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									3 Benefits Of Group Tours: Why You Should Travel With A Crowd
Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a complete travel newbie, you might be wondering if it's best to go
on group tours or if you should see the world solo. What's right for you is purely individual preference, but
there are some definite benefits of travelling with a crowd. Before you make up your mind, consider the
benefits of group tours.

Benefit #1: Group Tours Can Be Less Expensive Than Travelling Alone

If you're vacationing on a budget, this benefit probably appeals quite a bit to you. Hotels and local tour
companies are more likely to offer their services at a discount when you're travelling with others. A
company that organises these trips will have relationships with local service providers and will be able to
use these relationships to negotiate discounted rates, which means they can pass any savings on to you.
If you're travelling solo, you'll need to book everything yourself and you'll be at the mercy of whatever
price you're told to pay.

However, these savings aren't just limited to hotels and organised excursions. A tour company may also
be able to find restaurants that can provide groups with a set menu at a discounted price. All of these
factors can add up to big savings for groups.

Benefit #2: Vacationers Might Be Able To Experience Hidden Gems

Another benefit of travelling with a group is that you may be able to experience hidden attractions that
aren't always open to the general public. Whether it's a special tour through a local tourist site or a special
meal served in a restaurant that's reserved solely for your travel partners, these hidden gems can really
add a lot of fun and intrigue to any vacation. Even if you're not able to experience something out of the
ordinary, you'll likely receive an insider's view of every location you visit, especially if you're travelling with
an experienced tour guide.

Benefit #3: Meeting Like Minded Friends

Lastly, travelling with a crowd means that you'll be able to meet like-minded friends. Not everyone
appreciates the new experiences and situations that you can find yourself in when exploring new parts of
the world, especially if you're visiting exotic locations overseas. Getting to make new friends that share
your passions is a definite benefit of going on group tours. Even if you don't live in the same city, you can
always reconnect each year in a new location.

These are just some of the benefits of going on groups tours vs. setting out on your own -- chances are
good that you can come up with your own list of benefits for the travel style you like best. However, if you
favour independent vacations, don't be afraid to try group tours at least once in your life. You might just
develop a new appreciation for different cultures across the world when you travel with a crowd.

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