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									                Agra - In the City of Taj Mahal

Agra is a famous city of Uttar Pradesh State in India. It resides at
the banks of river Yamuna and houses one of the wonders of the
world, The Taj Mahal. Agra also hosts a population of about 16
lacs, basically from three different religions, Hindus, Muslims and
Sikhs. Agra has been the center of government affairs during the
British Rule and was popularly known as Agra Provinces. It is
situated about 200 kms south-east to Delhi.

Who founded the city
Sikandar Lodhi was the founder of Agra city, he founded it in
1504. It was then ruled by his son until he was defeated by Babar
in a fierce battle. Later on Hem Chandra Vikramaditya again
defeated the muslim rulers and the hindu empire was flourished.
Afterwards when Akbar again came to India he defeated the
Hindus and once again Mughals was ruling the city. Mughals
named it Akbarabad and made numerous building there which are
being witnesses till date.

Climatic Conditions in the city
There are three types of climates experienced in Agra. From March
to April and from September to October have mild temperatures.
November to January experiences cold weather with small winter
showers. The worst season that can be pointed out in Agra can be
May to August when the temperature almost shoots upto 43
degrees maximum.

Popular places to visit
There are some extra-ordinary places worth visiting in Agra. The
most famous of all is Taj Mahal. This wonderful milky building is
created from the White Marble and millions of jewels and stones.
It houses the tomb of one of favorite wives of Shah Jahan, Mumtaz
Mahal and Shah Jahan himself. Agra fort is one of the three World
Heritage sites declared by UNESCO in Agra. You can also get the
best travel service with many Agra travel agents and can make
your Agra tour luxury. It is a magnificent work of great Mughals.
Apart from these there are many historic sites in Fatehpur Sikri,
which is situated few hundred kilometers from Agra. One can also
visit Radha Soami Bagh, which houses a building which is being
built from about 100 years and the construction is proposed for
another 100 years. There are two more gardens, Ram Bagh and the
Mehtab Bagh, a cool destination for people who love to be in the
lap of nature. Sikandara is situated about 10 km from Agra and
houses the tomb of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor. The Itmad-ud-
daula tomb is also in Agra and is sometimes known as Baby Taj.
There are many other religious places for hindus, muslims and
Sikhs and can be located with minor efforts. A major festival is
organized in Agra known as The Taj Festival, which showcases the
art, craft and other items from the whole country.

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