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									                 A monthly publication for the members of IPSSA, Inc. – Region 7
                                                     June 2011
                                          come to our attention, and thank
IPSSA, INC. REGION 7                      goodness we have not been audited
   Board Officers                         since we made the separation of
                                          IPSSA/IPSSA Management Co. You
Chuck Gough, Director 760-434-7623        are now free to get your insurance
            cabhgough@sbcglobal.net       from other than Arrow Insurance,
                                                                                     CPO Class, Thurs., June 2 – Fri.,
Dan Ruiz, Treasurer      619-390-9490     provided it meets minimum standards.        June 3, SCP, 5648 Copley Dr., SD.
                     dandips@cox.net      However, for the money there is not a
Peter Gozdeck, R7 Billing Agent                                                       www.anotherperfectpool.com/cpo
                                          more comprehensive policy available.
                  Office 619-229-1845                                                R7 Board Meeting, Wed., June
                    Cell 619-339-7622     The second issue had to do with             22, 7:00 p.m., SCP Conf. Rm (858-467-
              Peter@3StepBilling.com      unequal dues billing, which came            9495), 5648 Copley Dr., SD.
                                          about because different states have         Nominations accepted for Sept. election
Dustin Moors, Secretary 760-509-6482
                                          different tax rates on insurance            of new R7 officers.
                                          premiums. This has been resolved by        BORD, Aug. 13, Mission             Inn,
                                          achieving the same dues for all states.     Riverside, CA. www.IPSSA.com.
Director’s Notes
                                          Some states increased by pennies and
                                          others dropped by pennies.                 R7 Board Meeting, Wed., Sept.
                                                                                      28, 7:00 p.m., SCP Conf. Rm (858-467-
  Region 7 Quarterly Report
                                          3. Election – Remember this is an           9495), 5648 Copley Dr., SD. Elect new
                                                                                      R7 officers. Select recipient of B.K.
                                          odd numbered year and requires
1. Tax Data – I am glad to                election at the region and chapter
                                                                                      Taylor award.
announce that all chapters in Region 7    level. Nominations for Region 7            R7 Board Meeting, Wed., Dec. 21
had their tax data in on time and         Director will be accepted at the June       (one week earlier due to Christmas),
qualified, although one chapter           22 Region meeting and close on              7:00 p.m., SCP Conf. Rm. (858-467-
needed a last minute reminder. In all     September 1. All potential candidates       9495), 5648 Copley Dr., SD.
of IPSSA only about five chapters         should consult the current director for
threw free money away.                    a job description prior to the                   COOL WEBSITE
By now all chapters should have           September Region Meeting. The
                                          election will take place at the           At the links below, you can find cheap
received their $40 per member from
                                          September Region Meeting. All             gas prices in your city anywhere in the
IPSSA. It should have been directly                                                 United States. For Canada, check out
deposited into your chapter’s bank        chapter elections should be held prior
                                          to October 15. Remember that the          GasBuddy. Type in your zip code,
account. For chapters without an                                                    then Search.
account, your treasurer should have       bylaws require each chapter to
                                          elect/appoint a second representative     http://www.motortrend.com/gas_price
received a check. Again let me                                                      s/34/92083/index.html
encourage you to donate all or part of    to the Region Board in addition to the
the free money to SPEC and/or a           president.                                http://autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstat
charity of your choice.                                                             ions.aspx
                                          4. B.K. Taylor Award – Be
                                          thinking about your chapter’s             http://www.automotive.com/gas-
2. BORD – The May 14 BORD                                                           prices/
meeting had two critical Issues to deal   nominee for the B.K. Taylor Award.
with, both to do with insurance.          Application forms are available by        http://www.gasbuddy.com/
Actually, only one was critical – the     contacting the Region Director. A
necessity     to    separate    IPSSA     decision will be made at the
sponsored insurance as a membership       September Region Meeting.                  2011 Leadership Seminar &
requirement. This is considered                                                          Banquet – Photos
“bundling” and is a violation of the      5. June 22 R7 Meeting –
                                          Please have all agenda items to me by     https://picasaweb.google.com/IPSSA0
anti-trust laws. This had just recently                                             9/2011LeadershipSeminarBanquet#
                                          June 20.
                                        Editor/Publisher: Nancy Gillespie, A+ Business Services
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