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									                                   The Gout Solution
                                            You must have seen in the news that arthritis cases are
                                            on the rise. Sadly, gout is a form of arthritis and it is
                                            caused by uric acid building up in the body. You
                                            however can naturally treat gout at home when you
                                            know how to. Hence, in the section below, you will
                                            learn some 5 ways on how to treat gout naturally at
                                            home and have control of your health.

5 home remedies for gout

   1. Black cherry juice

   Black cherry juice is one of the best home remedies for gout. What it does is that it reduces
   the level of uric acid in your body. If you take it daily, you will have the levels of the uric
   acid in your body go down and down and eventually you will treat the gout.

   2. Castor oil

   Castor oil is also very effective when you are looking for how to treat gout naturally at home.
   This oil can be used as compress and targeted to the affected area of the body. When this is
   done, the inflammation will reduce and you will have relieve from the gout.

   3. Foot bath

   Foot bath also helps relieve gout. The bath should be with warm water and a cup of Epsom
   salt and at least a drop of some of the essential oils. If the entire body is affected, then it may
   be important to have a whole body bath with the solution. This is all natural and cannot bring
   any side effects.

   4. Healthy eating habit

   What you eat also can contribute to more uric acid build up in your body. So one of natural
   ways to treat gout is to watch what you eat. Adopt a healthy eating habit to be on the safe
   side. Cut down completely on processed food, refined sugars and all grains. This will not
   affect your life but will improve your health and treat the gout. You will be surprised that
   these foods cause inflammation within the body so
   you should cut on them completely.

   5. Digestive enzymes

   Finally, you also need to ensure that the food you
   eat is broken down well into smaller particles in the
   body. You can count on digestive enzymes to give
   you this support. By including these digestive
   enzymes in all your meals, you will be sure that
   any meal you take is effectively broken down and
   this is a sure way on how to treat gout naturally at

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