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									Laptop or desktop

Two years there has been a new trend of massively distributed laptops. Laptop value
decreased dramatically, and suppliers and importers note that even the last word has
not been said a decline in value. On the other hand, it seems that we reached the
minimum possible cost desktop computers because their value is cheaper we will no
longer current.

Price reductions appealing to many users who are interested in purchasing a new
computer and are debating whether it is better to buy a laptop over a desktop
computer. Laptops brand names seem very common today, and many people feel they
have one. Perhaps many may already have a laptop. But before this step of buying
laptop, you may want to examine our relevant labor needs, and to test whether I
really should buy a computer of this type, therefore, there might be a better choice.

Exclusive advantage of a laptop is portability course. You can take the computer
anywhere, connect to wireless networks in cafes, enjoy the various services of the
companies that offer mobile Internet, a function of mobility is the size of a laptop,
computer course, small, compact, convenient, and allowed to carry in your bag or
backpack. If the laptop was previously a package that weighs a few pounds, you can
find mobile today with small screens weighing less than 2 pounds. Certainly
convenient to carry. Even the relatively good performance today, laptops come with
high quality graphs tickets, and they are good enough for heavy applications.

Cons laptop expressed first term system performance. Laptop by being minimized
does not compare (today and in the coming years) a stationary computer system
performance, ie, the cost of 4k can buy a quality laptop, but the same cost we can buy
a desktop computer is very strong, much stronger than that fixed for the same cost in
terms of performance. Another disadvantage is expressed by a laptop produces
relatively high radiation, and gets very hot. Not always easy to put it on your lap
because sometimes it heats up like an oven, and all of us uncomfortable roasted legs,
the radiation, and heat. The laptop also limited by the fact that mobility you need to
recharge the batteries once in two hours three or so, depending on what how to use.
Laptop parts are more sensitive, and the entire system is very delicate. Computer
receives a slight bump due to subtle president can not hurt him, and by being mobile
is vulnerable to many abuses.

When deciding on purchasing a laptop has carefully examine what the needs of our
work, and not be drawn into the stigma and brands , that is, if we are not business
people or students (and students do not really have a mobile) does not necessarily
need to purchase this computer. Keep this computer just for "to have" very
unnecessary, and despite the decline in prices in recent years wasteful. You can get
the same price good value in the form of a desktop computer that will provide us
more for less money. Consideration in buying a new laptop should be interesting, so
good consumer Kenya should give a solution to, and not a social solution.

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