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									A Solution to the Rising Cost of College
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by Steve Kallock | on December 4, 2012


The Cost of College is getting ridiculous
I just read an article on MSN.com on the cost of college.

What used to be every American’s right to go to college, is now becoming available to only the

If you read this entire article….

….I will offer a solution….

….at the end, to counter these ridiculous costs.

This article is about the 7 most expensive schools in the United States.

The information was collected using the following costs for one year in school.

   1. Tuition
   2. Room and Board
   3. Books
   4. Other Expenses; food, spending money, etc.

You can see that the cost of college is getting ridiculous for modern day American families to

Let’s look at the list.

7. Fordham Universit y Bronx, New York,
Annual Cost of College: $58,732

6. Nort hwest ern Universit y Evanston, Illinois

Annual Cost of College: $58,829

5. New York Universit y New York City, New York

Annual Cost of College: $58,858

4. Washingt on Universit y St. Louis, Missouri

Annual Cost of College: $58,901
3. Columbia Universit y New York City, New York

Annual Cost of College: $59,208

2. Universit y of Chicago Chicago, Illinois

Annual Cost of College: $59,950

1. Sarah Lawrence College Bronxville/Yonkers, New York

Annual Cost of College: $60,116

Information gathered from the following article.

Now I understand that these schools are annually the most expensive.
And I certainly understand that not all kids can academically qualify to get into these schools.

And before you say there are thousands of schools nationally that offer a fine education and
don’t cost what these do.

I get that.

But let’s examine this a little further.

The cost of college is starting our kids off in a hole
If we take the lowest cost school on the above list….

….that would be Fordham at $58,732 per year.

Let’s for the sake of argument, divide that by three.

That is still close to $20,000 per year.

If a student went to school for just 4 years (average is 5 years), that would be a total cost of
college of $80,000.

Most Americans don’t have $20,000 extra a year to have a child in school.

What if you have more than one child in college at the same time?


This financial burden has to be absorbed somewhere.

The two options are simply: Pay as you go. OR Take out st udent loans.

If you look at the pay as you go option, where is this money coming from?

Hopefully you have financially planned for this the past 18 years.

What if you haven’t?

Emergencies happen all the time.

I see it in my primary insurance business every day.

I have seen families have their children’s college education wiped out by health emergencies.

The other option is financial aid and loans.

This is what I did.

My parents paid for a good bit of it.

I paid the rest with loans and working jobs.

It took me 7 years, going to school part-time, but I got my degree.
A degree I don’t even use today.

But that is a subject for another day.

Let me of f er a dif f erent solution to the cost of college

You can sit back and wish for the best, when it comes to your children’s future, OR you can make
a decision, take massive action, and take control of your financial circumstances.

What if you could create….

….a long term residual income….

….part-time, online, from anywhere in the world?

What if you could pay for college with 100% commissions being deposited daily into your bank
account? (see income disclosure here)

Better yet, what if the above schools were in your reach financially?

How much would it mean to you….

….if you could send your child….

….to any school they wanted?

And money was not the reason you couldn’t.

This 3 step simple solution, can create the financial means to do just that.

SEE how an ex-engineer made over $130,000 in the mont h of October.

OR how a former book store clerk made over $115,000 in the same month.

WITNESS how two homeless guys went from dispair to >>>THIS.

Watch this video that shows the simple system that generated over $7 Million in commissions,
directly paid to people like you and me, just in the last 12 months!

The stories go on and on.

Isn’t time we wrote yours?

The cost of college does not have to halt your financial well being, when you have all the
resources available to you RIGHT HERE.
P.S. To read more about Empower Network read my review here.

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