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									                           This Week In Baseball
                                      Show #1226
                                   September 24, 2011



Brandon Inge: It feels great obviously. Anytime you can make it to the postseason...



Major League Baseball Productions presents…

                                        (SYNC: Music up)



This Week In Baseball – your inside access to the game…

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                                     ACT ONE



As we come to the end of the 2011 season, it’s always fun to look back at some of the

predictions that were made in the spring…

                                (SYNC: “Do you…”)

Interviewer: Do you think this team is going to surprise some people this year?

Davey Johnson: Well you know we got high hopes of finishing ahead of the Mets.



Well some of the forecasts were tongue in cheek – others dead serious. But one thing

we’ve learned is that during spring training, everyone has high hopes – and almost

everyone’s a prophet…

                                (SYNC: “Talk about…”)

Interviewer: Talk about the expectations and what you think this team is capable of

this year.

Chris Young: First of all for the Diamondbacks um I mean obviously it's a year that

we have to come back. Hopefully it can be a bounce back season for the team.



But after back-to-back 90-loss seasons – it would’ve been asking a lot for Arizona to

unseat the defending world champs…

                                  (SYNC: “The Giants…”)

Announcer: The Giants are World Champions!

Justin Upton: You know on paper you know you wouldn't say well this team is going

to win a World Series...

Kirk Gibson: We don't know what kind of team we have right now. People can

speculate. The reality of it, baseball's not that way, it's not very scripted.

Announcer: And he hits one, way back, Diamondbacks win!



So Arizona decided to write its own script – one with a Cinderella theme to it…

                                  (SYNC: “What…”)

Announcer: What an incredible story though Arizona has been to turn around from

basically nothing.

Announcer: These Diamondbacks surprising a lot of people...



Especially their pitchers – led by 20-game winner, Ian Kennedy…

                                  (SYNC: “He struck…”)

Announcer: He struck him out swinging!



Justin Upton has had an MVP-type season…

                                (SYNC: Crack)


Announcer: Upton, high drive, way outta here!


And there’s no denying that Kirk Gibson – in his first full year as manager – has put

his young team in the right frame of mind…

                                (SYNC: “I just…”)

Kirk Gibson: I just wanted guys to have a drive and determination and we understand

that and come out and play hard every day.

Announcer: The Diamondbacks do it again!

Interviewer: What are your expectations for the 2011 season both for the team and for

you personally?



Jose Bautista had an amazing year in 2010 – leading the majors in home runs…

                                (SYNC: “Jose…”)

Announcer: Jose Bautista's 54th.



And prior to the 2011 season, he had just one goal in mind…

                                   (SYNC: “Win…”)

Jose Bautista: Win as many games as possible, contribute in any way I can to try to

win those games.

Announcer: Oh did he give that a ride!


(“A RIDE”)

Well the Blue Jays won’t make the playoffs, but Jose has done his share – leading the

majors in home runs, on base percentage and slugging percentage…

                                   (SYNC: “Obviously…”)

Announcer: Obviously now he's a big power hitter, but he's gotten smarter as a hitter.



A passionate student of the game and a tireless worker – Jose is constantly honing his


                                   (SYNC: “In my head…”)

Jose Bautista: In my head I'm visualizing that pitch and myself hitting it.

Announcer: There it goes...

J. P. Arencibia: He's been able to figure himself out and know what it takes for him to

be consistent day in and day out.

Jose Bautista: You see the ball good you feel like you can hit any pitch no matter

who's pitching and when the pitch is in the zone you hit it and you're hitting it well.

Jose Bautista: Good job, good game, good game, good game, good game.

Interviewer: Who do you think has the best starting rotation in baseball?

Clint Hurdle: Phillies.

Trevor Cahill: The Phillies.

Player: Phillies.

Clayton Kershaw: Obviously the Phillies.



Almost everyone agreed that the Phillies had a starting rotation that could be


                                   (SYNC: Smack)



But predictions – are just that…

                                   (SYNC: “I don’t…”)

Charlie Manuel: I don't think that you can really put a ceiling on the upside to it. It's

that good. We still have to go out there and do it.


