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     Take A Walk On The Wild Side                                                           1994                  years

I                                                                                           of pr

    magine this: You are walking on a
    boardwalk over wetlands and through          “In every walk with

 willows and trees and riparian wildflowers
                                                nature one receives far                                 ng                    l   if
 near the Big Wood River. As you visit in                                                                    land, w r & wild
 the early morning, you might see a moose        more than he seeks.”                                               ate
 walking along the river, a beaver swim-
 ming in the shallows, or a heron wading            — John Muir                                A 15th Anniversary Note
 in the water. Red-winged blackbirds call
 from their grass perches.                    ated with restoration work along the Big        From State Representative
                                              Wood River at Lions Park. In 2002, part-
     In an exciting project scheduled for
                                              nering with the City of Hailey and others,
                                                                                                    Wendy Jaquet
 this fall, the Land Trust plans to con-
                                              the Land Trust cleaned up and mitigated
 struct a boardwalk at the restored Croy                                                          he Wood River Land Trust is a
 Creek Wetlands at the confluence of          the steep slope of the riverbank, diver-
                                                                                                  respected organization here in
 Croy Creek and the Big Wood River in         sified stream flow, and planted native
                                                                                            Blaine County and across the state.
 Hailey. Located at the south end of Lions    vegetation. The result was improved fish
                                                                                            Starting slowly, the Land Trust has
 Park, the boardwalk will provide low-        habitat and safer public access to the
                                                                                            now protected over 10,000 acres, has
 impact public access and educational and
                                                    In July, 2008, the Land Trust again     created programs that correspond
 recreational opportunities close to town.
                                              worked with the City of Hailey to restore     with our values such as the Trout
 Interpretive signage will be part of the
                                              the Croy Creek Wetlands. With a grant         Friendly Lawn project, has won the
 design. The boardwalk will travel along
                                              from the Department of Environmental          confidence of landowners who are
 the wetlands continuing to the Draper
 Wood River Preserve, and will feature a      Quality, the Land Trust removed a por-        happy to work with the Land Trust
 wheelchair-accessible viewing platform       tion of Hailey’s former landfill to restore   to create public access to the Wood
 and sitting area. The loop will continue     wetland and riparian habitat. Land Trust      River, such as the fantastic Howard
 back as a trail along the Big Wood River.    staff and volunteers then replanted the       Preserve. I am so proud of the Board
     The Land Trust has long been associ-                             Continued on page 5   and the staff of the Land Trust.

 Protecting the heart of the valley...now and for the future.                               summer 2009
                                              who we are
                                                   Summer Interns                             Meet our Board
Congratulations to Robyn (left) and Kathryn
(right) for their promotions                       Kyung Koh is a graduate student at
                                                                                              Megan Stevenson
                                                   the Bren School of Environmental
 Staff News                                        Science and Management at UC Santa
                                                   Barbara specializing in Conservation
 Robyn Watson,
                                                   Planning and hopes to work in natu-
 Director of Development
                                                   ral resource management. Her many
 We are pleased to announce that Robyn
                                                   interests include environmental edu-
 Watson, formerly Major Gifts Officer,
                                                   cation, and she spent a year teaching
 has been promoted to Director of
                                                   English to middle school children in
 Development. Robyn started with the
                                                   South Korea.
 Land Trust in 2006 and has a long back-
                                                        As our summer Stewardship
 ground in non-profit fundraising and
                                                   Intern, Kyung stays busy monitoring
 event coordination. She brings a posi-
                                                   Land Trust preserves and easements.
 tive energy to her work and develops
 strong relationships with our supporters.
                                                   Jesse Steadman joins us as the
 Her enthusiasm is contagious. “I moved
                                                   first Conservation Project and
 to the Valley full time three years ago
 to take a position with the Land Trust.
 Not only do I believe deeply in the
                                                   Communications Intern.           Once
                                                   achieving a B.A. degree in English
                                                                                              T     he Land Trust is pleased to wel-
                                                                                                    come Megan to our Board of
                                                                                              Directors. Megan is a life-long resident
                                                   from the University of Connecticut,
 work we do but I am also so fortunate to                                                     of the Wood River Valley and is pas-
                                                   he made for Alaska to work as a
 work with a highly educated and expe-                                                        sionate about helping to preserve all the
                                                   naturalist and eventually a Fisheries
 rienced staff and wonderfully supportive                                                     elements of the valley that have kept
                                                   Technician with the Alaska
 donors.” m                                                                                   her here so long. She says that because
                                                   Department of Fish and Game. Jesse
                                                   moved back to Connecticut to take          of her parents’ conservation easement
 Kathryn Goldman,                                  another fisheries position before relo-    donation to the Wood River Land Trust,
 Senior Project Coordinator                        cating to Portland, OR, where he           “I learned first hand the value of pro-
 Kathryn started with the Land Trust in            worked and volunteered with local          tecting open space and wildlife habitat.”
 2005 after having worked for the Idaho            advocacy groups. m                         Now, as a Wood River Land Trust board
 Conservation League. She is primar-                                                          member, she is able to take an even
 ily focused on projects involving the                                                        more active role.
 Big Wood River—from Trout Friendly                                                                After graduating from Montana
 Lawns to the Croy Creek wetlands res-                                                        State University in Bozeman she returned
 toration to planning for the boardwalk                                                       home to work for her family’s business,
 at Lions Park. She was named Senior                                                          Rocky Mountain Hardware. For the last
 Project Coordinator in recognition of                                                        five years Megan has spent the winters
 her hard work and her achievements                                                           ski patrolling for Sun Valley Company
 developing complex partnerships to pro-                                                      and working for Rocky Mountain
 tect and restore the Big Wood River.                                                         Hardware in the summers. In her free
 “The river changes every year and our                                                        time she loves to travel and spend time
                                                    Jesse and Kyung suited up to pull weeds   in the mountains biking and skiing with
 project work moves in a similar rhythm.
                                                          at the Croy Creek wetlands
 It’s never boring!” m                                                                        her husband and two dogs. m

Thank you to our sponsors and donors who made our participation in the Sun Valley Food & Wine Festival last June possible:
        Leslie and Jack Hanks                   Lazy River Vineyard
               Dick Hay                          Snake River Farms
             Seeta Zieger                             Zou 75
          Riccabona’s Baci              Wood River Land Trust Morel Hunters!
          Lava Lake Lamb
                  iver Land T

                                    r us

1994                 years

                                              how we began
of pr

      cti                            abita

            ng                      lif
                 land, w r &
                        ate    wild

                                   Land Trust Founders                           A Letter From Molly Goodyear, First
                                                                                 President of the Wood River Land Trust
                                                                                 Board of Directors
                                                                                 “Congratulations to the Wood River
                                                                                 Land Trust on its 15th Anniversary!”

