       Raymond Roy     7 06-23-1890---03-26-1977;

                                     Son of James M. & Rebecca Anna
       Ruth PILLARS     04-05-1823---01-01-1916;Wife of Isaiah
       Ruth E.   1858---1936;Daughter of Isaiah & Ruth (Pillars)

LOGAN, Lucy F.        09-24-1884---12-15-1885;Child of J.T. & E.E.
       Powers F.      07-27-1882---12-09-1885;Child of J.T. & E.E.

LOGUE, Jane           07-11-1825---04-22-1889;Wife of James Logue
       John M.       04-03-1819---04-22-1902;

                 Son of George & Elmira;Private Co B 25th Wis.Inf
LORD, Jean Ann FEREBEE         06-22-1943---01-09-1987;wife of John

LOWE, Mary Lou DALEY        01-29-1932---12-17-1977

LUCAS, George     1872---1872;Son of James & Mary (Peters)

LYMAN, Albert H.    1879---1965
       Albert R.     02-02-1922---12-22-1950;WWII
       Amanda C. JORGES    1877---1966wife of William H.
       Clifford      1904---05-07-1908;Child of James A. & Sarah Ann
       Elma    1905---1909;Child of James A. & Sarah Ann (Shannon)
       Fred R.    1856---1949
       Harold H.    06-07-1908---04-05-2000;Son of Albert H. & Mary C.
       Harriet S. MILLER    1857---1941wife of Fred R.
       James A.      11-12-1876---10-25-1969;Son of Fred R. & Harriet S.
       Mary C. SHANNON    1884---1965;wife of Albert H.
       Sarah Ann SHANNON       06-30-1881---07-02-1978;wife of James A.
       Violet MUDICA     08-20-1911---01-16-1973;wife of Harold H.
       Willard    1903---1908;Son of Albert H. & Mary C. (Shannon)
       William H.    1881---1956

MAASS, Aaron Mikel          11-30-1991---11-30-1991;

                                                Son of Kevin & Stephanie
       Harold Jack       06-15-1940---01-05-1995;Son of Harold & Harriet

MAHAN, James T.    1860---1860;Child of Daniel & Catherine
       John C.    1858---1860;Child of Daniel & Catherine
       Lincoln    1865---1873;Child of Daniel & Catherine

MALY, Alice BREWER     1911---1957;wife of George E.
      Alvina Pearl STEVENS       11-03-1928---09-04-1987;wife of Charles
      George E.     01-21-1912---05-24-1968;Son of Glen E.& Jessie G.
      Gerald Edward      07-28-1931---04-30-1983;Son of George E.& Alice
      Stewart Joel     02-17-1903---12-17-1982;Son of John Theron & Ada
      Wilma COCKROFT       03-26-1908---08-03-1997

MANCHESTER, G.D.       07-10-1844---03-21-1876;- Civil War

MANNING, Elizabeth      03-12-1832---04-16-1917
         Erasmus        10-12-1807---05-14-1897

MARKIN, Martha Mary Emily GLANDON     12-?-1840---06-12-1905;wife of John

MARKLEY, Buelah       1894---1956;Wife of Dennis
         Dennis       1891---1973

MAROSE, James E.          10-28-1926---10-07-1984;Son of Emil & Rose

MARTIN, Donna Rae       02-26-1947---03-02-1947;Dau.of Oayl & Verna

MATHEWS, Arthur C.     1890---12-17-1958
         Arthur Jr.      10-16-1912---11-01-1983;

                                   Son of Arthur C. & Florence M.
         Camilla Idell RINEHART       12-28-1913---08-07-2000;

                                             wife of Theon L.
         Florence M. RECOB     09-20-1893---04-15-1980;wife of Arthur C.

         Irene K. BRIGGS      01-10-1854---08-14-1910;wife of John
         Jennie M.     01-12-1886---05-09-1894;Daughter of John & Irene
         John      12-29-1848---10-27-1935
         Martha R. HARDY     02-10-1865---02-11-1944;wife of Thomas
         Myrah PARISH     01-08-1903---02-19-1988;wife of Myron J.
         Myron J.      06-06-1904---04-15-1975;

                                    Son of Thomas Clark & Martha R.
         Theon L.     04-15-1913---10-23-1997;Son of Vern L. & Alice M
         Thomas Clark   1864---07-21-1936;Son of Hubert & Mary A.
MCCLARY, Elvina J. SLATER    1855---1929;wife of Taylor
         Harold M.        06-30-1923---09-15-1999;

                           Son of Mack H. & Violet(Weldy)
         Jennie MCCARTNEY   12-07-1877---01-05-1968;wife of Wilbert
         John     01-20-1854---10-11-1861
         Leora MCKY   1876---1952;wife of Thomas
         Nancy      01-02-1819---No Death Date
         Richard William   10-16-1927---02-04-1970;WWII & Korea;

                                       Son of Mack H. & Carolyn
         Susan KITE     11-04-1820---02-26-1887;wife of Thomas
         Taylor   1853---1935
         Thomas   1875---1953
         Thomas Clark     01-29-1816---09-07-1889;Son of John
         Wilbert    1879---1957

         Marjorie Jean Seeley     01-16-1933---11-30-2004,wife of Charles

McILHATTAN, Alma MORAN    1916;Wife of William R.
            Belle Mary MANNING    1859---1939;wife of Thomas C.
            Emma J. HEESTER    1855---1941;wife of John
            Emory      03-22-1911---12-23-1915;Son of Harry L. & Agnes
            Esther E. JOHNSON     01-01-1890---06-17-1972;Wife of Wm R.
            Harry L.   1883---1947
            John     10-25-1850---02-02-1925;Son of James & Catherine
            Richard Kenneth     02-02-1916---10-01-1916;