(“DO IT”)

And they have – finishing with two serious Cy Young Award candidates…

                                  (SYNC: “Thirteen…”)

Announcer: Thirteen strikeouts for Halladay...

Announcer: And Cliff Lee has pitched his sixth shutout this season.



They have the National League leader in WHIP…

                                  (SYNC: “Got…”)

Announcer: Got him! Back to back strikeouts for Hammels.



Not to mention Roy Oswalt – a three-time all-star -- and a rookie of the year candidate

bringing up the rear…

                                  (SYNC: “And…”)

Announcer: And Vance Worley has pitched his first Major League complete game.



The Phillies rotation leads the Majors in wins, ERA, complete games and strikeouts…

                                      (SYNC: Smack)



This was one spring prediction that most everyone -- got right…

                                      (SYNC: “You think…”)

Announcer: You think about all the hype coming into this year really they've

surpassed expectations.

Announcer: Boy Phillies pitching this year has been amazing, by far the best in





This Week In Baseball is brought to you by Pepsi Max…


                                      ACT TWO

                               Best Off-the-Field Stories


This was a special year for TWIB – for we got to bring you all kinds of compelling


                                 (SYNC: “Good meeting…”)

Kid: Good meeting you too Derek.

Derek Jeter: Alright buddy.



One of them took us back to the enduring myth of Babe Ruth’s called shot in 1932 --

as seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy…

                                 (SYNC: “After…”)

Lincoln: After nearly eighty years I can still remember very clearly what took place.



Legend has it that Ruth was being heckled during that game, and in his third at bat --

he had enough…

                                 (SYNC: “For the…”)

Lincoln: For the next pitch he pointed up in the air towards center field.

Babe Ruth: Well I looked out to center field and I pointed.

Lincoln: Wow, he was telling the fans he was going to knock a homer out to center


Babe Ruth: I said I'm going to hit the next pitched ball right past the flag pole. We;;

the good lord must have been listening.

Lincoln: He called his shot. This particular event was burned in my mind. I realized

that there was some controversy about this. Well what nonsense.



Lincoln was sitting with his uncle, Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis

– so he certainly had a good view of the proceedings…

                                 (SYNC: “I had…”)

Lincoln: I had the best seat in the house. I was next to the Cubs dugout.



It was a truly memorable day for a 10-year-old boy – one captured perfectly in a

photograph Lincoln recently acquired…

                                 (SYNC: Flash)

Lincoln: I was thrilled to see this picture of me and my uncle. I could not believe that I

was holding this picture in my hand.



But one does not have to see to believe – or teach for that matter…

                                 (SYNC: “That’s…”)

Mark Wetzel: That's extension. See that time he went all the way through.

Mark Wetzel: I'm Mark Wetzel I've been a hitting coach for about thirty years now.

Mark Wetzel: That a babe! Less is best.

Mark Wetzel: My story may not be that unique or different except for the fact I'm

legally blind.



Unable to dissect a swing by looking at it, Mark instead uses the light and shadows in

the corners of his eyes to paint a picture…

                                 (SYNC: “I can…”)

Mark Wetzel: I can see you move. I can see you put your hand up. I can't count the

fingers but I see that move.

Player: I still don't understand how he see's half these things.

Mark Wetzel: See how loose he was coach?

Mark Wetzel: I've worked with all types. The little leaguers, the high school kids,

even Hall of Famers.

Tony Gwynn: I'm like amazed at how he kind of helped me understand myself a little

bit more about hitting.

Player: A lot of people just think he's a hitting instructor and he's more of an

inspiration than that.

Mark Wetzel: I think this little bit of a bump in the road I've had here has made me

understand, working harder I can accomplish anything I want. And that being said, I'm

able to now change other people’s lives with that philosophy.



And life can change in an instant – much like it did for Johnathan Taylor and Zach


                                 (SYNC: “The way…”)

Coach: The way J.T. And Zach approached every ball game, you know if it was in

their area, they were going to go get it and make the play.



But in an effort to make one of those plays, the two University of Georgia


                                 (SYNC: Sound SFX full)



…endured a brutal collision…



Johnathan was paralyzed – he will never play baseball again – and Zach

understandably struggled with the turn of events…

                                   (SYNC: “It was…”)

Zach Cone: It was really tough. For the longest time I mean, it was, you know, that's

one of your best friends, like your brother.



