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					FIBO 2010 – Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness & Health
14 – 17 April 2011, Essen Exhibition Centre

                                                                                      7 January 2011

FIBO continues on international success course
Fitness and health growing even closer together

“Fitness training as a new popular sport”, “Fitness beats football”, “Weight training as a
means of preventing complaints of old age and widespread diseases”: 2010 was not only the
year when FIBO celebrated a perfect anniversary with new record participation, it also
brought the entire fitness industry into focus in society, the media and politics. No matter
which journal you opened: topics of fitness, exercise and prevention appeared everywhere
during the FIBO month. One of the reasons for this was the presentation of a study by
Wuppertal sports scientist Professor Dr. Theodor Stemper in connection with the Leading
International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness and Health. Stemper put a precise number to
the economic benefits of equipment-based weight and cardio training: according to his study,
health insurance carriers could save up to 16 billion euro per year.

The fact that fitness and health are growing ever closer together and that these industries
apparently are less affected by economic crises was of course also reflected at the 25th
FIBO: With a total of 51,730 visitors (+5% year on year) and 560 exhibitors (+8%), trade
show organiser Reed Exhibitions Deutschland registered record participation. The industry
barometer which is compiled every year in connection with FIBO by an independent trade fair
and market research company in a representative poll, gave an indication immediately after
FIBO 2010 already of where things were going: with four months to go now until the trade
show, Event Director Olaf Tomscheit is happy to report: “Already FIBO 2011 is almost fully

Some 60 percent of the more than 700 companies interviewed expected a further noticeable
increase in the demand for fitness and health products after FIBO 2010. Only 15 percent
expected demand to stagnate or decrease. A further 25 percent expected developments in
the industry to remain stable.

“This trend will continue for FIBO 2011”, says Tomscheit. The industry has not been idle
during the time since the beginning of the financial crisis. The DIFG successfully advocated
better rating procedures for fitness studios. In future, DSSV and Deloitte will jointly collect
industry data, providing the basis for more transparency and trust. “Most significant for the

                                                   Reed Exhibitions       Pressestelle:
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market, however, is the fact that willingness to invest on the part of the studios is
noticeably improving for 2011. We have every reason, therefore, to look forward to FIBO

The FIBOmed concept already launched in 2008 will be further developed in 2011. The FIBO
Team formed an expert support group which counts among its members not only a sports
physician, an organiser of doctors’ congresses and a physiotherapist but also a consultant
orthopaedist. The aim is to further develop FIBO’s presentation to and recognition by the
health market. One element in this context is the new design of a separate FIBOmed
homepage which allows a targeted search for specific information on exhibitors and products
in this field.

More international
FIBO 2011 will present itself even more internationally. The ambassador concept introduced
during FIBO 2010 will be further pursued in 2011: internationally prominent figures from the
fitness field will be FIBO ambassadors promoting the trade show throughout Europe. They
are FIBO’s face abroad: Spain’s fitness star Jessica Exposito, Poland’s celebrity coach
Witold Szmanda, and his colleague from Hollywood, Harley Pasternak, who coaches stars
like Lady Gaga. Doug Miller is the new FIBO ambassador in the Scandinavian countries. He
is an industry institution and already cooperated with more than 800 clubs throughout the
world as well as with various associations, magazines, trade shows and industry.

Furthermore FIBO intensifies its cooperation with the international associations. For the first
time FIBO 2011 also has a new partner in the United Kingdom, the Fitness Industry
Association. The International Reception for FIBO visitors from abroad on the roof terrace of
Hotel Atlantic on Thursday night will be a first for FIBO. The shuttle service from Düsseldorf
Airport which proved very popular in 2010 will be continued. FIBO also offers visitors a
special hotel and travel service. Contact particulars and further information is available from
the Travel Center on

New homepage and even more visitor services
FIBO has a new Internet presentation. All pages have been completely revised and offer
many new and easy-to-use services for both exhibitors and visitors. One example is the new
visit planner with a login function. Especially useful for international visitors: during the
exhibitor search one click allows you to see what languages are spoken at the stand. The
FIBO homepage more than tripled the number of visitors to the site in recent years and
records 1.6 million visitors from all parts of the world every year. Persons buying their tickets
online at do not only save money. Starting now, they can also buy a
combination ticket which also covers bus and train rides in the VRR area at an extra two

                                                    Reed Exhibitions       Pressestelle:
                                                    Deutschland GmbH       Dr. Mike Seidensticker (Ltg.)
                                                    Völklinger Str. 4      Nadine Lente
                                                    D - 40219 Düsseldorf   Tel: +49(0)2 11 90 191-191

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