                                                Son of William R. & Alma
            Thomas C.     1855---1918
            Verna Mae    08-22-1885---07-22-1936;Dau.of Thomas C.& Belle
            William R.    1894---1968

MCINTYRE,Keefer      12-02-1905---08-03-1984;Son of Allen & Minnie
         Mildred D. LARSON    05-23-1914---02-22-1985;Wife of Keefer

MCKINNEY, Albert   1875---1946
          Arthur   1920---1972;Son of Albert
          Frances THOMPSON   03-17-1844---06-26-1921;wife of Thomas
          Mable    1917---1919;Daughter of Albert

McKY, Ida M. KINDER      1874---1938;wife of Insco J.
      Insco J.   1875---1952
      John       07-18-1818---09-01-1891;Son of John Sr.& Catherine
      John M.    09-21-1844---11-18-1914;Private Co D 11th Wis Vol Inf

                                                   - Civil War
      John S.    12-28-1901---11-14-1975;Son of Insco J.& Ida M.
      Keith B.   07-02-1909---11-18-1982;Son of Insco J. & Ida M
      Lucille R. BRATOWSKI    03-01-1911---04-01-1995;wife of John S.
      Sarah JACKSON     02-10-1824---04-07-1899;Wife of John

McVAY, Geneva    1860---1860;Daughter of F. & E.

MELBY, Michael John      01-30-1974---10-11-1977;

                            Son of John C. & Edwina

MEYER, Agnes   1912---08-27-1977;Aged 65 years
       Bessie J. DALBERG-MACHOTKA       06-24-1920---06-09-2001

MILLER, Agnes P. HARDY    08-04-1909---06-28-1995;wife of Louis E.
        Carl E.     02-04-1883---02-06-1968;Son of James L. & Izora Y.
        Catherine E. FINK      04-25-1933---02-18-1988;wife of Ralph E.
        Clarence J.    1882---1942
        Cleone M. CONKLE    1911---04-03-1937;wife of Clyde L.
        Clyde L.      04-29-1910---11-27-1997;Son of Neil Jesse & Ella
        Delbert J.    04-11-1912---12-09-1988;WWII;

                                              Son of Harry A. & Florence
        Dorrine Dawn DYER     12-30-1935---01-14-1960;wife of Donald E.
        Earl James      08-25-1909---10-27-1988;Son of Clarence J.& Effie
        Effie Lena TURK    1884---1931wife of Clarence J.
        Elizabeth D.    1858---1931
        Emma Alida SHEAFOR     07-17-1869---02-10-1904;wife of A.G.
        Florence CASEY      02-07-1887---11-08-1964;Wife of Harry A.
        Florence B. SCHRICKER     05-29-1911---04-25-1992;wife of Earl
        Harry A.   1881---1956
        John E.      12-29-1938---12-01-1998;

                                        Son of Earl James & Florence B.
        Lemuel Sr.     06-14-1911---05-11-1985;Son of Carl E.& Victoria
        Louis E.    11-27-1905---08-14-1995;Son of August & Rachael
        Ruth M. TRACY     12-27-1924---06-28-1977;wife of Calvin
        Ruth Marie STARKEY     11-10-1935---04-30-1973;wife of William
        Victoria CASEY    1889---1959;wife of Carl E.
MINETT, Vern       1909---1965

MITCHELL, Edna      1888---1951

MONTGOMERY, (Baby)   07-02-1956---07-05-1956;Son of Kenneth E.& Joyce
            (Baby)   03-27-1957---03-27-1957;Son of Kenneth E.& Joyce
           Belle HANSEN      08-02-1895---04-08-1978;wife of Clifford L.
           Blanche Ida HENRY     06-16-1889---06-08-1943;wife of Freeman
           Clifford L.      12-22-1898---06-30-1971;Son of Henry & Irene
           Daisy       05-07-1900---01-15-1902;Daughter of Henry & Irene
           Elizabeth McGANN     08-00-1820---02-01-1901;Wife of William
           Freeman M. 09-20-1885---01-11-1968;Son of Silas & Thursy
           Henry     01-24-1891---12-24-1893;Son of Silas & Thursy
           Henry     05-02-1857---09-24-1921;Son of William & Elizabeth
           Irene A. GLASS    10-19-1862---02-27-1935;Wife of Henry
           Iva STETTLER     10-28-1890---12-13-1967;Wife of James J.
           James J.       08-27-1892---03-25-1949;Son of Henry & Irene
           Mable L.      02-07-1888---02-13-1891;Dau.of Silas & Thursy
           Roy C.      07-16-1918---11-18-1944;WWII

MOON, Philip D.D.        10-23-1861---03-20-1865;Son of J. & E.A.

MOORE, Emma S. MUDICA      04-01-1915---03-13-1988;wife of Roy B.

MORRISON,Mary Nora WHEATON        11-18-1869---09-12-1896;Wife of John

MORTON, Lucey       10-15-1883---11-05-1885

MURRAY, Byron W.         02-16-1895---05-08-1977;WWI;

                                        Son of John N.& Olive W.
       John W.        07-11-1925---08-09-1953;WWII
       Nellie M. COLLINS      1898---1977wife of Byron W.

