What is Microsoft Exchange mail server? by plior


									What is Microsoft Exchange mail server?

Microsoft Exchange is the world's most popular mail server!
Almost all work with him, few know it and a small percentage of those few people
understand what really gives the Exchange. This guide is for those who want to
know what the Exchange server? Who's it for? What privileges? And should it at all

What is Microsoft Exchange?
What is this? This mail server! What is a mail server? Probably mail server is a
central computer manages Minister's e-mail client. Path is obtained and sent to all
mail. Where mail is stored, but it is only the basis of the Exchange name "mail
server" is very misleading as it is a very powerful communications solution and it is
very important to most businesses.

Exchange server is actually back system (BackOffice) stands most businesses back
side of the Outlook software. The server provides many features worth a lot of
money, like:

Sharing calendars
It's actually a feature usually why most businesses buying servers. Allow answering
basic ability to manage the executive's calendar., And administrator access calendars
of employees to control their own time management effectively. No phone calls
without complex adjustments.
Unlike local system is not connected to a server, Exchange server ensures that in the
event of a crash the user does not lose important information (email, calendar, phone
book etc. ..
Remote Access
Exchange Server allows users to connect through the browser, the technical term is
called Outlook Web Access, or OWA for short. Possibility to connect from anywhere
in the software for Outlook enables availability and accessibility of user business
information from anywhere at any time.
Sync to mobile phones
Blackberry invented the method conquered the world, today has many phones allow
data synchronization with the Exchange server and actually smart phone is a mobile
office. Any action immediately synchronized with the server through the network.
All incoming or outgoing mail, every meeting and every record. That can coordinate
secretary for meetings and work area immediately updated Cancel it. Any update
Undo immediately appear in the secretary.
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If we use big headlines, then the Exchange server provides us with improved internal
communications and availability motion. The term that Microsoft uses is outlook
anywhere. And really it.

In April 1993 he began working the first Exchange server. Over the years, billions of
dollars have been invested in developing the capabilities of the product and is now
commonly used tools and most important in any business. Exchange server is
working tools which most computer users most of the day. More than any other tools.
More phone, car and Word.

Until two years ago, right to work with the Exchange server was reserved for
medium and higher for the simple reason that the establishment of a server and its
maintenance are very expensive. In recent years there has been a dramatic change
SAAS it's called Software As A Service. The idea is simple, instead of purchasing
expensive hardware and licensing user pays a monthly service. This revolution led to
the Exchange for small businesses and even individual users who want to enjoy
advanced service capabilities without the need for expensive investment and

Who is the target audience?
Exchange Server is a necessary tool for computerized office. Who does his work and
business information using Exchange server computer will streamlines the work,
saves time and money and allows fast response times significantly from work
without it. Course should not jade Exchange server. But mention that manages the
time of a boss must Exchange. Every business owner wants his employees to be
connected to the business at any time and anywhere. And any person who holds a
smart phone and do not know how to use it properly.

What needs to connect to Exchange?
Connection to Exchange is possible in two ways: local server or an external service

Local server
A basic system includes a stable and reliable server, licensing Exchange newest
software, backup software and tape backup solution or alternative, UPS, fixed IP
address and high quality firewall security. The system will form and manage a
customer's computer. This is usually an initial investment of 6000 $ + $ 100-300 for
the management and maintenance bases. (Price is to serve up to 10 users).
External Service
There are several vendors in Israel that provide Hosted Exchange service have to
choose the best for you. Today there is an obvious advantage to most service
businesses across a server. There is no initial investment, immediate connection, no
management and maintenance costs. And most importantly, quality of service is
significantly higher local system. Higher stability, enhanced security and high
security significantly.

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