Prior to the accident, both young men were scouted by the Texas Rangers. And when

the June draft arrived – the Rangers selected Zach in the first round. Then – they

came up huge…

                                   (SYNC: “Yeah…”)

Rangers Scout: You know Jonathan Taylor was a guy we were very interested in even

before the accident. I brought this to the attention of our scouting director and told

him, I said hey this guy deserves to be drafted, I think it will help lift his spirits.

Jonathan Taylor: Coach first called me to congratulate me. You've been drafted by the

Texas Rangers. I'm like you're kidding me right?



It was a special moment when JT and Zach were introduced to the fans ---and the


                                      (SYNC: “Good to…”)

Josh Hamilton: Good to see you. You alright? In good spirits?

Jonathan Taylor: Yes sir.

Jonathan Taylor: I thank the Texas Rangers for what they did for me. They see more

than just a player in me. I'm very thankful for what they did.

Georgia Coach: I mean that fact that it was the team that drafted his good friend Zach

Cone. Those guys, they've been teammates for a long time and they're still going to be

teammates now being with the Rangers.





And now – here’s TWIBIA. The Phillies’ Cliff Lee has thrown six shutouts this

season – the most in the majors. We asked MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds which

Philadelphia pitcher – since 1920 – has tossed the most shutouts in a season. Is it

Lee? Steve Carlton? Curt Schilling? Or Robin Roberts?

                                      (SYNC: “I…”)

Harold Reynolds: I want to go A. Carlton. But I think I'm gonna go with Robin




Nope, it was Steve Carlton – who threw eight shutouts in 1972 – the year the team

won just 59 games…

                                      (SYNC: “Follow…”)

Harold Reynolds: Follow your instincts!



                                      Winning Road Trips


Next up – Holiday Inn presents – Winning Road Trips – where we salute the teams

and players that come up big away from home…

                                      (SYNC: Smack)



Seventy years ago this coming week, Ted Williams played a doubleheader in

Philadelphia in which every at bat was packed with pressure…

                                     (SYNC: Crack)

Announcer: It may be a history making day. Ted Williams gunning for a .400 season.



And 70 years later – he remains the last man in baseball to hit .400…

                                     (SYNC: “Ted…”)

Announcer: Ted finishes the doubleheader six for eight, batting .406. Not too bad a




                                    ACT THREE

                                      Pepsi Max


We now return to TWIB, where this week on Pepsi Max Presents, we make our final

visit this year to the MLB Fan Cave – that high tech, interactive hardball haven that

has been home all season to Cave Man Mike O’Hara – aka Mikey Oh…

                                (SYNC: “What…”)

Mike O'Hara: What am I most enthusiastic about these days? Baseball.



And Ryan “Thickish” Wagner – his baseball BFF…

                                (SYNC: “I love you…”)

Mike O'Hara: I love you.

Ryan Wagner: Okay? I love you too.



Together they’ve watched every MLB game this year – more than 2300 to date. In

addition, more than 100 celebrities and big league players stopped by the cave to


                                (SYNC: “That’s how…”)

David Ortiz: That's how I roll.



Including Miss USA…

                                  (SYNC: “Owwww…”)



As the season winds down, the fellas spent some time on line reviewing the four

finalists in the Pepsi Max Field of Dreams contest…

                                  (SYNC: “Man…”)

Mike O'Hara: Man that's a tough decision.

Ryan Wagner: What's that Mike? You filling out your fantasy baseball roster?

Mike O'Hara: No I have to vote to see which one of these four finalists is gonna get to

host the Pepsi Field of Dreams Team.

Ryan Wagner: They already picked the finalists for that? Let me see.

Mike O'Hara: Yeah sure. Just go to you can see the four finalists

and vote to see who gets to host the big game.



The finalists are Tim Wisecup (Weiss-cup) from Columbus, Ohio -- Augie Gonzalez

from Carteret, New Jersey -- Marc Kramer from West Palm Beach, Florida -- and

Roland Green from Denver, Colorado…

                                      (SYNC: “So…”)

Ryan Wagner: So one of these lucky guys is going to get to play against all of those

legends? Cal Ripken Jr? Randy Johnson?

