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									  Work From Home: How to earn money online?

With the advent of internet, businesses have taken advantage of it to increase their sales and reach their
potential customers worldwide. One way is through PTC. PTC stands for paid to click. It is a
revolutionary way of advertising. It is a form of marketing which directly advertises products to
customers through websites. PTC sites provide service to advertisers for a low fee, for as low as $1.00 to
some higher amount, depending on how many views you want for your website and in which category. A
PTC site can give your web page a considerable amount of online traffic from PTC site members who
wants to earn money online. PTC site members earn money by clicking and viewing advertisements.
Basically, the PTC sites link the advertisers and the potential customers who also happen to be the PTC

Joining a PTC website is free. No investment is required although if you want to accelerate your earnings,
you can spend some amount for membership upgrade and for renting referrals. As a member, you can
earn from clicking and viewing websites, and at the same time, you can also advertise your own product/s
or other program affiliation you may have. You can earn between $0.001 to $0.02 per ad and each ad can
lasts from 3 to 30 seconds. Of course, the higher the payment for viewing the ad, the longer the viewing
time is. You can earn approximately $2.00 to $3.00 per month or $24.00 to $36.00 per year in just 1
website only. Not bad, considering the small amount of time you need to spend on those ads. And mind
you, you can do those tasks while you are online and doing your usual stuffs on the net like checking your
facebook, chatting with families or friends, checking your email, etc. But of course, there is a way to earn
more and that is through referrals.

There are two kinds of referrals: (1) Direct Referrals, (2) Rented Referrals. Direct Referrals are those
members whom you invited to join the PTC program. You earn from every click that they do as long as
you are actively clicking everyday. So basically, direct referral is like your downline. A permanent
downline. Rented referrals, on the other hand, are those which are like your temporary downlines. You
purchase them from the PTC site. When you order a pack of Rented Referrals, it is like hiring them for a
span of 30 days. If you don't set the Auto Pay setting, you will lose them. With referrals, you can get
bigger income. So even while you are sleeping or out somewhere, you can still earn because you gain
from referral clicks.

What would you need to begin earning in PTC? You need: (1) a PC with internet access; (2)an email
address; (3) a way to receive payment such as Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserve or Neteller account; (4) a
bank account to deposit your earnings.

Some of the PTC sites which you can start registering now are the following. You can press ctrl-click on
them to get started and see for yourself. All of them are legit and paying PTC programs.

    1. ClixSense

    2. Neobux

    3. Probux

    4. DeltaClicks

    5. EuroBux

    6. LaDolceVita

    7. Clicks-FX
If you want to know more details about the above PTC sites, click here. There are still a lot more PTC
sites out there which I didn't include for now.

The number of referrals in a PTC program will define your success in it. So what are the ways to get

   1. Invite people you know. You can chat them, send emails to, or invite through facebook or twitter.

   2. Join Forums and start introducing yourself. Comment on discussions. You may ask for a referral
      exchange, meaning you will join a person's PTC program and he/she will join another program of
      yours in which he/she is not a part yet.

       Forums such as, and
       to name a few.

   3. Create a blog. You can discuss about your experience with PTC. Your opinions and tips which
      you think can be a valuable information to newbies in PTC.

   4. Create a pdf ebook like this and upload it to free ebook directories such as,,,, etc.

   5. Join referral programs such as the following:,,,,, and

   6. Join and advertise in Traffic Exchange programs such as the following: EasyHits4U,
      FairTradeTraffic, WebAdvertisingTraffic, TrafficSwarm, AdSlingers, and SmileyTraffic.

Many people around the globe are earning around $100 to $2000+ per month just from PTC programs
alone. Don't you want earnings like that too? Get started today! And remember, if you will add up all the
cents from your clicks and your referral clicks, it could amount to a dollar to hundred of dollars or more.
All I can say is, it takes determination and hardwork to achieve anything that you want. These PTC
programs included. As you go along, you will know what's working for you and what's not.

You can also try to visit my webpage for online marketing resources like books and other information
which I may add time to time. Here is the link:

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