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					      George “Bud” Day was born on February 24, 1925 in Sioux City, Iowa. When he was

seventeen years old he begged his parents to allow him to volunteer for the Marine Corps. He

spent about three years in the South Pacific while World War II was going on. When he returned

home he attended college and got a law degree. He was in the Vietnam War as well and had

many tragic things happen to him that were done by the cruel enemy. He was injured many

times and managed to survive this hard time for him which has changed our history.

       This life story of George E. “Bud” Day had many effects on him, more effects on him

than us, because he was the one living it, like he was tortured, had many injuries, and he was

awarded many medals. For as many bad things that happened there were a number of good

things as well. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on March 6, 1976 by Gerald Ford. He was

in the US AF which was one of his own decisions that he chose to make. He also had a law

degree from before he went to war. He had a very successful life and had many

accomplishments. George also had many injuries from the war. Since he was in the US A. F. he

was driving a plane which was hit by ground fires and wrecked. He broke his arm in three

different places from the plane wreck. He also was in deep underbrush when a bomb went off

near him and he was bleeding from his nose and ears and had shrapnel in his leg. Shrapnel are

tiny shell fragments, which are a bad thing to have in your leg. He had to survive off of berries

and other things from the woods for many days. Then he was captured by the enemy and was

tortured very badly, so bad that he couldn’t bend his fingers out of fists from the cruel torture.

This man, George, was not the most famous most known person to have gotten the Medal of

Honor for doing something courageous, but in 1997 he did have a survival school building

named after him for having had to survive off of berries and other things of that nature for many
days. He also got more than one medal for what he did during the war to help him and ones

around him survive, and to stand up for what they believe.

       This man had many effects on the USA as well as the war did, like made a difference in

the fighting world at that time, he fought in the longest military conflict, and was one of the

many fighters who helped us win the war. He was very brave and stood up to the enemies and

since he did everyone around him did which made a big difference, because if he didn’t then,

that could have changed our whole future that we live in today. He also fought in the longest

military conflict in U.S. history. He was one of the many men that survived the war and if he

didn’t then people wouldn’t know about all of the amazing things he did. He was also one of the

ones fighting that helped us win the war against our enemies. So without him we might not have

won the war and that would change so many things about how our life is today which might not

be a good thing to have be changed.

   The effects George Day’s actions had on me were that without him our place in time now

might have been different from what it is now and it probably wouldn’t have changed in a good

way. He has changed our course of history for the good and has helped our country get stronger.

And if he wouldn’t have survived then we wouldn’t have to learn about him, and I wouldn’t have

to write this report on him. I did have some difficulty finding information about George because

most of the websites said the same thing as what information I had already gathered. We honor

him and the many others that fought and did many courageous things. I learned many interesting

things about George, like he was very brave and stood up to the enemy, and survived on very

little food for days and was an amazing person and definitely deserved the Medal of Honor.
      George “Bud” Day was a very amazing, brave and strong willed person who stood up for

what he believed in. If he was not this person then he might have died and that would not have

only effected him and his family, but it would have changed our course of history just enough to

make our history different. He did many amazing things that not everyone military person could

or would do to survive and or won the war. He went through many tough times and some good

times and made it through and was given the oh so deserved Medal of Honor. I never really

realized how important this medal was until I found out the entire story of what the military

people did to earn such wonderful medals that told everyone else that you were very brave and

did something heroic in the war, and this made people proud to know about these amazing


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