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									                                                        2011 Central Florida Construction Career Days
                                                               School Registration Form
                                                                     January 24, 25, and 26, 2012
                                                                      Central Florida Fairgrounds
We are really looking forward to our 10 Annual Central Florida Construction Career Days Event. This event will introduce
your junior and senior students to the Road Construction Industry and all that it has to offer as they think about their future
careers. This event is free to attend and includes transportation to and from school and lunch for each attendee. We hope
you will be able to attend with your students. Please contact your school coordinator or Ilia Viera, Ilia.Viera@dot.state.fl.us
386-943-5700, and Dee Zinck, Dee.Zinck@dot.state.fl.us 386-740-3402.

                           Return form by Friday, November 15, 2012 more details below. 

School Name                                   Mainland High

School Contact                  Name          Al Kelleher

                                Phone         386-748-5028

                                Email         apkelleh@volusia.k12.fl.us

Approved Principal or Designee Signature
Preferred Date                         Tuesday, January 24                  Wednesday, January 25                      Thursday, January 26

Second Choice Date                     Tuesday, January 24                  Wednesday, January 25                      Thursday, January 26
Number of Students that you anticipate attending                                                               40
Number of Teachers/Chaperones attending                                                                        4
* We will use this number to schedule the buses that will pick up and drop off between your school and the event. *
 Bus holds _____ Passengers (Students/Chaperones/Teachers) Do you require accommodations? _____

Bus Pickup Location at School                            west side of Gym. Come in on Clyed Morris Blvd.

School Start and End Time                               Start   7:45                     AM                 End      2:45                     PM
               * We will use this information to schedule the buses so that we can maximize your day with us and
                          have the students back before they need to get on their buses to head home. *

Are there any specific topics that your class might be interested in? For example, mechanics, soils, concrete,
asphalt, interview, signs, signals, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), Electrical, Design, Survey, etc.
We will attempt to schedule your learning lab requests, but we are unable to make any promises.
  Civil engineering, Surveying, Design

                                 Please fill out the form above and return by Friday, November 15, 2012.
                                      Please ‘save as’ the file with your school name as the filename.
                        Email the form back to your school coordinator or Ilia Viera and Dee Zinck as follows.

Osceola County                  Jon N. Slaff                     slaffj@osceola.k12.fl.us                              407-518-4593
Osceola County                  Bradd Kibbe                      kibbeb@osceola.k12.fl.us                              407-518-4594
Seminole County                 Joe Oldakowski                   joe_oldakowski@scps.k12.fl.us                         407-320-0171
All other counties              Ilia Viera                        Ilia.Viera@dot.state.fl.us                           386-943-5760
                                Dee Zinck                        Dee.Zinck@dot.state.fl.us                             386-740-3402

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