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									                      Using Wind Power for Your Home
Leaving in a windy area can have it's advantages, especially if you are concerned about high
energy bills. You can make use of Mother Nature to save energy costs in several ways, one of
which is to install a wind turbine and have your own source of electricity. Even if you don't live
in a particularly high wind area, a small wind turbine can help generate energy for your home and
save you money. You can even install a small wind turbine to work in association with solar
panel installations.

While wind turbines can work in conjunction with your solar panels to produce green energy,
they cannot share an electric converter. You will need converters for both power sources if you
have both systems. Having both sources of energy would work well, but they may be
unnecessary if you live in an area with lots of wind. Then you can use wind energy exclusively to
produce power 24 hours a day.

Wind energy has been used for centuries to explore the world on ships, to pump water from the
ground and even to generate electricity. It is not new to mankind, but in recent years, it has been
a technology that was left behind in deference to electricity produced by engines using oil or coal.
Wind energy is seeing a resurgence as a clean and inexpensive energy source for industrial and
residential uses. The Australian government offers incentives for those using renewable energy
and there are also programs to buy excess energy produced by those using alternative energy
sources. Ontario Solar helps you to check with a wind and solar power expert or a tax
accountant to learn more about those incentives.

Wind energy can be used in urban locations as easily as it can in rural. There are smaller wind
turbines that can be attached to the roofs of homes or buildings to generate power. Larger
turbines can be placed in yards to help generate power for your home. Hire Solar Panel
Installations to learn more about renewable energy, such as wind power, can save your money
on your energy bills.


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