NETZ, Blanche COLLINS         10-16-1891---09-28-1981;wife of Harley
      Harley Eldon, Sr.       1894---12-17-1978

NEVEL, Leo B.   1924---1927;Son of Mrs. Elma

NEWMAN, Emma J. STANDISH   1873---1955;Wife of Frank R.
        Frank R.    1870---1956
        Hobart D.   1893---1973;Son of Frank R. & Emma

NILES, Juliatt ARMSTRONG     07-31-1832---02-16-1902;wife of Philetus
       Philetus N.    1828---03-07-1884;Aged 56 years

NONDORF, Candace Sue CARTER        08-21-1952---07-04-1993;

                                Daughter of Earl & Margie

O'MEALY, Emma S. CORNWALL-GLASS        07-31-1871---05-13-1902;

                                                 wife of Clark
         Harry     1884---12-05-1893;Son of Clark & Martha
         Martha BURRINGTON    12-01-1864---11-24-1893;

                                                wife of Clark O'Mealy

O'REILLY, Gladys BAILEY       1910---11-20-1977;wife of Edwin

OLESON, Adolph (no dates) ;Married Lillian May White
        Ethel E. TURGESON     06-03-1895---11-10-1979;wife of Floyd E.
        Floyd E.   07-06-1895---07-30-1973;Son of Adolf & Lillian May
        Lavina   1907---1909;Daughter of Adolph & Lillian May (White)
        Lillian May WHITE-MILLER    03-04-1875---07-07-1933;

                                                        Wife of Adolph
        Tryxa E. ESSEX   1896---08-31-1980;wife of Willie J.
        Willie J.    1892---1941

OLESTEAD, Julia Ganheid SELING   08-17-1837---08-28-1908;wife of Ole
          Ole    08-28-1838----- ????

OOMENS, Helen Marie TANNER       09-14-1912---09-28-2000;wife of Anton L.

ORSBURN, (Baby)     04-13-1949--04-13-1949;Dau.of Cleo Avery & Margie
         Cleo Avery    1918---12-08-1988;WWII;Son of Abram A. & Mildred
         Florence     1891---????
         George W.    1861---1873
         Margie Ellen KEEHN    1921;wife of Cleo Avery

OSTRANDER, Della F. HINKLE     06-08-1901---03-25-1980;wife of Raymond
           Lyle E.    01-25-1920---09-04-2000;Son of Jacob & Amila
           Raymond W.        06-20-1900---06-28-1966;Son of Will & Ella

PALMER, Harriet A.      03-09-1808---03-25-1885;Wife of Orange
        Orange W.     11-11-1825---05-30-1891

PARFREY, Ella        07-05-1918;Wife of Joseph

PARISH, Alan L.     1940---1940;Son of Delbert V. & Elsie Arzell
        Cornelia V. SHAUGER    1857---1930;wife of Martin J.
        Darwin B.    1878---1958
        Delbert V. 1899---1959
        Earnie Dean      02-01-1949---12-20-1987;Son of Earnie W.& Mary
        Elsie Arzell SHEPHERD    12-22-1900---02-04-1993;wife of Delbert
        Hazel MILLER     07-11-1906---10-14-1995;wife of Melvin
        Jesse        1875---08-12-1895;Son of Martin J. & Cornelia V.
        Kittie STANDISH     10-09-1886---05-23-1970;wife of Roy
        Levi J.D.    Lt. Co H 44th Wis Inf - Civil War (No dates)
        Martin J.      03-02-1854---12-20-1906;Son of George & Cordelia
        Mary A.   1937--1937;Daughter of Delbert V. & Elsie Arzell
        Mary Irene TREAKLE     03-13-1924---04-09-1990;wife of Earnie
        Melvin        04-07-1900---01-01-1978;Son of Darwin B. & Millie
        Millie HILLBERRY    1876---1967;wife of Darwin B.
        Raymond James      12-26-1917---03-12-1984;WWII;

                                                   Son of Delbert V.& Elsie

        Roy       1882---03-14-1961

        Marlene Myra     Sneath    1-11-1939---8-30-2004,wife of Buddy Joe

PARSELL, Eliza A. KESLER    04-20-1826---06-22-1896;Wife of Richard G.
         Richard G.    01-08-1813---07-13-1901

PAULS, Elmer L.     1902---1959;Married Clair Parduhn in 1924

PECK, Juanita HASKINS              08-14-1914---10-31-1988;wife of Merritt

      Francis                     May 1,1935---Aug;28,2002,

                                               son of Merritt & Juanita

PEDLER, Ruth ENDICOTT       09-29-1901---09-22-1995;wife of        Sidney D.
        Sidney D.     01-01-1901---09-26-1974;Son of Edwin

PENNEL, Jessie M.   1925---1954
        Raymond E. 11-12-1902---12-27-1989;Son of Fredrick S. & Jessie
        Rozella I. SLANE-BOAK   09-20-1912---12-01-1993;

                                              wife of   William Harold Boak

PERSINGER, Beatrice A.    1935---1937
           Beverly Louise HUSOM    11-24-1937---03-11-1994;wife of        Ralph
           Clifford     1929--1929
           Cora COLLINS     1873---03-15-1921;wife of Edward Z.
           Daniel Dean     11-24-1971---11-24-1971;

                                 Son of Ralph E. & Beverly Louise
              Edward Z.   1874---1962
              Everett Edward Jr.    04-28-1933---02-26-1935;
                                           Son of Everett W. & Myra L.
           Everett W.     07-14-1903---09-13-1977;Son of Oscar H.& Lena
           Evert Jr.    1935--1935;Son of Everettt W. & Myra L.
           Geraldine M. ANDERSON    12-27-1915---09-30-1981;wife of Guy
           Guy Collin     04-16-1909---07-19-1989;Son of Edward Z.& Cora
           Lena HARDY-STETLER     10-29-1880---08-03-1969;wife of Oscar
           Myra L. MORGAN    1909---04-18-1997;wife of Evert W.
           Oscar H.   1875---04-26-1925

