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Serial Killer Investigation Assignment

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A Australian high school homework assignment for ninth graders that asked them to map out a serial killer's "dream house"; draw cartoons of murders, and designing psycho killer board games.

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									Serial Killer Investigation Assignment
Hello everyone, welcome to your serial killer assignment. You are to complete 10,
yes 10, of the activities listed below in the next two weeks. You will have all the
class time we have to complete it.

Remember to ask questions and plan out things, these tasks need to be detailed
and not a five-minute hit and giggle.

As you can see each activity has been assigned points from 1-5. For you to pass
this assignment your 10 activities must add up to a minimum 30 points.

Take some time to figure out your activities and then begin.

Good luck!"

Your task choices:

1. Draw a cartoon panel about how your serial killer murdered someone. (2)

2. Produce a detailed artwork about your chosen serial killer. (3)

3. Choose two serial killers, compare them and decide which of them is worse and
why. (3)

4. Write a poem about a serial killer. (2)

5. Write a newspaper article about a serial killer who hasn't been caught yet.
Describe what they are doing, why people should be scared, what they should
look out for etc etc. Make it look like a real newspaper article (at least 200 words).

6. Write an interview with a serial killer as if you were a journalist a make up their
answers. (3)

7. Do an A-Z chart of serial killers. (2)

8. Construct a serial killer survey and record the results. (2)
9. Categorise 10 different serial killers into their different motivations (hedonistic,
visionary, mission orientated, power/control) and why you have chosen that. (4)

10. Do a similarities and differences table between a spree killer and a serial killer.
have at least 10 examples of each. (3)

11. Invent a psychological test which you could give to someone which would
accurately assess if someone was a potential serial killer. (5)

12. Hypothesize what would have happened to Jeffrey Dahmer if he went to a
psychologist when he started hurting animals? (3)

13. Construct a list of 15 questions you would like to ask a serial killer. (2)

14. Make a children's book which teaches them about serial killers. Make sure you
are aware of the audience it will be written for. (5)

15. Draw a floor plan of what you think a serial killer's dream house looks like.
This needs to be detailed with notes about what you have included and why. (5)

16. Imagine you are a judge, what sort of sentence would you have given Ted
Bundy and why? (3)

17. Create a rap about serial killers. (4)

18. Draw the movie poster about the life of a serial killer. (3)

19. Create a serial killer board game with full instructions. (5)

20 Decide whether or not it is a good thing that serial killers can make money
from being famous for their crimes. (2)

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