Delving Deeper into the Depths of Dumpsters

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					Delving Deeper into the Depths of Dumpsters
Throughout a typical day you probably walk or drive past far more dumpsters than you would
assume. More than likely, some of the trash that you contribute to trash cans throughout the day
will head to a dumpster somewhere.

Surprisingly, there can be a lot of laws surrounding the use of a dumpster. Many people do not
realize how to abide by dumpster laws, simply because they do not realize what laws they are
breaking when they use dumpsters in their area.

Dumpster Diving
It is usually illegal to use a dumpster that is on private property. If you do not get permission
from the owner of the dumpster and you are found using the dumpster, in any manner, the owner
of the dumpster can press charges against you for using the dumpster.

You may not realize that many private
dumpsters are protected by security
cameras. If the owner has had problems
with unauthorized use of their dumpster,
they may install a camera to ensure they can
catch people that are using their dumpster
without permission.

There may be some public dumpsters in
your city that you can use without having to
get permission. If you find a dumpster and
it is not clearly marked as a public
dumpster, then you should wait to talk to a
local authority to find out if it is a dumpster you can or cannot use.

If you know that you are going to need a dumpster for an extended amount of time, it may be
beneficial to rent a dumpster. Some cities have laws that specify how long you can rent a
dumpster, to ensure dumpsters do not take permanent residence without special permits.

Renting Your Own Dumpster
While you are looking for dumpster rentals in Provo, it is important that you know how long the
dumpster can be on your property. Dumpster rentals in Provo are legal, but if the dumpster stays
on your property for an extended amount of time, it may be removed without any notification.

Many people use dumpsters to put their trash in, but there are some people that like to take things
out of dumpsters. Commonly referred to as dumpster diving, the act of removing objects from
dumpsters is also illegal if you do not have the permission of the owner.
                                             Some people struggle with this law, simply because
                                             they feel that the act of throwing something away
                                             makes it free game. Dumpster diving can come with
                                             some serious repercussions if you do not have
                                             permission from the owner of the dumpster.

                                             Interestingly, if you come across an unlocked
                                             dumpster on public land, you can safely assume that
                                             you can dumpster dive in the dumpster. Dumpster
                                             diving can be dangerous and you should take the
                                             proper precautions to ensure you are safe.

Make sure that you do not jump into the dumpster without knowing what you are going to land
on. It is also advisable to wear clothes that will protect your skin from the contents within the
dumpster, so you can be sure that your skin does not get irritated from brushing up against
something questionable.

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