           Ralph E.     July 12,1935---sep;4,2003,son of Guy & Geraldine

PETERS, (Baby)      11-28-1898---01-13-1899;Son of J. Stanton & Tessie
        Hattie A. EVANS    1858---1907;wife of Robert W.
        Holiday     11-08-1830---07-28-1894
        J. Stanton    1863---1943
        Joanna CONKLE      01-08-1866---1936;wife of John M.
        John M.       07-21-1866---10-20-1946;Son of Robert W. & Keziah
        Keziah BLIKENSTAFF     08-05-1851---03-17-1875;Wife of Robert W.
        L.G.        02-07-1889---02-18-1889;Son of John M. & Joanna
        Marie E. MATHEWS        11-25-1892---10-21-1968;Wife of Walter
        Nancy Ellen COUTNEY    1846---1936;wife of Holiday
        Neva    1894---1916;Dau.of John M. & Joanna (Conkle) Peters
        Robert W.    1840---1924
        Roberta      1874--1874;Daughter of Robert W. & Keziah
        Tessie     1866---1932;Wife of J. Stanton
        Walter J.    1892---1960

PETERSON, Frank E.    1903---1975
          Jennie M.   1882---1958;Wife of Paul O.
          Marie M.    1947---1947
          Paul O.     1878---1939
          Zereta P. BAILEY   1906---   ;Wife of Frank E.

PHILPITT, Elma I. BREWER    10-07-1906---12-13-1988;Wife of William
          Leland W.    09-24-1944---10-07-1988;Son of William & Elma I.
          William    1901---1968

PONTBRIANT, Joseph A.     1966--1966;Son of Albert & Sharon

POOLE, Fame F.     07-01-1918---12-13-1980;Son of George W.& Minnie
       George Washington    1866---1948
       Guy     11-09-1906---12-27-1906;Son of George W.& Minnie F.
       Minnie Frances SHORE   1877---1972;wife of George W.Poole
       Ted M.     04-12-1902---01-09-1975;Son of Percy E. & Ethel M.

POWELL, Harold III      09-03-1977---09-03-1977;Son of Harold & Linda

POWERS, Labaune "Bonnie" STANDISH     09-14-1909---08-18-1988;

                                        wife of   Ralph D.
        Ralph D.     05-17-1911---07-29-1995

PRIVETT, Archie B.      08-06-1904---04-13-1989;Son of Sherman & Evelyn

PROPP, Esther A. LUTTIG      06-11-1919---08-09-1971;wife of Robert L.
       Robert L.        03-11-1910---05-23-1992;Son of Joseph & Emma

PURCIL, Ruth   (no dates) ;Wife of John

RANDALL, Lena M. MCKINNEY       06-07-1908---12-06-1982;wife of    Miles
         Miles P.    10-30-1903---03-25-1984;Son of Lee & Frank

RECOB, William F.     1887---1944

REDFIELD, Hamlin Lee    1892---06-16-1919;Son of Henry J.& Mary
          Henry J.   1864---1949
          Mary Josephine TURGESON   1866---1947;wife of Henry J.
          Oscar    1900---1955;Son of Henry J. & Mary J.

REETZ, Adolph H.       03-15-1888---04-21-1965;

                                     Son of Ferdinand & Wilamena
       Bessie SEVERSON   1888---1970;Wife of Adolph H.
       Nordehl "Nordy" Bertice    07-29-1913---09-09-1994;

                                     Son of Adolph H. & Bessie

REINHART, Grace E. CARLEY   04-02-1888---11-09-1976;Dau.of Loren & Edith

REYNOLDS, Barbara A.      11-12-1950---06-01-1964;

                                   Dau.of Homer F. & Luella M.
          Homer F.   1908---1954;Son of Orrin G. & Fern
          Luella M. STANDISH       11-28-1909---08-15-1987;

                                            wife of   Homer F.

RICHARDSON, Archie C.    1880---1960
            Harold A.    1910---1960;Son of Archie C. & Pearl A.
            Kay Rochelle    05-21-1942---06-16-1942;

                                          Dau.of Harold & Ellen
            Melba I. CHESEBRO    09-20-1912---04-30-1986;

                                              wife of Ralph A.
            Pearl A. BARRETT     05-07-1884---11-27-1979;

                                              wife of   Archie C.
            Ralph A.      03-08-1908---02-15-1969;

                                Son of Archie C. & Pearl A.

RINEHART, Bessie HARDY      03-18-1894---02-13-1975;Wife of Percy S.
          Percy S.     1886---11-08-1966

ROBINSON, Alfred Milton         04-28-1866---12-10-1933;

                                           Son of Wm F. & Eliza J.
          Elbert E.      08-17-1914---12-03-1989;Son of Ellis N. & Myra
          Elva E. MILLER      02-08-1915---01-24-1989;wife of Elbert E.
          James Elmer      06-03-1866---04-05-1923
          Kate CONKLE      06-14-1864---05-30-1913;wife of James Elmer
          Mary L. RICE     01-06-1871---05-12-1922;wife of Alfred
          Sarah "Sadie" E. EVANS    09-13-1867---08-09-1890;
                                     wife of Alfred Milton Robinson

RODSEY, Andrew     04-14-1828---12-23-1905
        Eliza      07-24-1826---04-15-1907;Wife of Andrew

ROHOVETZ, Clarence J.      09-22-1912---01-04-1989;Son of Joseph & Olive
          Cleo LEWIS    1914---1953;wife of Clarence J.

ROSE, Dorothy Madelyn STANDISH    03-14-1907---09-13-1976;wife of     Orval
      Orval W.     07-28-1896---01-24-1962;

                              Son of Orson D.& Martha Elizabeth

ROTH, Barbara LEFFLER    died 02-02-1892;wife of George F.
      Daniel A.   1858---1929;George F. & Barbara (Leffler)
      Effie M.   1882---1883;Daughter of M.H. & M.
      George F. 11-22-1818---03-26-1862;Co I 19th Wis Inf - Civil War;

      Julia J. ROSENWING-O'DANIEL     07-05-1943---05-21-2000;

                                            wife of Ken Sr.
      Rocelia RICHARDSON   1857---1934;wife of Daniel A.

