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					                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

       Learning Spanish will expand your sense of culture. While learning Spanish, you will most definitely be
      exposed to the history, the pictures, the food names, and an overview of what Spanish life is like. Learning
                                                   Spanish is not hard.
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                                         Spanish Lessons For Spanish Numbers
                                                         By Dinah Leabeau

   The powerful Spanish language is also known for its romanticism. Everywhere, you see and hear
newscasts, television shows, movies and books in Spanish. Paulo Coelho and Gabriel Garcia Marquez
take the lead in introducing the Spanish literary power to the whole world.

Numbers Booboos

 There are people, on the other hand, who unknowingly desecrate this powerful language. It is a
common sight to witness men displaying wrong interpretation of Spanish numbers. Spanish as a
language warrants better treatment!

 A popular case of this is Chad Johnson from the National Football League. The words “ocho cinco”
are spelled out above the numeral 85 of his jersey. If he displays more respect for Spanish, he will
know that the proper interpretation of 85 is “ochenta y cinco.”

 Writing dates in Spanish words is also a victim of number blunder. For starters, US dates are
expressed in month-date-year while Spanish dates are spelled out in date/month/year – this is
particularly true for dates are written only in numbers. On the other hand, if the dates are expressed as
a combination of words and numbers, the proper manner of writing them in Spanish is 14 de augusto
2008; take note that the said language does not require the capitalization of the first letter of the month.

Avoiding Number Blunders

 There’s no better way in avoiding these booboos than in practicing your knowledge on the Spanish
number system. If you do manage to memorize these numbers, you would have no problem calling
them out in the correct order.

Benefits of Knowing

 If you work in large corporations, you’ll encounter shipping documents that have both English and
Spanish information. You might also be faced with communication lapses when you have to make or
take orders using the phone or email. Therefore, it is to your advantage if you know the right numbers
as Spanish has an almost completely dissimilar number system from English.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 If you are into Mexican food, there’s more reason for you to learn Spanish numbers. Many restaurants
catering to Mexican food speak very little or no English at all. Thus, to avoid unnecessary stress as a
result of miscommunication, might as well find time to learn those Spanish numbers.

 If you happen to be in Miami or Los Angeles, surely you must have bumped into Spanish-speaking
individuals whose English needs a little work. Or, if they happen to speak English, they would still
prefer to utilize their native language. At least, if you know Spanish, you can get around town easily
sans the fear of communication breakdowns as a result of misunderstandings about the fare and
distance, si?

 Overall, knowing your Spanish language lets you learn the language altogether more swiftly. Do you
know that Spanish numbers can function as pronouns, too? This is applicable to both cardinal numbers
and ordinal numbers, but only when these stand for the number and a noun that’s either omitted or
understood. At the outset, this concept seems confusing but as you go further with your Spanish
lessons, you will find out that this makes perfect sense.

Así pues, ahora comience sus lecciones españolas y aumente su número de amigos y de negocio.

The Spanish number( can do a number on you when you least expect
it. Learn your numbers in Spanish( lessons, being the most
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               Teaching Yourself Spanish From Home – What's the Best Method For You?
                                                             By D Fraser

How should you learn to speak Spanish? It's a valid question, just because you've seen someone else
learn from an audio program in their car doesn't mean that's the best method for you. We all learn
differently and have different strengths. For some an audio course might be the perfect method, while
for you maybe software with interactive lessons would help you learn to speak Spanish quicker.

 The key to all this is to recognize that we all learn differently, and spend the time determining what the
best method is for you to learn Spanish. I'm going to give a brief overview of both audio lessons and
software programs for learning Spanish. I hope they can help you decide what the best method for you

Spanish Audio Lessons

 It wasn't all that long ago that CD's just weren't available. Cassettes ruled the record stores, and when
you wanted to learn a new language it was either get a private tutor or purchase audio lessons on

 This method worked for a long time, and today thanks to new technology it's still working you just get
your lessons on a CD or even in MP3 format.

 Who is this format ideal for? Anyone who wants to learn on the go in their car or using an MP3 player
should consider learning Spanish from an audio course. You get a lot of content for the money as there
are often hours and hours of vocabulary and pronunciation lessons.

Learning Spanish Software Programs

 Probably more popular then audio courses learning Spanish software is the next best thing to having a
private tutor in your home to coach you through learning Spanish. Are they better then audio course?
Yes and no, it really depends on how you like to learn.

 Those that remember things they hear will do well with audio programs, but often times people pay
closer attention to interactive and video lessons that come with software programs like Tell me More
Spanish or Rosetta Stone Spanish.

 The other benefit that software offers over audio courses is a more technical look at reading and
writing Spanish. It's difficult to learn verb conjugation from an audio lesson, while watching it being
done on a computer screen is much easier to retain.

So which Method is Best for you to Learn Spanish?

 Honestly there just isn't one best method. As discussed it comes down to your personal preferences,
what you expect to learn, and when you want to learn. For example someone who wants to learn on
the go and is mainly interested in conversational Spanish should purchase an audio program. While
someone with more time on their hands at home that wants to master Spanish as a second language
will likely have better luck with a software program.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Take the time to consider your expectations for learning Spanish, also how you enjoy learning and
how much free time you have to learn and practice. All these things combined will lead you to the
answer of which format of home Spanish lessons is best for you.

If you're ready to start learning Spanish then I suggest your start by taking a look at our website and out Spanish reviews. We compare the top audio and
software program to teach yourself Spanish from home.

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