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									Starting a Raised Garden Bed Successfully
When you are going to plant raised garden beds in your backyard, you should be sure that you
know how you can set your gardens up for success. Setting your gardens up for success is a
great way to ensure that you are going to reap the
benefits of your hard work.

Planning Out Your Garden

You should determine the dimensions of the garden
and make sure that you know how you are going to
figure out how to plant plants inside of your garden
while giving them enough room. Make sure that
you are planting plants that are in season and will
work well for your garden.

As you are planting the different plants in your garden, you may find that it is difficult to work in
your garden without coming out of your gardening time with black hands. Having dirt under
your fingernails can be frustrating and embarrassing.

To avoid dirt under your fingernails while you are gardening, simply scrape your nails against a
bar of soap before you head out. You will be sealing the area between your nails and your finger
with soap and you can easily wash out the soap when you are done gardening.

As you are working in your garden, you may find that you are in constant need of a measuring
stick. There are a lot of people that struggle lugging a measuring stick out to their garden on a
consistent basis and you want to make sure that you are finding an alternative.

                                       Tips and Tools You’ll Need

                                       A great alternative to a measuring stick is marking one of
                                       your long handled tools with the measurements that you
                                       will need. This way, when you are out in the garden, you
                                       will have it on hand and you will easily be able to measure
                                       the garden area without needing a measuring stick.

                                       When you mark your garden tool, you should be sure that
                                       you do so in permanent marker. If the marks start to wear
                                       off, mark it again before it wears off to the point where you
                                       are going to have to measure the long handled tool again to
                                       mark it properly.
When you have young plants in your garden and you find out that there will be an early frost, it
can be beneficial to have clay pots on hand. You can flip the clay pots over and put the young
plant under the pot to ensure that it will be protected throughout the night.

If you want to mark your garden, you should understand how you are going to use rocks
throughout your garden. You can write with a permanent marker on the rocks to ensure that you
are going to be able to make pretty markers throughout your garden.

Creating a raised garden bed in your yard can be a great alternative to planting a garden in the
ground. Take time to explore your raised garden bed options so you can be sure that you are able
to give your raised garden beds the best opportunity at success.

Photo Credit: Kuzeytac, Ecstaticist

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