                                                                                 I  t’s hard to believe how far the organization has come
                                                                                    since its inception. As a founding member and the first
                                                                                 board chair, I remember when a group of us began meeting
                                                                                 every week in 1993 to explore the idea of starting a land
                                                                                 trust – what it is, how it functions. Each of us involved at
                                                                                 the beginning brought a different perspective to the table,
                                                                                 whether it was experience, scientific knowledge, or just
                                                                                 plain passion for the idea. We realized that a land trust was
       The Land Trust’s first Strategic Planning Retreat in February, 1995.
   Rear: left to right, Henry Whiting, Shelly (Walker) Shoemaker, Mac Whiting,   needed in this valley to preserve the local open space that
        Mike Medberry, Paul Todd. Front: Carol Brown, Kent Pressman,             was rapidly disappearing.
                    Molly Goodyear, Paul Potters, and Pam Feld.                       In addition to our weekly meetings, public sessions
                                                                                 were conducted to introduce the idea to our local commu-
                                                                                 nity. We also held roundtable discussions with employees
                                                                                 of Idaho Fish and Game, the Forest Service, and Bureau of
        A Note From Scott Boettger, Executive                                    Land Management to listen to their suggestions and learn
                                                                                 what they thought of our idea. The Jackson Hole Land
        Director of the Wood River Land Trust:                                   Trust conservation director came to talk to us about starting
                                                                                 a land trust and offered lessons about land conservation in

        T       hanks to the strongly held ideals, forward thinking, and
                hard work of Molly and the other founding board mem-
        bers, the Land Trust has grown in 15 years to become a leading
                                                                                 a similar area.
                                                                                      After getting input from the public, we agreed that
                                                                                 one of the most important things to do was build a strong
        and trusted advocate for wildlife and open space conservation            foundation for the organization. That meant incorporating
        with 10,319 acres protected to date. And our special projects,           in 1994 and gaining 501(c) 3 non-profit designation the fol-
        such as the Elkhorn Creek restoration work and removal of the            lowing year. We knew a solid organizational structure would
        Bullion Bridge abutment in Hailey, continue to have a positive           strengthen our legitimacy with the public and landowners
        impact on our river and our community.                                   interested in protecting their land. We also had to come up
             I can promise that for the next 15 years the Land Trust will        with a name, create a logo, and produce marketing materials
        continue to be a results-oriented organization, uniquely local,          that would introduce the new land trust and the work we
        striving to protect the                                                  hoped to achieve. What a thrill it was to receive our first gift
        places we all value and                                                  of land at Lake Creek from Sally Donart in 1996!
        cherish in this wonderful                                                     I don’t know if our little group could ever have imagined
        valley. Please join me in                                                how the Land Trust would grow and become such an impor-
        thanking these original                                                  tant part of our community. Now, thanks to Scott’s leader-
        visionaries as well as the                                               ship, an excellent staff and strong board, and the results
        countless donors and sup-
                                                                                 they’ve achieved so far, I think we can all understand why a
        porters throughout the
                                                                                 land trust was needed in the Wood River Valley. m
        years who have made the
        Land Trust the successful
        organization it is today.


        Continuing to work to-

        gether, we will ensure that                                                  woo

        the future for our valley is                                                      online!
        indeed bright. m
         whaT we do
 Creek Preserve


Securing Access to Public Lands

I  n March, the Wood River Land Trust acquired 100 acres
   of land in the Pioneer Mountains 12 miles from Hailey to
protect habitat for a variety of wildlife and maintain access
to public lands beyond. Situated along a stretch of Porcupine
Creek, a tributary of the Little Wood River, the property is
adjacent to land managed by BLM and the Sawtooth National
Forest. The Land Trust will take steps to protect and improve
riparian and water resources, restrict motorized uses to the    Hailey
main road, and create a designated parking area.
      Porcupine Creek is part of a migration corridor for elk   Land Trust. “This has long been an important area for recre-
and mule deer between higher-elevation Forest Service lands     ational access, especially hiking and hunting….”
and lower-elevation BLM and private properties. The habitat          Little Wood Headwaters Ranch, LLC, which is owned
provides year-round habitat for elk and also supports beaver,   by Beartooth Capital, an investment group specializing in
black bear, migratory songbirds, moose, Wood River sculpin,     ecologically significant lands, was the previous landowner.
and seasonal use by greater sage grouse. Neighboring BLM        “It has been a pleasure to work with the Land Trust to ensure
lands have been designated an Area of Critical Environmental    the public will forever have access to the Porcupine Creek
Concern to protect sensitive wildlife resources.                trailhead….That part of the Pioneers is remarkably wild and
    Because it was zoned for residential development on         beautiful,” commented Carl Palmer of Beartooth Capital.
40-acre lots, Porcupine Creek’s conservation values were             Since the Land Trust was created in 1994, Porcupine
threatened. “We purchased the property to conserve wildlife     Creek marks the 13th parcel of land acquired for designation
habitat and maintain public access to surrounding public        as a preserve. The purchase was made possible by generous
lands,” noted Nathan Welch, Planning Coordinator for the        donations from individuals and foundations to the Land
                                                                Trust’s Open Space Fund. m
Take A Walk On The Wild Side                                                                 $300
Continued from cover
site with native trees, shrubs, and grasses to increase                                See


wildlife habitat and improve water quality by filtering                more

spring runoff from Croy Creek before it enters the Big
Wood River. The improved wildlife habitat also pro-                  online!
vides an ecological buffer to the undisturbed floodplain
habitat on the west side of the Draper Wood River
Preserve adjacent to Croy Creek.

