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Stress for College Success - Seven Key Sources of Stress for Students


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                 Stressed For College Success? Seven Key Sources of Stress For Students
                                                              By Elisabeth Kuhn

    It's tough being a student. You're busy learning to live on your own, balancing the demands of
friends and relationships and on top of that – you're expected to study! Learning how to balance these
various demands is vital to your academic performance, so take the time to learn how to manage
stress effectively. The following are some of the key sources of stress that students have identified in
recent studies of students attending colleges and universities around the nation:

1. Time Management

 Time management was frequently rated as the biggest stress factor for students involved in post
secondary education. Many students just aren’t equipped with the skills it takes to manage their
various responsibilities. If you're someone who spends too little time studying – or someone who's
often distracted by extracurricular activities – look for programs on campus designed to teach you
better time management skills.

2. Setting Priorities

 Balancing all the various obligations that college life entails and setting good priorities is another
source of stress identified by many of students involved in the studies. With all the clubs, activities and
athletic events going on, it can be hard for many students to balance the things they want to do with
the things they need to do – like studying and working part-time. Many students in the studies
commented that they felt like they were always “on the run” between different activities.

3. Financial Stability

 Worrying about money and financial stability was identified as another key source of stress for
students. And it makes sense – college tuition bills are constantly increasing and extra expenses like
books and materials add up quickly. Students with homes and families to support are most likely to
feel the pinch, but even students with no financial obligations can find it difficult to balance all the
monetary obligations without stress.

4. Family Expectations

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Family – you can't live with them and you can't live without them. Many students are surprised to find
that the stress from family expectations follows them, even after they leave the nest to attend college.
Some students are only attending school to please individuals in their family, while others may be
attending school to prepare for a career that their families aren’t pleased with. Either of these
situations – as well as many others – can be stressful for students who are already dealing with heavy
coursework, and financial and social responsibilities.

5. Personal relationships

 Finding yourself wrapped up in a college romance can be exciting, but intimate relationships can take
a toll on already stressed out college students. Many students interviewed in these studies expressed
concerns over how difficult it is to maintain their academic performance while in a serious relationship.
On the other hand, many students claimed that having a significant other that appreciated the hard
work and dedication involved in going to school was a net positive – your success really depends on
how committed you are to balancing these different responsibilities.

6. Campus Crime

 Being away from home for the first time can be scary – so it's perfectly reasonable that campus crime
would be another source of stress for students. Crime statistics can be especially daunting if your
campus has recently experienced a series of attacks or burglaries. If you live in an unsafe
neighborhood or attend a college with a poor safety record, take appropriate precautions like not
walking alone at night and locking up your room when you leave. You may also want to consider
renters insurance if break-ins are a problem in your area.

7. Future Uncertainty

 Anyone who's attended college has heard the dreaded question at least one hundred times – "So
what are you going to do when you graduate?" The scary thing is, no one really knows what they're
going to do, unless they're one of the lucky few with job offers lined up and waiting for them. If you're
feeling anxiety over your future plans, take a deep breath and try to let go of some of your stress.
Uncertainty is a part of life, so worry less and try to enjoy the ride.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                             Handle Admission Stress Effectively
                                                            By Geetika Jainm

Universities and colleges in India are abuzz with admission activity these days. Lacs of students who
have passed out of Class 12 are looking to get admission into the course of their choice at the
preferred institute. Filling up and submitting the application forms, preparing for entrance tests, looking
at fee details, doing research about various courses is what’s keeping the youngsters busy these days.
Will all this admission activity, one thing that is faced by all students is the admission stress. Admission
stress is that demon of the mind that spares none. Whether you are a ninety percenter or just an
average student, till you get admission into the right college for the right course, the admission stress
can keep you awake for many nights. However, there are ways to beat this stress effectively.

You must always remember that this stress is short-lived and ultimately, it will all be fine. You will
certainly get admission somewhere. That may or may not be the institute of your choice but your life
and career do not solely depend on this. Talk to your family, to your seniors and look at the people who
have done well in life even if they didn’t go to the fanciest college. They are doing fine and so would
you. With so much competition around, not everybody gets to go to the first college of their choice. You
might have to settle down for some other institute but that does not mean that your career prospects
are screwed up. You can make the best of all the opportunities that are presented to you. Have a
positive approach towards education and never forget that education is much more than just college.

It is quite likely that half of the admission stress is caused by thinking about what your friends are up to.
Peer pressure leads to a lot of stress. The talk about what others are doing, where all they are filling
forms and what the options are in their life can be fun but it can also lead to a lot of stress for some.
Always remember that all of you are destined for different things in life. Ten years from now, you might
be way ahead of a friend that you are currently jealous of. So, don’t get bogged down by peer
pressure. It doesn’t help. What it does is makes you more stressed. Talk to your friends but just
because someone is talking about a different course does not mean the course you have chosen is not
worth it.

During admission time, rumors and unauthorized information easily finds it way to aspiring students. Be
sure that you do not give in to such hearsay. All colleges and courses in India, whether
government-run or private, have proper channels of information. Always rely on these authorized
sources of information for all your doubts and queries. Don’t go by what anyone else is saying. Find it
out for yourself. Correct information and knowledge relieves a lot of stress for students.

If you are unable to decide between two courses, apply for both at all the colleges offering the course.
This will increase your chances and also give you more time to take the final decision. Research and
explore the career prospects associated with both the courses that you are interested in and then
make an informed decision. When the admission lists are out, you would get a chance to evaluate your
prospects and go for the best course that suits your career plan. Sometimes, there cannot be fool-proof
planning at this stage. All you need to do is be curious about what your options are and explore things
as they come. You can change your career plan or go for something more interesting even after
finishing college. The myth that most students believe in is that the decision that they take at this time
is going to decide the success that they achieve in life. This is not entirely true. While it may affect it to
an extent, your happiness and success in life depends on many other things including your approach
and hard work.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

College will be the beginning of a whole new life for you. You will experience fun and freedom like
never before. Apart from academics it will shape other aspects of your personality as well. Many agree
that it is the most enjoyable period of one’s life. Welcome it with open arms. Also, since it is the golden
period of your life, don’t let stress come in the way of your enjoying it to the hilt.

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