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					                Spanish Easy and Fun
About Us:
SEF provides a unique style in language services in Colorado. We offer translation and
interpretation services and Spanish classes. Whether you chose a group class or a
private tutor, you will learn efficient conversational skills which are the key to speaking

When learning is fun it is also easy, that is why SEF has
developed the fun learning method. You will learn this new language easily while
listening and watching movies and listening to music, too. You will even enjoy the

Our Program Description:
“Learning a second language can be either a fun and successful experience or a boring
and frustrating one. Much of your success depends on the curriculum that is used and
on the teaching style.

The Spanish is Easy and Fun curriculum was developed based on a market research
that involved 65 Spanish language students, focus groups, surveys and eight years of
experience in the education industry.

Our Program Levels:
The Spanish is Easy and Fun Program is more than a successful Spanish curriculum; it
is a different concept in how to Learn Spanish. Using the fun learning method, we start
from zero and then introduce a theory and progressively add vocabulary while following
a common theme in your learning process. We teach Spanish Lessons interesting and
current topics and guide you on your learning journey. If learning Spanish is the
“destination” then SEF is the “map” so that you know where you are going.

Classes Description:
SEF offers a total of 10 level classes: 4 beginning level classes, 4 intermediate level
classes and 2 advanced level classes. We use a conversational approach in every
class. We take a maximum of 8 students per class. All SEF instructors are experienced
and certified and they are happy to teach you this beautiful language using our fun
learning methodology.
Our Services:

      Spanish for Adults

      Group Classes


      Private Lessons

      Spanish for Children

      Spanish for the Workplace

      Translation & Interpretation

      Immersion Programs

      English Lessons


Spanish Easy & Fun Halloween party We invited all active witches, zombies and ghosts
to pick up some basic dance moves with the rhythm of Rock & Roll, reggae, cha-cha
and Latin melodies and songs. Our guests enjoyed appetizers, wine, sangria and live
DJ music.

Pricing and Schedule:

      Cost per student for a group class: $160
      Cost of class materials only: $30
      Cost for a private lesson / tutoring: $40 for 1 hour lesson

Description: SEF has helped over 1,500 students to break down cultural barriers through Spanish and English instruction as well as interpretation and certified translations services and cross cultural communication training. Currently, SEF provides several classes for children, teenagers, adults and companies.