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									                       Sample Report with

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                        Data for December 2005

Client 1 is not profitable for large orders (neither is Client 6)
Move order slider to right to isolate large orders
                        Data for December 2005

There is a good relationship between Orders and Revenue, except for Client 4
The relation is best for Market A Click on Market A to see just those data
                   Data for December 2005

Client 2 and 4 represent 2/3 revenue. Market C is 46 % Revenue
Click the ‘Split by’ menu and select ‘Market’
                      Data for December 2005

Clients are evenly distributed geographically, but large shared traded is
concentrated in India and Japan Drag the ‘Shared Traded slider to the right
                         Data for December 2005

Market C represent about half the records, although Market B has more
profitable clients, especially after Day 15 Drag ‘Day’ slider to right past Day 15
        Data for December 2005

Source data can be manipulated in tabular form

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