Mike O'Hara: Sure. Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Ken Griffey Jr., I mean all of

them will be in the home town of one of these lucky guys. Vote for whoever you

want, you know, I mean, that's what we do. No, no, no but on your own computer.

And you can vote up to as many as fifty times.

Ryan Wagner: Forty nine, forty eight...



You vote that many times you’re going to need to relax. So it was cool that the band

New Found Glory stopped by to punk up the cave a bit…

                                      (SYNC: “Make some…”)

Mike O'Hara: Make some noise for New Found Glory!

(New Found Glory Performing)



                                         Gillette Rookies


Gillette now presents The Rookie of the Month – honoring the league’s top rookies

throughout the season…

                                      (SYNC: “Welcome…”)

Announcer: Welcome to the show!



In back-to-back games this week, Mike Carp went wild…

                                              (SYNC: Crack)

Announcer: Grand slam Mike Carp!

Announcer: First career grand slam.

Announcer: Mike Carp on fire! Two doubles. Three singles. Five for five.

Announcer: First career five hit game.





This Week in Baseball presented by Pepsi Max will be right back…


                                       Act Four

                                   Diamond Demos


To play baseball right you’ve got to execute the fundamentals of the game…

                                (SYNC: Crack)


Harold Reynolds: Fundamentals youngsters, keep working on it.


And who better to learn from than the experts at MLB Network, with this week’s

Diamond Demo…

                                (SYNC: Ring out)



Mariano Rivera became the all time saves leader this week -- and both Harold

Reynolds and Mike Lowell analyze the pitch that made it all possible…

                                (SYNC: “We’re…”)

Mike Lowell: We're going to break down what the cutter does.

Harold Reynolds: Okay.

Mike Lowell: This is the best cutter in the history of the game.

Announcer: The cutter's been such a great pitch for him. It's just a devastating pitch to

try and hit.

Harold Reynolds: You're thinking it's going to be a ball in here, you're getting ready to

start swinging, and the next thing you know...

Mike Lowell: It's just this move.

Announcer: You're not going to be able to hit it on the barrel. That's the unbelievable

movement on Mariano's cutter.

Mike Lowell: Left hander, this pitch looks beautiful, right down the middle, it's going

to be hit, I'm taking my swing, boom.

Announcer: There goes that cutter right at their hands and it's either going to jam them

or break the bat.

Mike Lowell: Throughout his whole career he's never been a song and dance. He

comes in, he gets the ball. Okay that's game over.



                                          Going All Out


We showed you, this year, how baseball made its way to the theatre – the kitchen –

and the recording studio…

                                     (SYNC: “We’re…”)

Nick Swisher: We're working boys, working.



Capturing the game through pictures is a given…

                                (SYNC: Shutter)



And one of most famous to do so – was Charles Conlon – who traveled from

Brooklyn to the Bronx to photograph the game and its legends on film…

                                (SYNC: “Conlon…”)

INTV: Conlon was the first photographer who worked the New York ball parks on a

daily basis. He would take the pose action. He would take the close head shots. And

then he'd stick around on the field and take game action.



His work was recently on display in Lower Manhattan – and fans of both baseball and

art gathered to view his iconic images – which told the story of an ever-changing

game – and the medium that preserved it…

                                (SYNC: “Unlike…”)

INTV: Unlike many other photographers of the time, he had such intimate access to

the players. He was able to photograph pitchers hands. He had these relationships with

Ruth and Gehrig and Cobb and Mathewson to where they let him in, they gave him an

intimate look.

INTV 2: Conlon had a sense that he was preserving history.



As part of the Conlon Exhibition, renowned artist Adam Port interpreted the

photographers most famous images using pencil and acrylic paint…

                                 (SYNC: “I’m…”)

Adam Port: I'm always working from a photograph. I spent equal time drawing the

under drawing, painting and then the color pencils.



The results are stunning – for Adam’s portraits are all but indistinguishable from the

photos he’s re-creating…

                                 (SYNC: “When I…”)

INTV: When I was walking through the room tonight I got to the second of his

paintings before I realized I was looking at his paintings. I thought I was looking at

my photos. Adam photorealistic paintings are second to none.