RUE, James Henry       11-04-1906---01-29-1995;Son of John A. & Lillie
     Sereda Fay TROXEL     02-07-1919---08-05-2000;wife of James Henry

RUMMERY, Charles   1875---1965
         Emma      1872---1873;Daughter of Thomas J. & Rosaline
         Gertrude 1880---1953;Daughter of Thomas J. & Mary E.
         Mary E.   1855---1936;2nd wife of Thomas J.
         Rosaline M. JOHNSON   1845---1873;1st wife of Thomas J.
         Thomas J.   1837---1916
         Valentine CHENEVARD   07-28-1881---11-22-1970

RUSSELL, Allie J.    1878---1879;Daughter of G.E. & M.E.
         John Wesley     03-31-1902---04-18-1975;WWII;Son of Emma
SANDMIRE, Mary          09-09-1847---08-03-1867

SCHAFER, Ronald N.      1935---1975

SCHMIDT, Ann Elizabeth MILLER       03-29-1950---11-07-1972;wife of   Larry
         Dorothy E. ELLIOTT      1926---1966
         Nellie A. PARISH        03-13-1922---01-05-1984

SCHULTZ, Ralph R.        09-27-1918---04-14-1984;WWII:Son of Paul & Anna

SCHUTZKUS, Bernard P.      02-07-1941---05-18-1985;

                                      Son of Paul & Magdelaine

SCOTT, Everett Glen        10-13-1920---07-07-1944;WWII:

                                      Son of Clyde B. & Stella Mae

SHADEWALD, Archie M.      02-03-1904---01-02-1996;

                                 Son of Frank W. & Mollie A.
           Zola E. MCCLARY      1905---1933;wife of Archie M.

SHAFER, Philip C.       06-24-1934---07-05-1998;Son of David & Eleanor

SHANNON, Alexander       03-10-1800---05-20-1882
        Alice G. MARKLEY      09-20-1872---07-27-1902;wife of William A.
        Alice M.    1902---1902;Daughter of William A. & Alice G.
        Bradford W.       09-02-1908---06-04-1985;Son of Arthur W.& Mae
        Caroline PROPP    1880---1951;wife of James F.
        Clarence C.    1887---1936
        Clarissa CURTNER 09-09-1807---01-30-1882;Wife of Alexander
        Donald B.     06-26-1901---05-24-1985;Son of James F. & Caroline
        Dorothy FARLEY      09-25-1911---11-05-2000;wife of Milford
        Douglas M.     1918--1918;Son of Clarence C. & Lula B.
        Ernest    1896---1897;Son of William A. & Alice G. (Markley)
        Fern ROSE     09-09-1911---;wife of Rollie R.
        Hazel Faye STANDISH    06-02-1911---04-17-1999;wife of Bradford
        James F.    1875---1951
        Lawrence R.     01-00-1891;Son of William A.& Alice G.(Markley)
        Lula B. BUSBEY      10-21-1891---07-22-1968;Wife of Clarence C.
        Mary Ann RICHARDSON-COLLINS       07-18-1849---12-26-1898;

                                                   wife of Thomas J.

        Mertie E. ZIERFUSS        12-12-1906---04-23-1980;wife of   Donald
        Milford "Roy"          08-19-1903---09-26-1987;

                                            Son of James F.& Caroline
        Nancy Ellen ENDICOTT       01-20-1852---03-25-1936;wife of Warner
        Pearl Mary HENRY         06-22-1884---04-14-1970;

                                               2nd wife of William A.
        Raymond LaVerne     04-08-1909;Son of William A. & Pearl Mary
        Rollie R.     09-09-1905---05-11-1995;Son of William A. & Pearl
        Thomas J. 10-20-1834---01-24-1908;Private Co H 5th Wis Inf-CW

        Warner     01-23-1844---08-14-1917;Co F 20th Wis Inf - Civil War
        William A.    1872---03-30-1961

SHARP, Sophia       12-17-1847---05-13-1871;Wife of M.B.

SHEAFOR, Barbara NEHR       07-13-1831---02-12-1919;Wife of Squire
         Minnie Rose   11-14-1871---05-28-1947;Dau.of Squire & Barbara
         Squire    01-18-1826---08-25-1912;Co H 5th Wis Inf - Civil War

SHEPERD, Pearla L.   1907---1936
         Elizabeth Ann MCDONALD      09-02-1811---11-03-1908;Wife of John

SHEPHERD, Morilla J. PIPPIN   1858---1939;wife of Oliver
          Oliver   1845---1930
          Ora F.C.    07-10-1894---08-15-1964;Son of Oliver & Morilla
SLANE, Allie V. STORMS    02-27-1892---11-02-1968;Wife of Earl D.
       Earl D.      05-11-1886---06-07-1972;Son of James & Mary
       Hazel L.   1910---1955;Wife of Willard B.
       James Andrew "Bub" 11-01-1925---04-19-1999;

                                              Son of Earl D.& Allie V
       Villard B.        06-05-1914---07-20-1990;WWII:

                                                   Son of Earl D. & Allie V.