     The boardwalk at the Croy Creek Wetlands prom-
ises to be an extraordinary Wood River Valley feature
providing an opportunity for the public to visit and
appreciate this sensitive area while protecting it from
human incursion.
     To learn more, contact Kathryn Goldman,
Senior Project Coordinator, at (208) 788-3947 or
kgoldman@woodriverlandtrust.org. m

                                                            Conceptual design of boardwalk

Give Us an Inch . . .
Help us build the Croy Creek Wetlands
Boardwalk! The Land Trust is raising funds to

complete this amazing project.

A donation of $25 purchases one inch of

boardwalk, $300 a foot, and $1000 a yard.


Inch by inch, you can help us build this singular val-
ley feature. All donors will be listed on a plaque on-
site, a great way to honor a friend or loved one.

Use the remittance envelope enclosed in this
newsletter and note that the donation is for the
Boardwalk, then mail to 119 E. Bullion, Hailey, ID                                                 Lions Park

You can also donate online at                                                                                   tr
                                                           Ketchum                                                   ai

For other naming opportunities or more

information, contact Robyn Watson,                                                                                            Proposed

Director of Development, 788-3947.                                                                  Wood                      Boardwalk

                                                                    Hailey                          River
                                                                              Welcome to the
                                                                              Draper Wood River
                                                                              T       he east entrance to the Land Trust’s
                                                                                      Draper Wood River Preserve, 541 Aspen
                                                                              Drive in Hailey, offers a more welcoming aspect
                                                                              lately. Landscaping work has begun, with trees
                                                                              and shrubs being planted for screening. To
                                                                              delineate the parking area and separate the
                                                                              public and private spaces, a pole fence has been
                                                                              built; road mix has been installed to prevent
                                                                              dust and mud. On July 28, Preserve friends and
                                                                              neighbors helped dedicate the new sign.
                                                                                   We want to thank our Aspen Drive neigh-
                                                                              bors for their patience. As work continues, this
                                                                              gateway to the Draper Wood River Preserve will
                                                                              provide a fitting welcome to all. m
             The Draper Wood River Preserve welcomes you!

Trout Friendly Lawn Series is Gold
T      his summer green signs sporting images of trout are sprouting
       up in lawns throughout the Wood River Valley, as the Land
Trust’s Trout Friendly Lawn program enters its third year. A certified
Trout Friendly Lawn saves water, reduces or eliminates the use of
chemicals, and incorporates native plants. For 2009, the program has
three different levels of certification including basic, silver, and gold.
At the highest level, a gold standard Trout Friendly lawn completely
eliminates the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.
    Over 60 businesses, homeowners, and parks have now joined the
program to protect the health of the Big Wood River and the com-
                                    munities relying on it. Our steadily
                                    growing partnership illustrates the
                                    local support for healthy landscape
                                    practices. Community involvement
                                    has been key this year with vol-
                                    unteers pulling weeds instead of
                                                                             KB’s Recycled Kiosk
                                    using herbicides at the Northwood
                                    Natural Area Park in Ketchum and
                                    Lions Park in Hailey.
                                                                             T    he new KB’s kiosk in the Sturto’s parking lot in
                                                                                  Ketchum was constructed entirely of salvaged and
                                                                             donated materials from the Building Material Thrift
                                         For more information, contact       Store.
                                    tfl@woodriverlandtrust.org or visit          Stop by our store at 3930 S. Woodside Boulevard
                                    www.troutfriendly.org for upcoming              (across from Power Engineers). m
                                    events! m

                                                                                        Building Material Thrift Store
                                   Daralene and John Finnell’s trout
                                   friendly backyard                                    3930 S. Woodside, Hailey Idaho 83333
                                                                                        208.788.0014 buildingmaterialthriftstore.org

    The Anderson House and
    Historic Hailey                                                                    On July 7, Lyn and David Anderson cut the ribbon to dedicate
                                                                                       the Anderson House. From left to right, Planning Coordinator

    w        ith the 2001 restoration of its historic Hailey office
             under its belt, the Land Trust acquired the house next
    door and over the past year was busy with its renovation. The
                                                                                       Nathan Welch, Director of Development Robyn Watson, Board
                                                                                       Chair Ed Cutter, intern Jesse Steadman, David Anderson, Lyn
                                                                                       Anderson, and Executive Director Scott Boettger
    house was christened the Anderson House in honor of long-
    time supporters David and Lyn Anderson whose foresight and
    generosity made the purchase possible. A stained glass panel
    over the large front window is emblazoned with an “A” to           ‘sense of place.’ The remodels of their office building on
    acknowledge the Land Trust’s appreciation.                         Bullion and the ‘Anderson House’ have demonstrated that
         The Andersons donated a Sun Valley condominium to             these old buildings can be saved.”
    the Land Trust in October, 2006, with the express intent that           Kathy Grotto, Executive Administrator for the Blaine
    the condo be sold and proceeds used for staff housing needs.       County Housing Authority, noted, “The Wood River Land
    Just after the condo sold in September, 2007, the house next       Trust is setting a great example by providing this home
    door came up for sale and was purchased by the Land Trust at       for their own staff, right next door to their offices, while
    a below market price.                                              renovating historic dwellings as they did for their beautiful
         Speaking of their original gift and intent, Lyn Anderson      office building. Kudos to the Land Trust for going the extra
    said, “We wanted to leave a legacy for the Land Trust that         mile!”
    would assist current and future staff.” Added David, “It sets an        Many individuals and companies contributed time, skills,
    example for others as well—gifts of real estate can help their     and materials to the renovation work including Erik Nilsen
    favorite nonprofits….”                                             and K&M Construction, Building Material Thrift Store, Eddy
          Renovation of the house required structural work. It was     Svidgal Architects, Liv Jensen P.E., CAD Drafting Systems
    hoped, too, that elements of historic Hailey could be restored,    Inc., Cliff Iverson and Lei Tile, Legacy Glass Art LLC, and
    since the Anderson House hearkens to the city’s early days.        B&G Dirtworks. Furnishings were donated by the amazing
    The additions of many previous owners have muddied the             Lyn and David Anderson, Michelle and Harry Griffith, Drs.
    historical waters, but rooflines and other building details        Vicki and Glen Shapiro, the Alternative School, Leslie and
    reflect a cobbling together of structures from Hailey’s mining     Jack Hanks, Brian and Julie Gallagher, and Sara Innes. m
    camp days; rough-hewn timbers, plank walls, and wallpapers
    indicate a style typical of the 1880s. An 1884 Salt Lake City              an