Adam Port: People have a tendency to kind of stare at things from a distance. From

ten feet away you really can't tell the difference, but if you go up close most people

can see the texture and paint.

INTV: What Adam's done here tonight and captured is amazing. I mean there's

definitely that awe factor where it stops you in your tracks and while they're looking at

that, they're also learning about Charles Conlon and his talent. So I think it's a perfect




                                 State Farm State of the Game



And now State Farm presents – State of the Game – spotlighting players -- and teams

that have reached a better state…

                                      (SYNC: “They’re…”)



On September 5th, St. Louis trailed Atlanta for the wild card by eight and a half


                                      (SYNC: “And a…”)

Announcer: And a swing and a miss!



But they now enter the final week on the heels of the Braves…

                                      (SYNC: “The…”)

The St. Louis Cardinals are making things awfully sticky for the Atlanta Braves in the

wildcard race.





This Week in Baseball -- presented by Pepsi Max will be right back…


                                        ACT Five

                                    How ‘bout That


Taco Bell now presents How ‘bout That – with the best plays of the year – set to the

the song “Sing” by My Chemical Romance…

                                 (SYNC: Music)

Announcer: If it looks on your screen like a great day for baseball, it is.

Chris Perez: I mean this is the best part of the baseball season right now.

Announcer: Watch TV tonight, that's going to be on every one of them.

Gaby Sanchez: Yeah.

James Shields: What's up dude, how you feeling today?

Announcer: Oh what a catch! What a catch!

Announcer: Put a star next to that one.

Brandon Phillips: Oh my gosh!

Announcer: A behind the back flip to second!

Announcer: Reaches, ohh! He got it!

Announcer: He can't believe he caught that ball.

David Ross: Woooh!

Announcer: Catches it with his bare hand!

Announcer: Oh my goodness!

David Price: Yes sir!

James Shields: Yeah!

Announcer: You can watch in the highlights...

Announcer: That play was gold glove worthy.

Logan Morrsion: Yes sir!

Announcer: He got it!

Carlos Gonzalez: That was a good jump, huh?

Announcer: Oh my goodness! That just happened!

Announcer: Back, oh he tumbles over!

Announcer: How about that catch.

How 'Bout That

Announcer: One of the best plays of the year.

David Price: I love those outs, those are the best.

Announcer: If that doesn't give you goose bumps, you don't have a pulse!

Nyjer Morgan: Ahh!

Announcer: Liriano has hit no hitter!

You're never going to see anything quite that incredible again!

David Price: Oh ho ho!

Jose Bautista: Balls and bats are flying.

Announcer: It is gone!

James Shields: Ohh!

Player: Swing nice and easy.

Announcer: Ervin Santana has no hit the Cleveland Indians!

Announcer: Here's the throw, here's the play...

Neil Walker: Cannon.

Announcer: He is out!

Announcer: Oh what a play!

Announcer: How do you like that?

Announcer: Out of nowhere he makes the grab!

Player: Yeah, there it is.

Announcer: The second no hitter in his young career!

David Price: Go, go.

Announcer: Kimbrel sets a Major League rookie record...

David Ross: I got big time respect for this guy.

Announcer: Mariano has now saved more games than anyone else.

Announcer: Number 600 for Jim Thome!

Announcer: Three thousand! History with an exclamation point!

Neil Walker: The grand finale.

Announcer: Five straight NL East championships!

Announcer: Champions of the American League's Central Division...

Announcer: American League East over!

Nyjer Morgan: That's it, gotta go. Ahh!