SLAPAK, Frank V.    1903---1958

SMITH, (Baby)       03-10-1918---03-10-1918;Dau.of Brooks M.& Jessie
       Dalis    07-10-1907---01-16-1908;Son of Brooks M. & Jessie Mae
       Ella FOLEY    1856---02-19-1919;wife of Fred
       Fred     1857---1924
       Louisa Agnes ELLSWORTH-TR 05-02-1864---06-27-1951;wife of Fred
       Warner Frederick 09-31-1905---09-18-1928;Son of Brooks M.
       Alanta     1877---1880
       Myron   1871---1871

SNYDER, Hattie L. COLLINS   1867---1928;wife of Frank L.
        V. Wayne   1909---1928;Son of Frank & Hattie L.
        Villard E.   1900---1902;Son of Frank L. & Hattie L.

SOPHER, Conrad Aubrey   1919---1920;Son of George Nelson & Cornelia L.
        Cornelia L. STETLER    07-12-1899---11-21-1995;wife of George
        George Nelson       1895---05-06-1962
        Mark E.    08-16-1951---04-24-1967;Son of Murray & Eileen

SPARLING, Anona E. DOBBS      01-20-1865---04-08-1931;wife of Ira
          Elmer "Zeke"     08-27-1899---02-13-1988;Son of Ira & Anona
          Ira    1858---1928
          Sadie     02-00-1896---05-17-1907;Daughter of Ira & Anona

STAMBAUGH, Gerald Carl      10-28-1915---01-21-1959;WWII:

                                  Son of Charles   & Ella
STANDISH, (Baby) 1889---1889;Infant son of William R. & Elizabeth J.
          Ancel L.     05-10-1828---05-13-1908;Private Co H 5th Wis Inf
          Bert Francis    1878---1960
          Clair M.      10-28-1912---01-10-1987;Son of Bert & Delilah
          Clara J. HARSHA    1855---1881;1st wife of William R.
          Dale R.       08-04-1914---03-26-1990;Son of Orville & Julia
          Delilah HARDY      11-20-1885---02-02-1948;wife of Francis
          Donna Jean    1942--1942;Daughter of Clair M. & Edna (Lyman)
          Elizabeth J. HARSHA     1857---1939;2nd wife of William R.
          Geraldine M. "Gerry"       08-16-1920---01-25-2001;

                                          Dau.of Orville & Julia
          Gilbert L.    1875---1878;Son of William R. & Clara J.
          Gordon      1920---1967
          Julia J. DIETER     1888---1944;wife of Orville
          Larry G.      02-09-1938---06-26-1989;Son of Gerald & Cleo
          Lee        01-15-1894---10-29-1959;Son of Thomas & Lydia
          Leona RICHARDSON     06-27-1887---05-24-1973;wife of Roy C.
          Lucinda WOOD      06-14-1831---06-03-1912;Wife of Ancel L.
          Lydia STUDEBAKER     1856---1946;wife of Thomas
          Murray       1912---1963;WWII
          Orville       11-05-1889---09-20-1984;Son of Wm R. & Eliz. J.
          Roy C.       1885---1945
          Ruth         11-23-1892---03-31-1964;Dau.of William & Eliz.J.
          Thomas        1855---1917
          Thomas H.      06-02-1888---08-29-1957;Son of Wm R. & Eliz.J.
          William        05-03-1891---12-24-1949;WWI:

                                        Son of William R. & Elizabeth J.
          William R.     1850---1919

STANDLEY;Hannah        11-19-1796---05-08-1874;Wife of Samuel
         Margaret R.       03-12-1824---05-12-1876;Wife of Joseph

STETLER, Adaline EARL     1852---1936;wife of Jacob
         Bill      11-05-1881---02-01-1892;Son of Jacob & Mary
         Cleo Vera     04-19-1900---11-14-1900;Dau.of William & Frances
         Cornelius     1850---1925
         Daniel Clingin       03-15-1863---04-13-1945
         Elmer     1871---1945
         Ethel I.    1884---1920;Wife of James A.
         Etta     1880---1919;Daughter of Jacob & Adaline
         Frances Minerva ELLIOTT    08-05-1865---04-09-1903;

                                  wife of William Everett
         Frank P.    1852---1937
         Jacob        11-13-1817---11-09-1889;Son of Jacob
         Jacob      1848---1926
         James A.     1876---1969
         Lena May PETERS       05-23-1873---01-09-1951;Wife of Elmer
         Lucy COOPER     07-16-1867---10-08-1944;wife of Daniel Clingin
         Margaret MONTGOMERY     1855---1951;wife of Cornelius
         Mary DOUGLAS      08-31-1819---02-07-1887;Wife of Jacob
         Myrtle      1876---1957;Daughter of Cornelius & Margaret
         Pearl       1879---1970;Daughter of Cornelius & Margaret
         Susann Margaret HINKLE     1861---1931;Wife of Frank P.
         Verlin J.    1916---1917;Son of James & Louisa
         William Everett    05-31-1855---08-08-1907;Son of Jacob & Mary

STETTLER, James A.   1877---1950
          Louise THIEL   1885---1962;Wife of James A.

STORMS, Allen T.       09-15-1888---12-09-1976;Son of Charles
        Alma FOREST     1906---05-06-1983
        Andrew    1861---1957
        Arvelia SMITH     04-18-1889---08-11-1963;Wife of Harley Everett
        Charlotte M. RYMAN       05-07-1929---04-02-2000;wife of Harold
        Clara M. SCHNEIDER     06-01-1910---01-30-1987;wife of Fay L.
        Duane H.        10-02-1934---01-22-1993;Son of Fay L. & Clara M.
        Fay L.   1905---05-19-1980;Son of Ole P. & Mary Rhoda (Wheaton)
        Harley Everett       09-15-1894---11-18-1926;

                                        Son of Ole P. & Mary Rhoda
        Harold T. "Doc"     12-26-1918---02-04-1990;