    newspaper was found in one of the walls.                                                      See


         Commenting on the project, Rob Lonning, Chair of the                     more

    Hailey Historic Preservation Commission said, “The Wood
    River Land Trust has been a model of preserving Hailey’s
                                 Thank you
         Thank you to the following donors who generously contributed to Wood River Land Trust
                               between March 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009.
    $125,000 and Above                          The Ellison Foundation, Tom and Sue        Jay Cassell and Gay Weake                      Judy and Jon Runstad
    The Robert Antonioli Trust                  Ellison                                    Christensen Family Foundation, Ann and         John Schenk
    John and Gloria Osberg                      Ginny and Peter Foreman                       Doug Christensen                            Seagraves Foundation
                                                Leslie and Jack Hanks                      Cheryl and Robert Colman                       Harriet and Frank Shrontz
    $50,000 - $124,999                          E & H Humbly Bumbly Foundation             Charles Conn and Beverley Robertson            Sharon and Bill Shubin
    Anonymous (2)                               Leslie and George Hume                     The Fremont Group Foundation,                  Elizabeth B. Simon
    Draper Family Foundation                    Roy A. Hunt Foundation, Dan & Jodie Hunt      Alan M. Dachs                               Gail and Robert Smelick
    John and Elaine French Family Foundation    The Landreth Family Foundation,            Wendy and Jim Daverman                         Ann and Steve Snyder
    Hollis Norris Endowed Fund of the               Jeanne and Bill Landreth               Pat and Peter Dinkelspiel                      Mimi and Vinton Sommerville
       Santa Barbara Foundation                 The Lightfoot Foundation                   Ann Down                                       Springcreek Foundation, Maud-Alison Long
    Kemmerer Family Foundation                  Jon Manetta and Kathryn McQuade            Mary Bachman and William Downing               Carol and Bob Stevens
    The Lennox Foundation                       Sarah and Michael Mars                     Sally and Cecil Drinkward                      Gayle and Al Stevenson
                                                James O. Moore                             Wattis Dumke Foundation, Edmund                Megan Stevenson
    $25,000 - $49,999                           Rebecca Patton and Tom Goodrich               E. Dumke, President                         Frann and Carl Stremmel
    Building Material Thrift Store              Rod Rinker                                 Linda and Bob Edwards                          Cynthia and Charles Tillinghast
    Idaho Department of Environmental Quality   Lois Rosen                                 Tracy and Tim Flaherty                         Marjorie and Barry Traub
    Osberg Family Trust                         Elizabeth and John Stevenson               Diana and John Flood                           Valley Paving/Lakeside Industries
    Clyde and Kay Sisson Charitable                                                        Janine Florence                                Mary and Willy Vanbragt
      Remainder Unitrust                        $2,500 - $4,999                            Susan and Jerry Flynt                          Annie and Bill Vanderbilt
    Diana and Steve Strandberg                  Rick Koffey & Babcock &                    Diane Parish and Paul Gelburd                  Clinton-Walker Family
    Macauley & Helen Dow Whiting Foundation                   ,
                                                    Brown LP San Francisco                 Deana and Morley Golden                           Foundation, Kirby Walker
    Ann and Buzz Woolley                        Mark Benjamin                              John Gove                                      Sally and James Will
                                                Peco Foundation, Bonni and Peter Curran    Betty and Peter Gray                           Beth and Paul Willis
    $10,000 - $24,999                           The Dozoretz Family Foundation, Beth and   Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest         Wodecroft Foundation, Mrs. Roger
    Lyn and David Anderson                          Ron Dozoretz                           Bobby and Fred Haemisegger                        Drackett, Martine & Dan Drackett
    Anonymous (2)                               Sandra and John Flattery                   Carol and Len Harlig                           The Works of Grace Foundation, Benjamin
    Richard C. Barker                           Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer B. Fuller            Paula and George Hauer, George’s at the Cove      Wood & Theresa Castellano-Wood
    Susan and Edward Cutter                     Donna and Jon Gerstenfeld                  Dick Hay                                       Lark and Gary Young
    Disbrow Developments                        Sue and Daniel Guggenheim                  Mike Howard
    Flood Control District #9                   Barbara and Tod Hamachek                   Marsha and Kip Ingham                          $500 - $999
    Maria and Clark Gerhardt                    Hare Family Foundation                     Beverly and Don Jefferson                      The George Barrie IV Foundation,
    HRH Foundation, Harry and Shirley Hagey     Patsy Huntington                           Edina and Philip Jennison                           Carolina W. Barrie
    Richard K. & Shirley S.                     Lana and David Latchford                   Kathy and Gerald Kavka                         Victor Bernstein and Gail Landis
       Hemingway Foundation                     Julie and Ed Lawson                        Martha and Carlton Keck                        Frances and Edward Blair
    Marie and Jack Kueneman                     Esther and Michael Ochsman                 Kathryn and Mark Kieckbusch                    Jill and Richard Blanchard
    Sally and Bill Neukom                       The Perkins Charitable Foundation          The King Family, Wade, Heather, Jacqueline     Ruth and Jacob Bloom
    Norfolk Southern Foundation                 David Perkins and Nancy Mackinnon             & Hampton                                   Christien Boskin
       Matching Gifts Program                   Silver Creek Outfitters, Terry Ring        Clay and Garrett Kirk                          Dr. Elizabeth Breen
    The Page Foundation, Tom and Michael Page   Swig Foundation                            Jack Latrobe and Laura Clarke                  Judy and Fred Brossy
    Wolf Riehle and Feli Funke-Riehle           Tsunami Foundation, Anson & Debra          Debby and Bob Law                              Dr. Christine Brozowski
    Nan and Larry Stone                             Beard, Jr. and Family                  Lewis Family Charitable Gift Fund, Margery     Nancy and Pete Buck
    Joan and Tom Swift                                                                        and Jeff Lewis                              Elizabeth and Jack Bunce
    Thrasher Koffey Foundation                  $1,000 - $2,499                            John and Elizabeth Lewis Family Foundation     Stoney Burke
    Doris Tunney                                Anonymous (2)                              Jo and Bill Lowe                               Deer Creek Fund in the Idaho
    Pepper Walker                               Bank of America Foundation                 The Matthias Foundation, Inc.                       Community Foundation
    Lisa and Greg Wendt                         Trish and Brett Bashaw                     Audrey and Anthony Mattos                      Clorox Company Foundation
    Maryanne and Gerald Whitcomb                Jill and Steve Beck                        Janet and John McCann                          Cynthia Green Colin
                                                Tom Bentley and Becky Follo                Meyers Charitable Family Fund, David Meyers    Julie and Michael Cord
    $5,000 - $9,999                             Courtni and Charlie Billow                 Candy and Don Miller                           Sue and Ted Dalzell
    Anonymous                                   Erik and Wendel Boe                        Jane and Mike Nicolais                         Candace and Tom Dee
    Jack Bariteau/600 Second Street East        Toni and Peter Breck                       George Ohrstrom II                             Dana DuGan, Figgleaf Productions
    Audrey and Gerald Bashaw                    Lindy and Bill Buchanan                    Stephanie and Nick Osborne                     Donald W. & Gretchen K .Fraser Fund
    Beartooth Capital Partners                  Capital Group Companies                    Susan Parkinson                                     in the Idaho Community Foundation
    James Deering Danielson Foundation               Charitable Foundation                 Diane and Harry Rinker                         Robin and Lee Garwood
    Fran and Bob Davidson                       Richard Carr and Jeanne Meyers             Nancy and Rich Robbins                         Betsy and Mark Gates

