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					September 25, 2007
                                                                    Community College District 3
                                                                      Kitsap & Mason Counties

                               Board of Trustee Regular Meeting Minutes
                                                   September 25, 2007
     5:00pm     Regular Board of Trustees Meeting, Olympic College, College Service Center,
                5th Floor Board Room, 1600 Chester Avenue, Bremerton, WA

     Chair Alice Tawresey called the Board of Trustees Regular Meeting to order at 5:04 p.m.

     Board Members in Attendance:
     Pete Crane          Doug Sayan           Darlene Peters   Alice Tawresey
     Jim Robinson
     Others in Attendance:
     Cheryl Bateman, AAG
     David Mitchell, President
     Rick MacLennan, Vice President of Student Services
     Barbara Martin, Vice President of Administrative Services
     Allison Smith, Executive Assistant to the President
     Leslie Miller, ASOC President
     Kim McNamara, Director Shelton Campus
     Linda Yerger, Executive Director for Human Resource Services
     Nat Hong, AHE President
     John Miller, Associate Editor of the Olympian
     Sophie Siemion, Photo Editor of the Olympian
     Bridgid Brunson, Chief Financial Officer
     Gina Huston,

     A. Communication Items
            1. Communication from the Public
            2. Report of ASOC – Leslie Miller reported on:
                   The ASOC Board is fully staffed
                   Attended leadership training in Wenatchee
                   Student engagement projects
                   Welcome back events (booths, student barbecue)
            3. Report of the Chair of the Board
            4. Report of the Board Members
September 25, 2007
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           5. Report of the President of the College
              David Mitchell reported that Brian Dahl had accepted a position with the State
              Board and that he will be missed by the O.C. community. Representative
              Kathy Haigh invited David to be the keynote speaker for the Shelton rotary
              event, that welcomed all new Shelton School District teachers..
           6. Olympic College Washington Public Employees Association
           7. College Association of Higher Education – Nat Hong reported on:
              Part time faculty unemployment benefits
              Receipt of an $8,400 grant from NEA for an organizing drive in the local
              Creating a VP in steering committee for part time issues
              Pursuing faculty salary issues
           8. Report of the Olympic College Foundation
           9. Presentation: None.

     B. Consent Items
         Approval of the August 28, 2007, Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
         Chair Tawresey asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Trustee Sayan
         motioned for approval, and Trustee Peters seconded the motion. Jim Robinson
         abstained. The majority voted in favor of approval of the minutes.

     C. Study Session
           1. The Board reviewed the three policies that were presented for first reading.
           Barbara Martin explained these policies.
           2. The Board’s 2007-2008 goals were reviewed and discussed. The Board
           discussed adding an additional goal.
           3. The Board’s 07-08 Work Plan was reviewed. Members of the Board
           volunteered for various responsibilities. Jim Robinson motioned and Darlene
           Peters seconded the motion to approve the Work Plan as revised.
           4. Budget Review – Bridgid Brunson presented information about the 06-07
           financial information and the 07-08 budget.
           5. Mission Statement – Kim McNamara presented information on how the
           Mission Statement is being developed. The draft statement was reviewed by the

     D. Action/Information Items

     1. Action Item: Olympic College Foundation Report of Tender of a Gift
      Pete Crane motioned for approval. Jim Robinson seconded the motion. The vote
     was unanimously in favor of the acceptance of the report of tender of a gift.

     2. Action Item: Review 06-07 financial information and approve 07-08 budget
     Jim Robinson motioned for approval. Pete Crane seconded the motion. The vote was
     unanimously in favor of approving the 07-08 budget.
September 25, 2007
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     3. Action Item: Adopting the 07-08 Board Goals
     Pete Crane motioned for approval. Jim Robinson seconded the motion. The vote was
     unanimously in favor of adopting the 07-08 Board Goals; with the exception of an
     additional goal which states: Provide leadership for recruitment and retention of a
     quality workforce.

     4. Information Items 4-6
     The first reading of the Animal Control Policy, the Policy on Policy Standards and the
     Policy College Seal were conducted.

E.   Executive Session
     There was an Executive Session to review the performance of a public employee. The
     board adjourned at 6:40pm for executive session and reconvened at 7:20pm

     7. Action Item: Approve President’s Evaluation
      This action item was tabled until the October 2007 meeting.

     8. Action Item: Addendum to President’s Contract
     Doug Sayan motioned for approval of the Addendum to the President’s contract. Pete
     Crane seconded the motion. The vote was unanimously in favor of approving the
     Addendum which includes a 6% cost of living increase effective September 1, 2007 and
     extends the President’s contract to June 30, 2011.

     E. Adjournment
     Chair Tawresey adjourned the meeting at 7:27 p.m.

     This regular board meeting site is barrier free. Information for people with hearing or
     visual impairments may be provided by calling Access Services at 360-475-7540.

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