                                   Son of Allen & Lillie ;World War II
        John A.        09-27-1883---07-24-1969;Son of Charles & Mary
        Lavern Charles         01-26-1933---01-26-1933;Son of Mac & Vera
        Lillie E. AUGUSTSON      06-30-1891---06-13-1985;wife of Allen
        Mac R.         05-11-1909---08-02-1986;Son of Ole P. & Mary
        Mae M. SMITH      03-24-1884---05-13-1968;Wife of John A.
        Mary Rhoda WHEATON      05-22-1871---04-02-1953;wife of Ole P.
        Norma L. COCKROFT       05-28-1921---05-21-1977;wife of Donald
        Ole P.   1863---1919
        Otto       09-26-1867---05-21-1948;Son of John

             Peter H.   Nov;4,1945---Dec;15,2002,son of Harold & Rita
        Philip Lloyd     03-28-1943---03-28-1943;Child of Mac R. & Vera
        Vera TROXEL    1909---1957;wife of Mac R.
        Victor   1888---1958

STRINE, Kathryn M. PENNELL    1913---03-17-1982;Wife of Neal
        Mikle David    12-10-1950---11-16-1978;Son of Harold & Elinor
        Neal     1901---1970
STUDEBAKER, Abraham        1825---11-30-1895;Aged 70 years
            Bert     1876---1951
            Carrie OLSTEAD     1865---1940;wife of Grant
            Daniel     1851---1932
            Ellen WERTZ        04-17-1830 04-09-1900;wife of Abraham
            Esther        07-04-1896---03-01-1904;Dau.of Grant & Carrie
            Franklin     01-23-1871---05-10-1885;Son of Abraham & Ellen
            Grant     1860---1934
            Isolene     1889---1967;Wife of Bert
            Margaret     1858---1924;Wife of Daniel

SURREM, Boyd L.        11-13-1905--04-22-1985;Son of George & Ida
        Elizabeth RUDZER      08-20-1831---02-08-1905wife of Nels
        George N.      1873---1934
        Ida ST.JOHN      1874---1956;wife of George N.
        Josephine Anna        09-10-1866---05-11-1960;

                                                    Dau.of Nels & Eliz.
        Michael Richard       06-13-1966---06-15-1966;

                                     Son of Gail & Linda
        Nels Jacobson      12-26-1828---03-29-1906;Son of John & Carrie
        Vanda M. "Tonnie" BELSCAMPER      01-06-1910---03-10-1985;

                                             wife of Boyd L.

SWEET, Dale A.    11-12-1955---02-25-2001;Son of Arthur & Mary

TANNER, Maxine ANDERSON    1928---    ;wife of William F.
        William F.    1925---

THOMAS, Arzina      09-22-1893---08-29-1894;Dau.of William & Catherine

THOMAS-STAMBAUGH, Dorothy Mae JORGES-MO     12-12-1925---1973;

                                wife of Gerald

THOMPSON, Earl      10-10-1886---08-23-1889;Son of John C. & Kitty B.
          George 08-10-1832---10-17-1909;Co G. 47th Wis Inf- Civil War
          John C.    1863---1928;Son of Jonathan & Corisanda A.
          Kitty B. CLAIR     1862---1915;wife of John C.
          Oren C.       05-04-1915---09-09-1979;Son of Olaf & Carrie
          Paula      08-28-1889---09-02-1889;Daughter of John C. & Kitty
          Samantha E. STETLER     1858---1936;Wife of William M.
          William M.     1852---1934

TISDALE, Alta L. EVANS      1891---1927;Wife of Floyd J.
         Floyd J.   1882---1935

TOMAN, Harvey B.   1883---????
       Rose E. WILCOX    1887---1928;Wife of Harvey B.
       Ruford R.      01-24-1912---11-15-1989;Son of Harvey B.& Rose E.
       Wilma S. WILSON      08-17-1916---03-02-2000wife of Ruford R.

TOPP, Edward J.   03-24-1895---07-17-1978;Son of Anthony A. & Magdalin

TRACY, Emma BOLINT      02-14-1894---12-19-1990;wife of William M.
       Robert "Bob"     03-09-1932---04-10-2000;Son William M.& Emma
       William McKinley    11-08-1893---12-10-1974;WWI;

                                           Son of Charles Henry & Mary

TROXEL, Alma M. AUGUSTON      11-26-1887--12-10-1975;wife of Clyde
        Andrew       03-01-1826---09-22-1900
        Aron        1851---1920
        Barbara BAUMAN        02-11-1830---08-19-1905;Wife of Andrew
        Barbara A. LEWIS        02-13-1951---05-25-1997;wife of Ronald
        Benjamin     1870---1964
        Christopher "Chris"    1848---1930
        Claude George     01-28-1907---11-06-1980;Son of Thomas & Mabel
        Clell         07-01-1921---09-13-1922;Son of Ronie Troxel
        Clyde Buford     04-08-1878---04-13-1963;Son of Soloman & Elsie
        Cora BURTON      1880---1961;Wife of Frank
        David E.        12-23-1908---11-27-1983;Son of Clyde & Elsie
        Edith M. WILSON        08-16-1899---01-04-1990;wife of John
        Foster R.        01-21-1899---10-06-1980;Son of Isaac & Lucy
        Frank       1868---1942
        Gladys COOPER       02-13-1902---06-22-1924;wife of Ronie
        Gladys COOPER       03-25-1902---02-16-1988;wife of William
        Ida I. LYMAN-TURGESON     10-03-1875---1961;wife of Thomas J.
                                              (Ida I. has No stone)
        Isaac       1865---11-14-1906;Son of Andrew & Barbara
        Jennie B. LOUNSBURY     1900---11-02-1971;wife of Foster R.
        John Crowin        05-17-1892---05-01-1893;Son of G. & L.
        John Vernie      1892---03-12-1938
        Leaman        1893---1969
        Louise        1905---04-11-1990
        Mabel ELLIOTT      1886---01-26-1942;wife of Thomas J.
        Mary Ann FAZEL      08-08-1854---05-21-1919wife of Christopher
        Ronie        10-07-1893---10-15-1927;Son of Isaac & Louise
        Samuel         10-11-1853--- 02-25-1934;Son of Andrew & Barbara
        Shelby      1877---1962
        Thomas J.      06-05-1880---1952;Son of Christopher& Mary Ann
        Violet L.     1946---1952
        William Henry       10-20-1902---05-07-1985;Son of Frank & Cora

