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A green card proves the legal residential status of a person residing in the United States of America.
In addition, it provides the holder all the fundamental rights available to American citizens, such as
right to set up a business, take up employment, and similar other facilities. Therefore, it becomes
very important for all individuals to get a timely renewal of their green cards. All important
information and procedure of the renewal procedure is available at

Once issued, the card is valid for a period of
ten years, which often results in people
overseeing the renewal date. However,
commencing the renewal procedure six
months or before the date of expiration is
important to ensure you have adequate
time for the completing the process. People
who were issued green cards between 1979
and 1988 do not have an expiry date on the
cards. Nonetheless, these individuals are
advised to renew their cards because the
authorities want to update all their

A woman who marries a green card holder receives a conditional card that comes with a validity of
two years. While these cards cannot be renewed, the women need to file a petition applying to have
these conditions removed from their cards. Beginning the renewal process well in advance is
recommended; however, if your card expires before this, you can still undertake the renewal
procedure. For more information on this procedure and for assistance, please visit our website.

Applicants must file the Form I-90 either electronically (not every holder is eligible for this service) or
by post six months prior to the date when their green cards expire. If the holders are not residing in
another country at such a time, they need to contact the nearest United States consulate, US port of
entry, or the USCIS office before they commence the procedure by filing the Form I-90. Holders of
conditional green cards need to apply for removal of the conditions through Form I-75.

Holders need to submit certain documents along with the application form to have their cards
renewed. You will need to attach photocopies of the front and the back pages of the green card. In
addition, you need to include a copy of photo identity, such as driver’s license or valid passport. For
more information on the documents required for a quick renewal process, click here. After
completing a duly filled Form I-90 and attaching the necessary documents, it must be sent to the
USCIS office. Along with the application, you need to pay the filing and the biometric fees through a
check or a money order.

Generally, the time taken for the renewal process to be completed is approximately three months. In
case a person needs to travel outside the country during the renewal process, he or she needs to get
the passport stamped with Form I-551 from the INS office. When visiting the USCIS office, you need
to carry the Application Receipt Notice that proves your green card is under renewal. You can renew
your green card at

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