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Pattaya is one of the most famous resort areas in Southeast Asia, where freedom for
everyone, from young travelers looking for a wild night to the family. The resort boasts
beaches, a variety of water sports, scuba diving and a myriad of other options. One of the
best and most developed resort in the country, Pattaya is also used to meet the needs of
all travelers.
Pattaya is divided into three zones, each with a fairly large bus and always crowded.
Naklua is north, quiet and less noisy, however shallow and muddy beaches. Beach
between the center, which attracts the most tourists with two long street running along the
sea, towering coconut trees on the bank of sand, shops, streets, bars brightly colored
lights, bustling passers-by, the end of the walking Street, the pedestrian street full of
colors and vibrant at night. Jomtien is the south lies on the other side of the mountain,
with very romantic restaurants are close to the coast. Our journey to explore Pattaya
begins with wandering steps to find accommodation. With the map in hand, the party
across the small street, pretty connected Pattaya 1 and 2. Fresh flowers bloom on a
wooden fence, roof, porch, railing ... relevant, bar joint bar at the hotel. Tourists sit well
with the locals, drinking beer and chat, who looks leisure and leisurely enjoy things tense
atmosphere full of the vitality of the coastal city.
Pattaya has a tropical climate, with year-round temperatures rarely fall below 27 ° C (80 °
F). There are two main seasons; high season from November to April when the weather is
hot and dry, attracting many visitors and the low season from May to October when the
weather is cool and wet.
Along its sandy shores there are many things for tourists to look at with souvenir stalls,
bars and a choice of water sports. Hat Jomtien to the south is a relatively quieter option,
in the while Hat Naklua in the north is family-friendly beach.
Most of the good hotels are proud that their restaurant they serve a variety of
international dishes. Many visitors also choose local dishes to the most interesting places
to indulge in street food stalls are found around the main beach. Here fresh seafood and
various Thai dishes cooked in front of you. There are many formal restaurants scattered
around the tourist areas of Thailand, which also serves Thai dishes.
Although there are many services but the local bus travel in this resort island is not big.
The most common way to get around is to use tuk-tuk (taxi, motorcycle) or local
minibuses truck. You can also rent motorbikes and cars; island taxi service.
There are many islands, Ko Larn, Ko Krok and Ko Sak that attract tourists in a strange
way. The choice is organizing a day trip to the operator or to go it alone and go on one of
the regular boat service on the island from Pattaya. Just once our tour is that you enjoy
being a part of the bustle of the streets of Pattaya. And scuba diving is a sport not to be
missed for those who like diving.
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