TURGESON, Andrew       1862---10-21-1939
          Armina       03-16-1859---06-20-1934
          John Francis         05-25-1885---06-13-1952;

                                  Son of Andrew & Sarah F.(no stone)
          John, Rev.      10-18-1858---10-29-1955
          Mary A. DIXON       11-15-1859---03-21-1882;wife of Rev. John
          Sarah F. HARSHA      1863---1888;Wife of Andrew
          Vivian        03-18-1896---01-07-1932;WWI;Son of John & Mary

TURNIPSEED, Allen Hyatt       10-24-1874---12-09-1951;Son of Wm & Nancy
            Hattie P. LEWIS     1876---1960wife of Allen Hyatt

TURNMIRE, Nancy Ann TROXEL-HARDY      1857---1947;wife of   Samuel
          Samuel   1856---1926

TUSKA, Reed Junior        03-31-1976---03-31-1976;

                                    Son of Reed J. & Candace Ann

TWING, Blanche B.    1896---1968;Wife of Oscar B.
       Clarence      1903---
       Edith L.      1909---     ;Wife of Clarence
       Oscar B.      1891---1950
       Richard       1930---1930
UNDERHILL, Gennette C.       1849---1860;Daughter of W. & C.

WALDSMITH, James V.      07-26-1928---12-02-1999;Korea:

                                 Son of Fred Edward & Beatrice R.

WALLACE, Carrie M.       10-18-1865---09-29-1885;Wife of G.F.

WALLER, George W.     09-04-1812---11-06-1888
        Lizzie     1849---1930;Daughter of George W. & Sarah
        Sarah JOHNSON       02-25-1819---04-09-1891;Wife of George W.

WALLIS, Joseph Rood          04-24-1924---04-30-1985;Son of Joseph & Jane

WARD, Mildred Alena CALKINS-LEFFLER       09-18-1903---05-31-1991;

                                          wife of   Aden J. Ward

WARREN, Suzanna LOCK      09-07-1832---10-30-1887 ;Wife of William
        William      10-31-1830---03-25-1898;Son of Greenbury & Anna

WELDY, Allie Luella KINDER         09-16-1869---03-21-1904;wife of   John

       Ida L.      1889---1933;Daughter of John W. & Allie Luella
       John        03-04-1813---05-16-1882
       John W.     1865---1916

WENDLING, Howard          08-23-1910---05-15-1965;Son of Andrew
WENZEL, Augusta SALANKE      1859---1941;Wife of William
        William    1865---1954

WEST, Verda E. ADAMS     1900---1942;Wife of William I.
      William I.     1897---1964

WHEATON, Annie N. LEWIS     1883---1968;wife of Everett T.
         Everett T.       04-15-1886---10-05-1943;

                                Son of Theodore & Abigail
         Fola H.     01-27-1912---02-06-1912;Dau.of Everett T. & Annie

WHITE, Wesley        08-04-1879---08-16-1953;Son of Lott & Mary E.

WILCOX, Emily Clarina SPARLING-BURNS      01-10-1860---01-08-1936

                             wife of    George W.

WILEY, Clara E. WALLACE    1905---08-28-1971;wife of   Leonard

WILLEY, James H.       03-27-1825---12-29-1896
        Jane       12-25-1817---02-02-1894;Wife of James H.

WILLIAMSON, Esther F. MEYER    06-07-1896---05-19-1987;wife of Lemuel E.
            Lemuel E.     11-03-1895---05-04-1972;Son of Edwin & Olive
            Lloyd     1919---1938;Son of Lemuel E. & Esther F. (Meyer)

WILLIS, Carl H.     1909---06-18-1936
WILSON, Arthur L.     1897---1959
        Donald R.     1927---1964;Son of Ralph & Mary M.
        Ellen M. POOLE      10-17-1897---03-07-1995;wife of Arthur L.
        Mary M. HASKINS     12-12-1897---12-07-1991;wife of Ralph
        Ralph      1888---1962
        Stella POOLE     09-11-1899---06-08-1985;wife of William H.
        William H.     11-02-1895---10-04-1949;Son of Thomas & Margaret

WIRTZ, Fred Swisher       04-08-1926---10-22-1994;WWII:Son of Fred & Lavina

WOOD, Elisha     1845---1923

WORLEY, Samuel        1860---09-21-1872

WRIGHT, Isaac J., Rev.      10-30-1818---06-30-1888;Civil War.
        Martha A. MILLER-HAMIL     08-18-1825---11-18-1905

           third wife of Isaac J. Wright

YOUNG, Kenneth Clarence     06-08-1902---08-24-1966;Son of Frank & Addie
       Tressa KITE          12-11-1896---01-19-1993;wife of Kenneth

ZANDERS, Claudia ELDER      1867---04-22-1891;Wife of Hubert
         Hubert      10-02-1892---10-03-1892;Son of Hubert & Matilda

ZINTZ, Isolene B. RUSSELL     05-17-1912---10-12-1980;wife of Lawrence
       Lawrence A.     06-05-1912---09-18-1975;Son of William & Ethel

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