we celebraTe 15 years wITh you!
Mary and Jim Goodyear                           BP Foundation, Inc.                             Lynne and Michael Sweeney                  Melanie Dahl
Ed L. Grubb                                     Connie and Vern Buwalda                         Penny and Ted Thomas                       Donald C. Dahlgren
Anke and Bill Hall                              Mark Caywood and Deanna Glad                    Dookie and Bill Tingue                     Colleen Daly
Jerry Higman                                    Lawrence Goelman and Virginia Cirica            William L. Tooley                          Paul Dalzell
Wendy and Greg Hosman                           Spencer and Michelle Cutter                     Mary Lynn and Rusty Turner                 Elaine Daniel and Jim Bailey
Cecile and Trent Jones                          John Davenport Family                           Nancy and Joe Verska                       Lauren and Richard L. Davis III
Christina Kirk                                  Dave Dederer                                           .
                                                                                                James P Warmington, Sr.                    Peggy Dean
Laura Kirk                                      Carey and John Dondero                          Lynne and Kenneth Weakley                  Elisabeth Dick
Cynthia and James Knight                        Debra and Lyman Drake                           Wood River Women’s Charitable              Ross Dinkelspiel
Marlene and Bill Lehman                         Holley and Chris duPont                            Foundation Member’s Fund in the Idaho   Harriett Kazzimir Dixon
Ann and George Macomber                         Elizabeth and Steven Durels                        Community Foundation, Jaci Wilkins      Jonathan and Susan Dolgen
Molly and Ken McCain                            Scott Featherstone, DDS LLC                     Richard J. and Esther E. Wooley Trust          Family Foundation
Lisa and Wilson McElhinny                       Kenneth A. Fox                                                                             Marlene and John Durbin
Pamela McMahon, Trustee of McMahon              Dan Gilmore                                     $100 - $249                                Pam and Kirk Ebertz
    Family Trust                                Linda and Charlie Goodyear                      Marc Abraham and Jane Garnett Abraham      Kelly and Kurt Eggers
Sharon and Hal McNee                            Deborah and David Gray                          Patti and Peter Ahrens                     Janet and Gregg Falcone
Jackie and Andrew McRoberts                     Fred Gray and Linda Parker                      All Seasons Landscaping, Inc.              Shirley and Earl Feiwell
Dr. Allen Meisel and Dr. Gail Lutz Meisel       Cynnie and Wayne Griffin                        Barbara and Chip Angle                     Pamela Feld
John Milner and Kim Taylor                      Michelle and Harry Griffith                     Anonymous                                  Sandra and James Figge
Harriet and Bruce Newell                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gunton                      Claire and Lynn Bailey                     Randi and Fred Filoon
Jane and Tom Oliver                             Linda Hackett                                   Annelle and Dan Ballbach                   Daralene and John Finnell
Vicki and Pat Patman                            Ellen Harris                                    Betty and Billy Barnes                     Joan B. Firman
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program        Carol and Craig Hartman                         Ruby and Peter Becker                      Janie and Jack Flammer
Duane Reed and Suzanne Strom-Reed               David Hill                                      Shari and John Behnke                      Chrisi Fleming
Betsy and Robert Reniers                        Margaret and Harvey Hinman                      Bergin Properties, Teresa Bergin           Michael Flinn
Joanne and Bill Reynolds                        J.K. and D.L. Holman                            Peggy and Jim Berman                       Terry Friedlander and Robin Leavitt
Rocky Mountain Hardware                         Wendy and Jim Jaquet                            William E. Beye                            Gay and Bill Fruehling
Barbara and David Rognlien                      Maureen and Page Jenner                         Gayle and Fred Bieker                      Julie and Brian Gallagher
Diana and Allen Russell                         Mary and Jim Jones                              Thomas D. Bigsby                           Barbara and Stephan Gerrish
Stacey Rutherford, Sun Valley Brokers &         Diana Kapp and David Singer                     Heather and Gary Black                     Debbie and Bob Gilbert
    Jack Rutherford, Rutherford Architects      Trish Klahr                                     Kathleen and Hugh Blue                     David Giles
Russell Satake and Anita Lusebrink              Marge Lilley                                    Lisa and Paul Bodor                        Kathryn and Brook Gillespie
Graham Smith                                    Georgie Lindquist                               Gay and Don Boecker                        Cherry Gillespie
Becky and Peter Smith                           Marta and Ignacio Lozano                        Susan and Rudy Boesch                      Penny and Ed Glassmeyer
Caroline and Chris Spain                        Robert Lynch                                    Sally and Scott Boettger                   Mary Jane and Bill Godejohn
Fred Sprenger                                   Macy’s Foundation                               Guy Bonnivier                              Molly! Goodyear and Mike Wolter
Jen Steele and Jon Hoekstra                     Margie and Jon Masterson                        Mike Bordenkircher                         Michelle and Baird Gourlay
Mike Stevens and Liz Mitchell                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Matthews                 Bobbie and Dick Boyer                      Corey Graham and Scott Christensen
Louise and Trent Stumph                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNamee                    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Brakovich                Susan and Ron Green
Sun Valley Magazine                             Rebecca and Robert Mitchell                     Branching Out Nursery                      John K. Greene
Terri and Sandor Szombathy                      Carmen and Ed Northen                           David Bray                                 Maureen Groper
Dr. Lucy Tompkins and Dr. Stanley Falkow        Oliphant Family Donor Advised Fund              Alice and Marvin Brown                     Thomas F. Haensly
Thaddeus Walczak                                   at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation            Amy Browning                               Trail Creek Crossing Condominium
Julia and Jeff Ward                             Barrie and Pete O’Neill                         Michelle and Jefferson Bruner              Bev and George Harad
Liz Warrick                                     Bob Ordal                                       Sylvia and Barry Bunshoft                  Dave Hardman
Sharon and John Wellsandt                       Kaye and Hugh O’Riordan                         Kaye and Bill Burnham                      Patti and Carl Harris
Macauley Whiting                                Steve and Marylyn Pauley                        Vern Buwalda                               Barbara and David Hart
Lynn Whittelsey                                 W. Jeffers Pickard                              Susan Cady                                 Sylvia and Ronald Hartman
Christine and Mayor Wayne Willich               Sharon and Nick Purdy                           David Caldwell                             Joseph Haviv and Wendy Moss-Haviv
Gordon M. Younger                               Cathy and John Rano                             Teresa and Malcolm Campbell                Francie and Mike Hawkey
Patience and Bob Ziebarth                       Rees Family Fund, Thomas and Mary Rees          Elaine and Elliott Caplow                  Alice and Tom Hennessey
Seeta Zieger                                    Lee D. Rowe, MD                                 Page Chapman III                           Mimi Henreid
                                                Laura and Michael Shannon                       Pamela and Kenneth Collins                 Alex Higgins
$250-$499                                       Nancy and John Shepherd                         Mr. and Mrs. Drury W. Cooper III           John Hill
Barb and Mark Acker                             Linda Sisson                                    Elizabeth Copley                           Donna and Craig Hintze
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Armstrong                 Matthew Smith                                   Roger Crist                                Sheri and Jim Hodge
Hilton and Butler Ball Charitable Fund in The   Beth and Doug Stagg                             Steve Crosser                              Mary Hogan
   Community Foundation in Jacksonville         Jeffrey Steinberg and Sherry Warner-Steinberg   Joe Crosson                                Ben Holmes and Carol Scheifele-Holmes
Gail and Doug Boettger                          Todd and Georgia Stewart                        Eric Cutter                                Mark Holmes

