The game world leaders by plior


									The game “world leaders”

Explanation of the technology of the game

This is a unique strategy game that technology which allows you as an actor, to play
with players from all over the world without language restriction.

The game is built so that players from around the world can play in their own
language and still understand and play with each other. This is the first game that
breaks the language barrier online.

The story of the game

Earth after a nuclear war when only a small number of countries remained under
control and new states were created due to a wave of disputes, war for world
domination began ...

New state leader, you must overcome the thousands of other players all over the
world playing this game. Your success depends on exploiting your potential talent,
diplomacy, strategy and more ...

Prove that you are the best!

The objective

Game "world leaders" is a game of strategy and thinking.

New state leader your goal is to be the world's most powerful ruler and control all
countries by all means use valid game, from diplomacy to war!

You must build an empire, be strong economically and militarily in order to be the
ultimate ruler. You play against thousands of players from around the world,
designed the same as yours: to rule the world. Your Way to Success and a loop
around working together and relations with other actors. For example, you persuaded
others to join the Alliance, and help achieve your goal.

How to start?

To start playing you need to create a player. Click on "Create New User" and fill in
all the details.

Once you have created the state first window you see is the main menu

You can begin to play, and we wish you success!

The main menu

Each time you log in with the username and password the game "world leaders", the
first page you see will be the main menu. This page shows you the status of your


Get Money

Your citizens will give you money per turn, and the amount you are supposed to get
every citizen depends on your government type.

Government Type

Gain per turn

Democracy +

Number of civilians * 115


Number of civilians * 110


Number of civilians * 105


Number of civilians * 100

Number of civilians * 95

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Number of civilians * 93


Number of civilians * 90


Number of civilians * 85

Growth rate of citizens

The growth rate of your citizens depend on unused land of yours.

Any one free land 100 civilians.

Growth rate of your citizens per turn is a citizen of every 1000 citizens there.
(Number of civilians in 1000)

For example, government type is a democracy and there are 10,000 citizens of your
country, then every turn will receive 10000 * 110 = 1100000money your citizens will
increase by 10.

* Important - If you do not have enough land available so citizens will leave even if
you have a shortage of vacant land begins to lose civilians.

Army recruiting civilians

You can raise the Army civilians and use them as soldiers for everything.

The amount you can raise depends on your government type total population.
(Civilians + + rebel soldiers recruited = total population)

Every weapon has a requirement of a certain amount of soldiers who need to use it.
(If you lose your weapons so military action, even the soldiers who killed it)

* You can dismantle a military unit and make the soldiers admiring the same
weapons to civilians again.

The amount you can raise depends on your government type.

Government Type

Can recruit

Democracy +

5% of the total population


10% of the total population


15% of the total population


25% of the total population


40% of the total population


70% of the total population

80% of the total population


90% of the total population


The rebels are a big threat to your country and stability.

Not your rebels earn money this turn and are not calculated in your country.

If the number of rebels in your country becomes higher then there is danger of a
military coup and can lose the game.

Information on the state

Here you can see summarized information on your state.

The information you get here is a description of your country, through contact with
your state and how we calculate the overall strength of your state.

You can do several things:

* Change the details of your country or password. (If you have a support so you can
also change the flag of your country)

* Vacation - allows you to go on vacation.

* Delete your country.

* Buy only one of them in the game.

* Set SMS

- If you purchased an option to receive SMS So here you will need to set your laptop.

Results & Ratings
Here you can see the top ten leading players by each category.

Total power, military power, the power industry.

* It is updated once a day!

List of Players

You can see the list of 50 players who are more powerful than yours.

In addition, next to each list with an option to record a number of countries not in the
list of your (new messages at the country's name her).

You can not attack a strong or weak you too, however you can still contact, send
spies, satellites, and the UN bid against it or for it.


The game is based on queuing and 20 minutes will turn.

The turns are used in almost every action in the game. (Will yield plants and your
citizens will grow only when you use the passes. Example: when you spy, fighting,
military buys, sells army, then your lines are activated)

If you do not have enough lines then have to wait patiently. The system can calculate
how much time has passed since the last time you connect to the game and on this
basis will give you the correct number of lines.

You do not have to stay on to get your lines! (You can not connect later and the
system will give you the number of turns)

* You can gain a maximum 365 lines.

For queues ** lid is 180 lines.


The land is necessary for the growth and economic growth of your country.
Your citizens have available land to grow turns. (Lack of available land will mean
that citizens will start to leave)

Another use of the land is to build factories.

Enterprises provide resources per turn. (Need to use lines to get production plants,
see queues)

You can obtain land in the following ways:

* Send your army to conquer land in another country.

* You get one Earth every 20 minutes pass.

Total land is yours, calculated by total number of factories + unused land yours.


This is your means of survival!

With money you can buy weapons to defend your country and buy plants for future

You can get money from your civilians and by the number of activities including the
sale of resources, stealing from other countries ...

How to win or lose the game?

You can lose the game when:

One. You have less than 100 civilians.

Two. 90% of your population are rebels.

3. If you have 0 land. (Calculating total establishments)

Winner is the country ranked No. 1 ... until another player replaces him.

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