TWIB CLASSIC – 40 Years of LCS Moments


Back in the day, getting to the World Series was a matter of having the best record in

the American and National Leagues. But all that changed in 1969…

                                      (SYNC: “It’s over…”)

Announcer: "It's over, the New York Mets have won the pennant"

Announcer: "The Orioles sweep the Twins to become the American League champs"



The League Championship Series is now the showdown for the pennant – with the

winners reaching The Fall Classic…

                                      (SYNC: Beats)



For 40 years the LCS has brought us some thrilling moments. Let’s look back at some

of the very best…

                                      (SYNC: Beats)

Announcer: "Here's the game on the line right now, Brett facing Gossage, tying run

over at third base, set by Gossage, a hard drive hit deep to left field, it is gone! 3 run

home run by George Brett! The Royals now lead it and a stunned crowd here at

Yankee Stadium in New York"

Announcer: "Rick Monday with two outs in the ninth, the game tied up at 1"

Announcer: "Swung on fly ball center field, Dawson going back onto the warning

track, at the wall, that ball is outa here! The home run for Rick Monday"

Announcer: "Two out, ninth inning, Donny Moore to face Dave Henderson. To left

field and deep, and it's gone! Unbelievable! You're lookin at one for the ages here"

Announcer: "We're gonna go extra innings, a 3-3 tie. Base hit right field, the Mets go

to the lead 4-3."

Announcer: "It is, a home run"

Announcer: "4-4 tie at the bottom of the 14th inning"

Announcer: "7-4 mets"

Announcer: "7-6 and they are still alive!"

Announcer: "The New York Mets have won the 1986 National League Pennant"

Announcer: "Fastball hit in the air to left field, that's deep, back goes Chavez, back

near the wall, leaping and...he made the catch!! He took a home run away from Rolen!

Endy Chavez saved the day!"

Announcer: "Marlins needing to win this game"

Announcer: "Strike 3"

Announcer: "Josh Beckett has been the story today, he has been dominating"

Announcer: "Swing and a miss"

Announcer: "That's 11 strikeouts"

Announcer: "An electrifying game 5 performance"

Announcer: "The Rays are asking the 23 year old David Price to save this game"

Announcer: "Swing and a ground ball to second, this should do it, this improbable

season has another chapter to it! The Rays are going to the World Series!"

Announcer: "The future and the present coming together for the Rays"

Announcer: "Pierzynski is going down to first, and the Angels are already off the

field. The homeplate umpire said that ball hit into the ground, and the ninth inning


Announcer: "And that's into the left field corner. The White Sox have won.

Controversy in Chicago"

Announcer: "Here's Davey Lopes, game on the line, ground ball of Schmidt to Boa,

the throw, yes! No! Not in time! This game is tied!"

Announcer: "In right field Torasco, going back to the track, to the wall, and what

happens here? He contends that a fan reaches up and touches it! He's right!"

Announcer: "What's your name son?"

Jeff Mayer: "Jeff Mayer"

Announcer: "You stuck your mit over, caught the ball, it's the difference in the game

right now"

Jeff Mayer: "Wow, it's pretty unbelievable"

Announcer: "Again in the air down the left field line, Alou reaching into the stands

and couldn't get it, and he's livid with a fan"

Announcer: "If the fan just gets his hand out of the way, Moises makes the catch"

Announcer: "That was a catchable ball"

Announcer: "Pinch runner Dave Roberts is gonna come in for Boston, he can run"

Announcer: "Roberts is going, Posada's throw, Roberts is safe!"

Announcer: "Ortiz into deep right field, we'll see ya later tonight"

Announcer: "Drive in the air to deep right field, that ball is, outa here! A game

winning grand slam home run! I don't know if they'll let Ventura circle the bases"

Announcer: "Smith corks one into right down the line, it may go! Go crazy folks! Go

crazy! It's a home run for the Wizard!"

Announcer: "In the air, we go to St. Louis but Houston is up 3 games to 2"

Announcer: "We are going to game 7 in the National League Championship Series"

Announcer: "Line drive and a base hit, Justice will score the tying run. Breem to the

plate, and he is safe! Safe at the plate! The Braves go to the World Series!"

Announcer: "Line drive hit to right center field, that's gone!"

Announcer: "Chris Chambliss has won the American League Pennant for the New

York Yankees"

Announcer: "Swing and a fly ball left field it's deep, it's way back, the Tigers are

going to the World Series!"

Announcer: "A fly ball deep to left, it's on its way, and there it goes! And the

Yankees are going to the World Series!"


                                           Buzz Goodbye


Well that’s a wrap for this year – but we’ll be back for more next season.

For This Week in Baseball I’m Buzz Brainard – so long everybody…

                                      (SYNC: Final notes)



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