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Compton Business License Overview


									                       CITY OF COMPTON
                       BUSINESS LICENSE DIVISION
                       First Floor, City Hall
                       205 South Willowbrook Avenue
                       Compton, California 90220
                       Main Line (310) 605 -5508
                       Direct Line (310) 761-1444
                       Fax Line (310) 761 -1456

The City of Compton requires all persons (including corporations, partnerships and individuals) doing
business within City limits, to obtain a business license. Persons without a business license may not lawfully
engage in business. The license must be renewed annually. Businesses, professionals, and occupations that
meet all qualifications and legal requirements are eligible to obtain a license upon application and payment
of the license tax.

Filing Procedure for New Businesses

Step 1:

City Based Businesses

Per Compton Municipal Code Section 9-1.41 all businesses located within the City of Compton shall obtain a
Certificate of Occupancy from the Planning Department. All new businesses located within the City of
Compton need to begin the process by filling out a Certificate of Occupancy Application. Additional
information can be obtained by calling the Planning Department at (310) 605 – 5532 or visiting the Planning
Department’s webpage.

Temporary Business License

A temporary business license* may be requested, by the business owner, while in the process of obtaining a
Certificate of Occupancy.

The following must be completed before the temporary business license is issued:

          Complete and turn in a completed Certificate of Occupancy Application, along with all required documentation,
          to the Planning Department. (Payment of the non-refundable application fee is required)**
          Complete and turn in a complete Business License Application, along with all required documentation, to the
          Business License Division. (Payment of the non-refundable business license fee is required)

*An inspection by the Building & Safety Department ($120.00 Building Inspection Fee is Required)
and Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department is required before a Temporary Business
License is issued. The inspections will ensure the business is in compliance with the City of Compton
Zoning Code and free of Health & Safety violations. All violations observed and noted by the
inspectors/officers must be corrected before the Temporary Business License is issued.

**Zoning and land use must be approved by the Planning Department prior to the issuance of the
Temporary Business License.

If a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is required, a Temporary Business License will not be issued until
the final approval of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Non-City Based Businesses

Non-City based businesses could be contractors, real estate agents, and other businesses that operate within
the city but are not City-Based. These businesses do not need a Certificate of Occupancy and can immediately
go to step 2.
     City of Compton Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department/ Business License Division

Step 2:

Obtain and complete a City Business License Application.

All new businesses are required to provide some of the listed additional documentation before obtaining a
business license. Please see list below of required documentation:

          Valid, unexpired photo identification
          Articles of Incorporation (Corporations)
           o Corporate Minutes or a Corporate Resolution to identify the corporate officers and signers of the
                corporation (Additional requirement)
          Articles of Organization and Statement of Information (Limited Liability Company)
          Partnership Agreement identifying partners and their authority (General Partnerships)
           o Fictitious Business Name Statement/DBA (Additional requirement for general partnerships)
          Fictitious Business Name Statement/DBA (If operating a business under name different than your own)
           o (Can be obtained through the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s Office (562) 462-2177 or the
                County the business is located in)
          501(c)3 (Non-Profit Organizations)
          Los Angeles County Health Certificate (Food handling businesses)
          State Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit (If the business is selling tangible goods)
          State Board of Equalization Tobacco Permit (Only if business is selling tobacco products)
          Alcohol Beverage Control License (Only if business is selling alcoholic beverages)
          Department of Justice Second Hand Dealers License (Only if business are buying and selling secondhand

Additional license(s) and/or permits from the State of California or other agencies may be required from the
business owner.

Step 3:

Pay the required business tax for your type of business to obtain a C ity Business License. A list of fees may
be obtained by going to Section 9-2 of the Compton Municipal Code or the Business License Section of the
City of Compton’s website.

For more information regarding obtaining a City of Compton Business License; please contact the
Business License Division. (Contact information listed below)

The Business License Division is located at:

205 S. Willowbrook Ave., Compton, CA 90220 (First Floor)

Main Line:      (310) 761-1444      Fax Number: (310) 761-1456

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday from 7:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. (Closed Friday)

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