                                                                                        Peggy Richards                     Larry Barnes
Gifts In Honor                            Thank you                                     Kathy and David Richmond           Janet and John Barton
Donations are often made to the
Land Trust in recognition of indi-    Sun Valley Magazine                               Mr. and Mrs. William Rieser
                                                                                        Katherine and Buffalo Rixon
                                                                                                                           Regan Berkley and Ed Papenberg
                                                                                                                           Catherine and Robert Beyer
viduals who have made a significant      for helping promote                            Patricia and Donn Roberts
                                                                                        Bev and Brent Robinson
                                                                                                                           Gloria and Carl Bianchi
                                                                                                                           Susan Eiden Bick
impact on the lives of others. The
following gifts were made between      our 15th anniversary in                          Karen and Jonathan Roth            Carol Blackburn
                                                                                        Dianne Sammons                     Alice and Bill Boden
March 1, 2008, and March 31,          the 2009 summer issue.                            Jodi and Sandy Sanders             JoAnn Boswell
2009, to honor:                                                                         Sawtooth Botanical Garden          Bobbie Boyer
                                      Spencer Hosie and Diane Rice                      Phyllis and Leonard Schlessinger   Leisa and Kenneth Brait
Jerry Bashaw
                                      Janet and Steven Houts                            Dr. and Mrs. James Schultz         Carol and Doug Brown
Gay and Don Boecker                   Susanne F. Hubbach                                Timothy Semones and Susan Desko    Martha Burke
Donald Boecker                        Bobbi Hunt                                        Natalie and James Service          Steve Butler
                                      Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation                  George H. Shapiro                  Calista and Tim Carter
Ed and Susan Cutter                                                                     Vicki and Glen Shapiro             John Charney
                                      Sydney and Oliver Iversen
Ed Cutter                             Ellen and Paul James                              Sandy Shaw                         Lyn and David Christensen
Mike Dederer                          Martha and Ross Jennings                          Larry Shipley and Nancy Williams   Nancy J. Clark
                                      The Kahle Foundation, Elizabeth and Loren Kahle   Alison and John Shoemaker          Marty and Don Coats
Denise Jackson Ford                                                                     Gary Slette                        Lindy Cogan
                                      John and Diane Kahm
Kate Giese                            Linda and Robert Kahn                             Jill Smiekel-George                Linda and Leonard Cohen
                                      Gail Kearns                                       Annette and Bill Smith             Lila and Jack Corrock
Fred Gray and Linda Parker
                                      Chris and Don Keirn                               Barbara and Charles Smith          Jerry Costacos
Trevor Harmon                         Bliss Knowles                                     Don Smith                          Jeff Coupe
Trent Jones                           David Knutson                                     Jennifer Smith                     Kristine and Jim Curran
                                      Dick Kolbrener                                    Judy and Richard Smooke            Bobbie and Art Dahl
Chris and DJ Simms
                                      Celia and Lex Kunau                               Barbara and Allen Spafford         Claire and Robert Dana
Barbara Thrasher and Rick Koffey      Diana J. Landis                                   Barbara and David Speer            Jill and Tanner Davis
Barbara Thrasher                      Andie and Jack Laporte                            Michelle and Clint Stennett        Diane and Rocco DeVito
                                      Barbara and John Lehman                           Nancy A. Streeter                  Pat Duggan
Jeff & Julie Ward                                                                       Sun Valley Long Term Holdings      Barbara and A. Scott Earle
                                      Stephanie and Mike Lempres
                                      Ann and John Leonardo                             Betsy and Paul Sunich              Kurt E. Eichstaedt
                                      Carol and Greg Lindstrom                          Tricia Swartling                   Siouxze Essence
Memorial Gifts                        Beatrice Longley                                  Marybeth and William Targett
                                                                                        Dave Theobald
                                                                                                                           Jeanne and Dale Ewersen
                                                                                                                           James Feldbaum
Donations were made between           Elise G.B. Lufkin
                                      Caroline Macomber                                 Martial Thirsk                     Richard Fenton, Jr.
March 1, 2008, and March 31,                                                            Phebe Thorne                       Suzie and Jack Finney
                                      Jory Magidson
2009, in memory of:                                                                     Gloria Thrasher                    Nanette Ford
                                      Sandra and Peter Maier
                                      John Maine and Kim Baltzell                       Joanne and William Travers         Ann Francis
Gertie Barnes                         William T. McConnell                              Pamela and Richard Tucker          Charles Franklin
                                      Karen and George McCown                           Lois Ukropina                      The Creative Edge, Carole Freund
