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PMP Certification - Steps before and after Taking PMP Online Course


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Project Management is as tough as standing on a ball and is as important as success of a project. There are few
               keys points that you need to follow to achieve success in project management activities.
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           Towards PMP Certification: Steps Before and After Taking Your PMP Online Course
                                                          By Jessica Parklanes

  A PMP credential can open many doors of opportunities for you. It can lead to higher pay, more
challenging work, and personal satisfaction if only you can attach those three all-important letters to
your list of Bas, BSAs, MBAs, PhDs, and other acronyms representing your achievements. Your PMP
online course is just a step, albeit a major one, in getting your PMP certification. Here are the steps.

Before PMP Online Course

 You just do not purchase an online course at the drop of a hat. First, you have to read the Project
Management Institute (PMI) Credentials Handbook, which is available online at the PMI site. You will
spend approximately half an hour to read and understand the process involved in securing your PMP
certification, which is time well spent considering that you will be enlightened on the basic guidelines of
eligibility requirements and the application process.

 Second, you have to make sure that you are eligible to take the PMP examination. The Credentials
Handbook sets requirements on educational attainment, professional project management experience
in terms of months acquired and hours logged, and a uniform 35 hours of Project Manager related
training. The PMP online course from a PMI Registered Education Provider is counted as PM-related
training. Since the number of hours logged runs in the 4,500-7,500 range, being a pack rat of your
certifications is a huge help.

 Third, you have to sign up for the PMP examination. You have to follow a timetable on when you will
actually take the examination, instead of setting an ambiguous date. To accomplish this, you can sign
up online via the PMU website as soon as possible.

 Fourth, you have to read the definitive Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (if that is a
mouthful, try PMBOK Guide). If possible, read it twice thoroughly. It is definitive because most of the
examination questions are from this guide alone! How does knowing 75% of the answers sound to

During PMP Online Course

 First, you have to sign up for a PMP online course because the other 25% of the examination
questions will be discussed. Though the PMBOK Guide is definitive, you will encounter vague concepts

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

that need further translation into everyday situations.

 Second, if you still have the time and the energy, you can attend PMP workshops. You will get
additional examination tips, you can de-stress with fellow candidates and you can hobnob with your

 Third, you have to put your mind into the course. You should read the training manuals, answer the
sample questions, and monitor your progress. You have to study hard and study even harder when
you see room for improvement. Indeed, there simply is no sense in wasting good money, be it
corporate sponsorship or personal funds, when you can take full advantage of the opportunity for

After the PMP Online Course

 There really is only one step in this area - take the exam! Your cold feet should not get in the way of
the final step towards securing your PMP certification. All your studying and pouring of blood, sweat
and tears in memorizing the PMBOK Guide and in acquiring work experience deserve self-confidence
during the PMP examination itself.

 When you have successfully passed the exam, you will realize that the long journey (eight years of
experience, no less!) towards PMP certification was worth every penny and every step.

For the best PMP Exam Preparation ( course complete with a PMP Exam Training
Software (, visit! As a PMI Registered Education Provider, you are assured
of only the most outstanding PMP Online Course ( available today.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                 Steps Towards PMP Certification!
                                                      By Jessica Parklanes

Project management is never an easy task. Hence, those who apply for PMP exam are in for some
challenge. However, it is not an impossible undertaking either. All you need is the right amount of
dedication and proper PMP exam preparation and get one step further towards certification.

Promise of PMP Credential

 Wonder why so many applicants go through the painful process of PMP exam preparation and
studying PMP courses just to get PMP exam certification? To say the least, it is one of the most
promising employment fields in the market. It does offer its own set of standards and requirements too,

 Indeed, project managers are constantly subjected to high levels of pressure due to the demand of the
work. With several underlying areas concerned with the job of project management, you could be using
a proven technique and still fail. But the prize comes in the form of a promising pay and further career

Before PMP Exam Preparation Courses

 There are several PMP courses that invade the market, most of them online. Hence, you should be
more meticulous in the selection process. The best way to decide which PMP course to choose is to
review the PMI handbook. You can access it on site or through the internet. It should provide you with
proper guidelines on eligibility requirements and other methods involved, as well as measure of

 Other processes you must look into is to consider whether your educational attainment qualify you for
getting accreditation from the PMI. Then, if you furnished all other requirements, you can sign up for
the PMP exam.

During Your PMP Exam Preparation Course

 Now that you have signed up for the PMP exam, you have a lot of business to take care of. The best
way to start of your PMP exam preparation is to secure a copy of the Project Management Body of
Knowledge or PMBOK. It contains all the definitive information that will aid you during exam, but you
can also use other resources in your PMP exam preparation as it might contain vague concepts that
need to be further detailed.

 If you want to harness the knowledge that you have gathered from the PMBOK, you can opt to take
sample questionnaires that offer questions that might appear on the actual exam.

 One thing that you must not do when preparing for your PMP exam is to become complacent. Try to
be as comprehensive in your review as possible. If you can, attend PMP workshops, seminars, project
management training, or other PMP course options. Aside from dealing with the technical aspects of
the exam, you can also get invaluable tips during exam that you can apply to deal with the stressful
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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

Taking The Exam

 All steps and PMP exam preparation courses that you have embarked on boils down to this – the PMP
exam! Learn how to relax and keep in mind everything that you have learned from your PMP course.
Just imagine all the wonderful promise of getting PMP certification and the opportunities that await you!

With, you are guaranteed to get only the best PMP course ( and PMP exam preparation ( courses
available. These are all the tools you need to get the best performance during your PMP exam (

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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