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• How long does it take for a customer to Top-Up?
  With E Top-Up, mobile telephone airtime is automatically added to
  your customers' account within seconds of them paying and for
  those customers who do not carry their Top-Up cards, eVouchers
  let customers instantly top up their mobile telephone account
  when they dial specific access number.
• What commission do I earn for selling Top -Up services?
  The commission depends on which payment provider you chose
  but they are between around 2.0% and 4.0% for mobile phone Top
• Do I get any help with promoting the ETU in my store?
  Yes, all terminals are provided with a comprehensive point of sale
  merchandising by their relevant supplier.
                            E Top-Up
• What are the differences between payzone & the other leading
   Payzone accepts payment for a wide range of utilities, products and
   services. Their terminals do not require dedicated phone lines and so can
   share a line with an existing fax machine or telephone. The other leading
   supplier is primarily focused on accepting payments for mobile top-up.
   They also have the exclusive licence to accept payments for the Central
   London Congestion charge. They tend to pay the highest retailer
   commissions. Their terminals can also share an existing telephone line.
• Can I integrate a debit & credit card machine into the Top-Up
   Yes, Payzone can integrate chip & pin debit and credit card payment
   facilities at exceptionally low rates.
                              E Top-Up
• How long does it take to be set up and operational with a
    It typically takes between 2-6 weeks from completing the application
    form to be operational. The exact time depends on the speed at which
    you provide the required identification documents and your bank
    provides the references. Terminals from the other leading supplier tend to
    be installed the quickest as their sales representatives can install, subject
    to documentation, on their first visit to your premises.
•   How large are the terminals?
    All the terminals from our various partners are compact and each have a
    footprint smaller than an A4 pad of paper.
• Is there any after sales support?
    Yes, all terminals are supported by dedicated telephone based technical
                     E Top-Up
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