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Interviews can be used to obtain the same type of information as surveys, however they do allow
users to be able to expand on their responses. They may be used as part of a wider evaluation,
for example to follow up and expand on responses received in a survey. They could also be used
at the end of a one to one training session where a survey questionnaire may not be so

Interviews can evaluate reactions and attitudes and also to give an idea of some of the learning
that has taken place. They also allow for discussion.

It should be noted that if the interviewer is the person who conducted the training it may affect the
honesty of the participants response.

Interviews can be semi structured (follow a basic set of questions, but participants can deviate if
appropriate) or structured (stick to a basic set of questions).

Interviews can be recorded or detailed notes must be taken in order to analyse the information
collected at a later date.

Further information on interviews can be found in most text books covering qualitative research.
However the following article should get you started.

Britten N (1995) Qualitative Research: Qualitative interviews in medical research BMJ, 311:251-253 (22

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