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									How to handle noisy computer

In the following article we will learn the computer chassis components beaters and
explain how to handle and reduce noise to Enjoy a quiet and healthy computer.
Many of us use computers noisy, some who have become accustomed to noise and
suffer from it without knowing and are suffering from not knowing the simplest and
cheapest option to reduce the noise.
Computer sensational harmful to users and those around him in the same room, in
addition, the noise often indicates abnormal operation of the components, most of the

Advisable to identify the source of the noise and test by disconnecting the
component (not under tension, of course!) About

Noisy fans
Computer case There are different types of fans can be replaced:

CPU fan - CPU FAN, usually standard socket type of the processor (eg Intel - LGA
775, LGA 1366, 478 / AMD - Socket A, AM2 +, 939, etc.)
In some cases outdated BIOS version will control incorrectly and need to update
BIOS (Bios Update).
Rotation speed "normal" kind of fan will be about - 2000 rpm (revolutions per
minute) without abnormal load, CPU fans prices vary between 40 and 400 NIS and
the main differences between them are the noise that they produce, durability over
time, and "intensity" cooling, which is reflected in the size and shape of often the fan
and cooling ribs installed on the CPU.
Usually have to be replaced along with all the fan cooling unit (fan, cooling fins,
clips) the appropriate unit, we must break the cooling unit should carefully consult
and sometimes flat screwdriver to prevent damage to legs processor.
Sometimes you can replace the fan only, fan similar to 80 mm chassis fan, standard,
you should consult a computer technician.

Fans Chassis - Chassis FAN, two most common types, differing in size - 120 mm and
80 mm.
You can position the fans on the front, the back and sometimes at the top of the
computer case.
You can connect the fans to - whether or straight power supply. For command and
control of the fans must be connected to - if.
Case fans prices vary between 20 to 150 NIS.
The fan can be replaced easily by unplugging the power cord and the dismantling of
four screws.

Fans Video Card - GPU FAN, now on most graphics cards, installed a fan and
cooling fins installed on the processor - Graphics card (GPU) and including thermal
paste (see above). Usually these cooling unit fixed on the graphics card with clips.
These usually are not standards and to replace them should come with the card or
network technician for Computer Store - to find some suitable. Prices of ordinary
fans, roughly about 30 NIS.

Fan - Power Supply - PSU FAN, in the power supply fan is installed (sometimes
more than one). Warning - Do not open the power supply, the - to replace a fan,
replace the power - the entire force, a new provider.
 power supplies will vary between 50 to 1,000 shekels, and the differences between
the various suppliers will be if the noise they make, the degree of power (on W),
voltage stability comes from the vendor name brand (like fashion).

Internal speaker - PC Speaker, there are cases speaker is connected to - if, produces
annoying noise, high frequency, you can replace / disconnect the speaker from the
Speaker is mainly used to control components, and today, less common to see it in
the chassis.

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