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              PitStop Server
Automated Multi-Document Preflight & Editing for PDF

                                         Dramatically Increase PDF Productivity
                                         Now you can check, revise, and reformat PDF documents

                                         automatically. It’s easy with PitStop Server, a powerful new

                                         automation tool for preflighting and revising groups of

                                         documents based on user definable Profiles and Action Lists.

                                         Once Profiles and Actions have been defined, all files placed in a

                                         specified “Hot Folder” are checked and/or revised automatically

                                         without operator intervention. What used to take hours can be

                                         accomplished in minutes.
Advanced Preflight & Correction Automation
PitStop Server brings the advanced Preflight capabilities found
in PitStop 4.0 to a stand-alone, batch processing application.
The software includes Preflight Profile templates for a variety
of media, and a Profile Editor which lets you create new
profiles, or customize existing templates to ignore, caution,
or enforce an extensive selection of document properties.
Preflight Profiles can also be set to change and log properties
such as Media Size, Font Embedding and Usage, Spot to CYMK
Color Conversion, Black Text Overprint and White Text Knock
Out. PitStop Server automatically generates an in-depth report
on each file detailing error & warning, font, color, image, and
OPI information.

                                                                      PitStop Server Workflow
                                                                      A. PDF documents are placed in an Input Folder.B. The Keep Originals Folder
                                                                      archives unprocessed PDF documents.C. The Success Folder receives successfully
                                                                      preflighted and revised PDF documents. D. The Fail Folder receives the PDF
                                                                      documents that fail the Preflight Profile. E. Preflight reports are generated and
                                                                      appear in the Log Success Folder or the Log Fail Folder.

Action Lists For Extended Editing Power
Action Lists extend PitStop Server’s automation capabilities far
beyond the bounds of traditional preflight software. Using a
“macro” model, a highly detailed series of editing actions can be
built in to a powerful Action List. Action Lists and Profiles can
be combined in a user specified order and assigned to a Hot
Folder for processing. Server automatically performs the specified
actions and checks the finished files against the assigned profile.
PitStop Server ships with a library of preset Action Lists,
additional Action Lists can be generated using PitStop 4.0
plug-in and accessed instantly by PitStop Server. Both Action
Lists and Profiles can be password protected and easily imported
or exported, so you can safely share them with colleagues
and clients. A user-friendly “pointing system” allows quick
access to off-line libraries of Fonts, Action Lists, and Profiles.
Flexible Document Routing
Documents placed in a Server “Hot File” are routed to user
specified pass or fail folders. The Preflight Report can be assigned                                  PitStop 4.0
to accompany the document or routed to a separate report folder.                                      the Award-Winning Plug-In
PitStop Server supports an unlimited number of active Hot                                             for Adobe® Acrobat®
Folders allowing the administrator to run multiple profiles

                                                                         Need to make precise interactive edits to a PDF document?
                                                                         PitStop 4.0, the award winning plug-in for Adobe Acrobat,
                                                                         gives you unprecedented control over type and graphics:

                                                                           PitStop Tools integrate
                                                                         seamlessly with Acrobat.

                                                                          Edit paragraphs of text
                                                                          with automatic reflow.

                                                                          Replace RGB color with
                                                                             CMYK or spot color.

                                                                               Move, rotate, skew
                                                                               and layer objects.

                                                                           Create and Edit Action Lists
                                                                           PitStop Plug-in includes a Macro Style Editor for developing
                                                                           and editing Action Lists. Lists created in PitStop plug-in can
                                                                           be accessed instantly in PitStop Server.

                                      Action Lists and Profiles can be
                                      combined in a user-specified
                                      order and assigned to a
                                      Hot Folder for processing.
                                                                               Maximize Your PDF Productivity

                                                                           Visit us today at enfocus.com for a fully
                                                                           functional free demonstration version for
                                                                           our software or the address of the authorized
                                                                           Enfocus dealer nearest you.

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