Christmas 2012 - 17 Sites You Must See

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					             17 Things You Must Have - Christmas 2012

Here are some of the coolest sites, products and services you've never
heard of:

Unlimited Anime and Manga
This site has literally thousands of Anime, Manga and drama series of all kinds.
All your favorites and many extremely obscure ones that you don't find floating
around all over. A must if you are an anime/manga fan.

Wicked Lazers
You want to have something Seriously Cool and Fun? These are Lasers like the
ones in the hit movies. They can light things on fire at a distance and illuminate the
dark – no joke. You can point them up to the sky and see them bouncing around
the starpoints. You can liven things up a lot 'cause people are really impressed
when they see them. THIS is some really cool s***. A bunch of us bring ours to put
on light shows sometimes when we have outdoor parties and get-togethers, and
girls love to FLOCK around and watch. And I got to mention they look really sick
too. Its just about the first thing they go pick up and play with when they come over
to my house - and that is just the grown ups lol.

Drum Beat Maker
Come up with your own addictive sick beats and maybe even pull some serious
cash making your own original tracks. I'm not a musician at all and I even made
some nice beats that my friends liked and passed around. It is really that easy.
Make your own hip hop, rap, dubstep, dance, trance, reggae beats or whatever
your favorite is on any pc or Mac. Djs or anyone who loves music and is creative,
you straight up need to check this out.
Make Money Playing Games
You sit around a lot playing Xbox and PlayStation video games, so why not get
paid for it? You can use your skills to help companies refine games they are
developing and even get a free advance copy before everyone else. A friend of
mine who does this on the side told me about it and it's a pretty good deal.

This is really cool for when you go somewhere in your leisure time and want to
kick back and watch a little TV, but maybe there is no cable or satellite – like
hanging out in the coffee shop, chilling at the park or wherever. Just fire up your
wifi and you can watch a wide variety of programs right on your laptop. Just so you
know, they only have it for Mac right now. But all you Apple-heads should like this

Easy Cash For Giving Your Opinion
Companies have to understand what customers want and like and they are willing
to pay to find out. You can make anywhere from $10-125 per survey. You can also
get paid to try new product from shoes to electronics – and keep them! Get paid to
preview movie trailers and more. This tells you the real surveys that actually do
pay and have the coolest products and services offered for people to test. If you
want an easy source of cash each month or just some cool new free stuff, you
definitely want to sign up.

Learn Guitar and/or Learn Piano Quick And Fun
Have you ever wanted to be the guy at the party or gathering where someone has
a guitar or there is a piano and start playing something kick-ass like its nothing?
You never see those guys standing around by themselves or leaving alone. You
don't have to learn any complicated sheet music and you can play some sweet
tunes with just a little practice......Oh, yeah, did I mention how girls can't resist a
guy who can play a little music?
Reverse Phone Numbers and Background Checks
We all know nowadays that it is important to be able to find out about the people
around you that you may not know so well. You can discreetly check on the new
friend or girlfriend/boyfriend and at least make sure that they are someone you can
safely be around more. Maybe even someone close to you needs a way to find out
about someone. You can share this with them too! Great for prosecuting jerkoff
prank callers and collections bums, finding the address of that girl/guy from high
school or college who you used to f--k but lost contact with (no stalking tho! haha),
figuring out the owner to missed calls you get from numbers you don't recognize
and more. Satisfy your curiosity the easy way! Check out the 'Reverse Phone
Numbers' for the casual stuff and 'Background Checks' for the more “heavy duty”
kind of thing.

Get Paid To Drive A New Car
No, it's not a taxi or limo driver job. Better. You see those cars driving around that
have the company ads on them? You know, like the ones that have the logo of
your local radio station(s) or other flashy kind of promotion? First of all, it's not
permanent paint. It's called a “wrap” that can also be taken off later with no
problem. But those people are getting PAID TO DRIVE by those companies they
advertise on the car! There are a few other ways to get paid and yes, you can
drive some company's new car OR get paid for driving your own newer-model car
(sorry, your hooptie won't qualify.) But, if you can qualify and want to drive your
new car or some other new car basically for FREE, then you want to do this. Send
it to a friend or make a new one by sending them this info. You'd be surprised at
how many people with new cars (and new car payments) are doing this to pay for
their car! (Hint hint, to those of you who are, or know, independent taxi and
limo/jipsneycab drivers/friends who have a newer-model car who would like their
payments taken care of – just send them this link!).
The Hottest and Most Popular Products - Cheap
You know how they say “paying high retail prices is for suckers”? Here you can
find pretty much anything as far as electronics, clothes, shoes, toys, housewares,
and a lot of other cool stuff at 30 to 50%, or sometimes even less. Check it out
and, hey, you may even be able to help your family and buddies out by giving
them this link too.

Buy A Car For Up To 95% Off Retail
Basically these are car auctions. However, most people never think of going to an
auction when they are in the market for a used car. The cool thing about this is
that you can avoid the BS and generally horrible experience of dealing with used
car sales-thieves by simply cutting them out and getting a used car the same way
they do. From car auctions. True, you may sometimes have to spend a little on
some mechanical repairs, but usually at a lot less cost because you aren't also
having to pay the huge markup that the used car dealercrooks tack onto the cars
they sell. And, believe it or not, there are very nice well-maintaned cars available.
For extra piece of mind you can also buy a low-cost warranty policy on your own to
cover any future major repairs. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the
market for a used car.

Make Money With Forex
Trading currencies on the Forex market is booming in popularity because people
are able to make significant profits without a lot of extra work. If you have been
thinking of getting into investing or are already doing it and want a huge
advantage, this automated trading software makes it easy to do.
Chopper Tattoos
Thinking of getting some ink for the first time or adding to the ones you already
have? Chopper Tattoos has thousands of some of the best ready-made designs.
Just pick the one or ones that you like, print it out and take it to your favorite tattoo
artist. You can even use the designs as inspiration for your own customized
creation. Think before you ink and check out Chopper Tattoos.

Here is an awesome service that will create for you a temporary e-mail address
that will expire in the time you choose, and all the mails directed to this temporary
e-mail will be transparently forwarded to your real e-mail. Perfect for when you
need to use an email address to sign up for something, but you don't want to keep
getting emails after a certain amount of time - and they never have your real email
address so they can't sell it off to other companies. Keeps your real email address
private and gives you control very easily.

Make Some Easy Money
If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash from home in your spare
time and get paid immediately in spendable money, you need to check out a
company called RapBank. They basically are an affiliate program for products
where you get paid immediately into your PayPal account. No waiting 3 to 4 weeks
to get paid. You get paid right away. All you have to do is post the links to the
products you choose to promote and if someone buys – bam – you get money
right away into PayPal. It doesn't get much easier than that.
There is also another cool program where you get paid immediately to PayPal just
for posting free classified ads for an hour or so a day. It's ridiculously simple and
they show you exactly what to do too. You can check it out here..

The #1 Weight Loss Program on the Internet - if you are fat, read this to not be
fat anymore.
Get Paid To Work From Home
People are always looking for ways to get paid while being at home. If you or
someone you know wants another way to make some cash from the comfort of
home, this is something else they want to check out

Ok, there you go! These are 17 sites, products and services you need to have for
Christmas 2012 – and beyond.

I'm always checking out cool stuff. It's what I like to do, and I like it when I can give
you good information and it helps make your life more enjoyable.
IBe well , thanks for your time, and I hope you had some fun here.

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