Grace E. Byrnes                                                                         Helen and Bruce Ullmann            Margery and Woody Friedlander
                                      Anthony J. McEwan
Nadya Conway                          Arthur McIntosh III                               Linda and Peter Van Der Meulen     Ann Fuller
                                      Willa and Jim McLaughlin                          Mary and Robert Van Fossan         Gail and Dennis Galanter
David R. Copley                                                                         The Vanoff Family Foundation       Louise and D.K. Gallagher
                                      Thelma and Doug McTavish
Troy C. Ewart                         C. M. Merz                                        Sharon and Max Walker              James Geier
                                      Sarah Michael and Bob Jonas                       Liza and Parker Weekes             Ann and Mike Giese
Nancy Felts
                                      Jeannette and Charles Miller                      Myron A. Weiss                     Kate Giese Wofford and Jeb Wofford
William F. Gillespie III              Jane and Steve Mitchell                           Cathy and Michael Welch            Anne Gifford
                                      Marion Monsen                                     Nathan Welch and Lara Rozzell      Jini and John Griffith
LaVon Grotto
                                      Sally and John Morbeck                            Holly and Doug Werth               Kathy Grotto
Marjorie B. Heiss                     Gerry Morrison and Julie Weston                   Cheryl and Jared Williams          Martha M. Hale
Jack Miller                           Nancy and Marr Mullen                             Wood River Insurance               Pam Hammond
                                      Native Landscapes                                 Rebecca and Richard Worst          John Hardin
Edith B. Moore                        Carol and Dick Nelson                             James K. Worthy                    Elaine and Gordon Harfst
Carl Praeger                          William E. Norris                                 Bud Yorkin                         Harold Harmon
                                      Northwest Nature Shop                             Cheryl and Peter Ziegler           Wayne Herman
James Stone                                                                                                                Tim Hoffman and Lisa Olson
                                      Louise O’Connor
Arthur A. Strom                       Dr. Michael Paul and Lyndell Louise Paul          $99 and Under                      Sally and Russ Horn
                                      Flat Top Sheep Company, Diane                     Anonymous (2)                      Jacqueline M. and J. Robert Howard
William G. Tennille III                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John Ackerman         Laura Hubbard
                                         and John Peavey
Jason Thirsk                          Peller Family                                     Jane and Thomas Acomb              Sonja Huntsman
                                      Paula and Keith Perry                             Milt Adam                          Klaus O. Huschke
Helen Tompkins
                                      Kristy Pigeon and John Prudden                    Kim Anderson                       Mary Ann Jenkins
William John Winter                   Hope Hughes-Pressman                              Lise and Rob Applebaum             Virginia and Thaddeus Johnson
                                      Kent Pressman                                     Ann and Joe Armstrong              Michele and Bernie Johnson
                                      Connie and Tony Price                             Karin and Jeff Armstrong           Harriet and Stan Joseph
                                      Louise and Leigh Rabel                            Marty Arvey                        Jean and John Kearney
Donna Kelsey
River Run Realty, Cindy and Bob Kesting
                                                                                                       Volunteers Make a Difference
Elissa Kline
Robert Latimer                                                                                         On July 15th, volunteers, including 30 kids from the
Thomas Lea                                                                                             Process of Change Program, pulled burdock at the
Karen Little                                                                                           Croy Creek Wetlands in Lions Park. Volunteers:
Kathryn Lopez                                                                                          Noah Rodriguez and Carter Penn show off their big
Elise B. Lufkin
                                                                                                       burdock leaves.
Mila and Marty Lyon
Jan and Paul MacGregor
Jack MacPherson                                                                                        Boxcar Bend Preserve’s annual workday on
Amelia and Michael Madsen, Asher & Isaac Loomis                                                        June 13th was co-sponsored by the Hemingway
Jan and Bob Main                                                                                       Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Trails to the Big Wood
Kay and Jim Marron                                                                                     River were maintained. Volunteers: Ed Northen,
Carol and John Matkins                                                                                 Dave Spaulding, John Finnell, Carmen Northen, Dan
Andrew Mayo and Christina Gearin
Cindy and Brian McCoy
Joan and Ron Mendelsohn
Joe Miczulski and Angie Raybom
Cornerstone Advisors, Edith Middleton                                                                  Volunteers accomplished a lot in June & July
Helen Miller                                                                                           on Land Trust preserves and projects. Thanks
Melinda and Bob Mobley                                                                                 for your hard work!
Nancy and John Mohr
Janet Kellam and Andy Munter
Sharron and David Murray
Anita Northwood                                                                                        The June 17th workday at Shoshone’s Neher
Ruthe and Francis Norton                                                                               Preserve included volunteers from Wood River
American Legion, John O’Connor                                                                         Resource Conservation and Development and
