Intelligent InSites Demonstrates Ways to Improve Quality, Regulatory Compliance and Patient Satisfaction with RTLS Software by kalai7


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									Intelligent InSites Demonstrates Ways to Improve Quality, Regulatory
Compliance and Patient Satisfaction with RTLS Software

Benefits of deploying a real-time enterprise software platform to be
showcased at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s National Forum on
Quality Improvement in Health Care

Fargo, ND, December 04, 2012 -- Intelligent InSites Inc., the leading
provider of healthcare enterprise software platform helping healthcare
organizations optimize operations by transforming automatically-collected
data into actionable intelligence and real-time operational insights,
will demonstrate ways to reduce costs, deliver better care, and improve
patient satisfaction at the 24th Annual National Forum on Quality
Improvement in Health Care, organized by the Institute for Healthcare
Improvement, December 9-12, 2012, in Orlando, Florida.

According to Marcus Ruark, Vice President of Marketing at Intelligent
InSites, “With the rising costs of healthcare and diminishing
reimbursement rates, there is a great need to embrace technologies that
can make a significant and sustainable impact on the hospital operational
performance and quality of care.”

Intelligent InSites’ healthcare enterprise software platform offers an
open and flexible design and innovative operational and clinical quality
applications, which are based on automated sensors and real-time data
collection, mobile technologies, and secure cloud-computing solutions.

Benefits of the Intelligent InSites solution include:
Empowering employees to reduce waste by automating many manual processes,
such as monitoring the temperature of medication storage, checking the
status of rooms and other resources, and updating OR schedule boards.

Improving patient safety by giving healthcare providers proactive,
timely, and accurate notifications at the point of care, including
information derived from other healthcare information technology (HIT)

Increasing HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores by streamlining
communication processes between patients, care providers, and ancillary

Supporting lean and six sigma initiatives by providing highly
interactive, easy-to-use dashboards and reports to quickly identify areas
of improvements, perform benchmarking, and monitor the impact of process
changes –resulting in streamlined patient flow, increased utilization of
owned equipment, reduction in rental expenses, and other operational

Providing actionable analytics based on synthesizing real-time data from
multiple sources, including real-time location systems (RTLS),
environmental sensors, electronic health records, building management
systems, mobile devices, nurse call systems, and other healthcare
information systems.
Conference attendees can see Intelligent InSites’ real-time healthcare
enterprise software platform in action at Intelligent InSites’ booth
#909. Healthcare providers visiting Intelligent InSites’ booth can also
register to win a free registration to the Lean in Healthcare Course
(valued at $4,000), facilitated by Lean Healthcare West–a nationally-
recognized Lean consulting organization, whose research on Lean
healthcare was funded by the National Science Foundation and is now
applied in nationally-renowned healthcare organizations.

About the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI):
An independent not-for profit-organization based in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, IHI focuses on motivating and building the will for
change; identifying and testing new models of care in partnership with
both patients and health care professionals; and ensuring the broadest
possible adoption of best practices and effective innovations. For more
information, visit

About Intelligent InSites:
Intelligent InSites helps healthcare organizations improve care and
reduce costs by transforming automatically-collected data into actionable
insights. Through its interoperable, hardware-neutral, healthcare real-
time location system (RTLS) software platform, Intelligent InSites
gathers data from real-time location, condition sensing, and other
systems; then delivers meaningful information to the right person, at the
right time, on the right device. Intelligent InSites’ customers gain
enterprise-wide visibility and are able to impact continuous process
improvements, resulting in remarkable financial and quality of care
outcomes. For more information, visit

Joanna Wyganowska
Intelligent InSites Inc
102 Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102

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