Nancy and James Osborn                                                                                 Fish and Game. Control of Scotch thistle was the
Tess O’Sullivan and Jeremy Fryberger                                                                   focus. Volunteers: Polly Huggins, Melanie Shadwick,
Wendy Pabich
                                                                                                       Alisa Reed, Maleah Huggins, Darrell Havens, Emily
Nick Parish and Sandra Bowman
Jackson Parker
                                                                                                       Andrews, Glen Andrews, Lorene Andrews
Roxanna and Mark Parker
Dorothy and Vern Peay                                                                                  On June 20th, Friends of Howard Preserve, City
Karen R. Pederson                                                                                      of Bellevue, and Land Trust staff began restora-
James Perkins                                                                                          tion of the old Elm Street access road. Volunteers:
Sue Petersen                                                                                           Land Trust intern Kyung Koh, Don Boecker, Fran
Maria Pollan
                                                                                                       MacDonald, Dan Gilmore, Eric Allen, Joy Allen, Tom
Peter Pressley
Phyllis Quinn
                                                                                                       Blanchard. Florence Blanchard, front
Dr. and Mrs. Don Rau
Carol Rees
Theresa Richards
Karla and Alain Rinckwald
Mary Ann and Lyle Rivera
                                                  Denise and Sergio Tavares
                                                  Pete Taylor
                                                                               wood river land trust
Kelly and Scott Robbins
                                                  Ann and Doug Taylor           Protecting the Heart of the Valley                    Now and for the Future
Virginia Robbins-Bugg
                                                  Nancy and John Thomas
Cheryl and Vern Rollin
                                                  Gwen and Steve Thompson      Board of Directors        WRLT Staff                      Advisory Committee, continued
Robert Romano
                                                  Rosalie and Frank Tornello   Ed Cutter, President      Scott Boettger                  Rebekah Helzel
Chapman J. Root II
                                                  Marcia and David Trook       Jack Kueneman,            Executive Director
                                                                                                                                         Dave Parrish
Kate and Bob Rosso
                                                  Marcia Nichols Trook           Vice President          Melanie Dahl                    Larry Schoen
Cathie Royston
                                                  Robert E. Vestal             Joan Swift, Treasurer     Executive Assistant             John Seiller
Tom Rule
                                                  Linda and Gary Vinagre       Robin Garwood,            Kathryn Goldman                 Tom Swift
Gloriana and Lyle Saylor
                                                  George Wade                    Secretary               Senior Project Coordinator      Bruce Tidwell
Geraldine and Michael Shane
                                                  Diana and Karl Wadsack       David Anderson                                            Liz Warrick
Nancy and David J. Sheffner                                                                              Diane Kahm
                                                  Anne and Michael Weber       John Flattery             Development Assistant
Debby and Mark Slonim
                                                  Ellyn and Brett Weisel       John French                                               This newsletter is published by:
Leslie and Charles Snorf                                                                                 Robyn Watson
                                                  Shirley and Scott Wilson     Clark Gerhardt            Director of Development
Craig Spiller                                                                                                                            Wood River Land Trust
                                                  Jeremy Wintersteen           Trent Jones
St. Francis Pet Clinic, Dr. Karsten Fostvedt                                                             Nathan Welch                    119 East Bullion Street
                                                  Nancy Winton                 Heather King              Planning Coordinator
Bob Stadshaug                                                                                                                            Hailey, Idaho 83333
                                                  Charles Wood                 Liz Mitchell
Sharon and Gene Steiner                                                                                  Keri York                       208.788.3947 (telephone)
                                                  Renny Wood                   Wolf Riehle               Stewardship Coordinator
Evan Lister Stelma                                                                                                                       208.788.5991 (fax)
                                                                               John Fell Stevenson
Margaret Macdonald Stewart and Mark Stewart                                                                                              info@woodriverlandtrust.org
                                                                               Megan Stevenson           Advisory Committee
Sun Valley Garden Club                                                                                                                   www.woodriverlandtrust.org
                                                                               Steve Strandberg          Peter Becker
Sun Valley Real Estate, Cindy                                                                                                            Tax ID# 82-0474191
                                                                               Barbara Thrasher          Ranney Draper
   Ward and Clients
                                                                               Doris Tunney                                                                            11
                                                   Acres permanently protected with your support: 10,319
                                                    Photo: Finnell yard Bullock’s orioles

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